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This is our sanctuary. A place of artistic freedom dedicated to improving one's skills and forging an environment of growth, learning and excellence.

This guild is not for everyone. It is a place that will challenge you in ways you can only imagine. It is for those who are driven by their art and creativity and the desire to improve.


This is the mark of the guild which you may place in your house. It symbolizes your dedication to the guild and your desire to improve your artistic talents. It lets others know that you are serious about learning, and are willing to put forth the effort to make the change.

Now that you have chosen the path of the Dark Arrow, we invite you to help create an incredible fantasy world here at Elftown. This is not just another "Take Back Elftown" site, but more of a proactive working project. We are not replacing anything in Elftown- just creating a safe haven for those that want to and are willing to do something with the wonderful talent they have been given.

Our goal is to help create a stronger town within a town where other artists, writers, and RPGers etc. can find sanctuary.

The Ranks of the Dark Arrow
There are 4 ranks within the Dark Arrow- each are earned by a series of tests and trials. To become a master and teacher you will have to earn it. Nothing within this guild is given for free.

The ranks are as follows:
The Youngling The Youngling is where you place your name. It is here your journey begins. You will create a personal wiki page where you may place your art to be judged. The more you place the better your chances are to be accepted by a knight to be mentored. It is here you also request the direction you wish to grow in. This helps us better place you with a knight.
all younglings and squires please read before you sign up darkarrow: is it worth it

Dark Arrow:Yellow Arrow

The Squire
When chosen by a knight you will place this icon in your house. It is here that you work your way to knighthood. You will be given challenges and a quest, that will test your artistic ability. How you react will be a deciding factor in your quest for knight hood.
all younglings and squires please read before you sign up darkarrow: is it worth it

Dark Arrow:Green Arrow

The Knight
A full member of the order. There are many different types of knights but all are equal. Some of the areas one might be a knight in: penciling, inking, or painting. Once you are a knight in a field, you may focus on other areas and abilites which will lead to the rank of master. A knight must go through the same training process in each field and pass a test to claim those extra ranks. The knight may use the red icon in their house and on their page. A knight is also expected to take on a squire in order to continue the training of newer guildmembers.
Dark Arrow:Red Arrow

The Master Craftsman
These are knights that have earned 5 or more titles in the knight field and produce a complex and finished piece of art. They show incredible skill, ability and control and are able to produce complex and thought provoking works. They are chosen by the other masters and are required to find tutorials that will benefit the order, create tests for knighthood and help keep the guild active.
Dark Arrow:Black Arrow

To start the path into the guild, go here for the member template, copy and paste into your own "Dark Arrow: *yourname*" wiki.
Dark Arrow: Member

DarkArrow:Planning Room is a place where you can discuss and plan projects- use it well.

The goal of Dark Arrow is to bring out the best of the artists in Elftown. To help them continue to produce great and outstanding pieces of work. We welcome you in this journey and wish you good luck.

The Trials
The trials are designed to make you work. They will not be easy, and some you might have to do twice, but it all comes down to how bad you want to grow and improve.

DarkArrow Trial 1 Layout
DarkArrow Trial 2 Character Design
DarkArrow Trial 3 100 Heads!
DarkArrow Trial 4 Random Junk
DarkArrow Trial 5 Computer Colouring
darkarrow trial 6 100 hands not heads, but hands


Username (or number or email):


2007-08-10 [Elisha Kelly]: [Lord Dog] you don't seem to have a page up at the yellow arrow?

2007-08-10 [Lord Dog]: Ok I fixed it

2007-08-10 [AdrianFell_Queen]: I would like to join...

2007-08-11 [Elisha Kelly]: Add a page to the yellow arrow as shown in the template and be prepared for a wee bit of a wait :D

2007-08-12 [AdrianFell_Queen]: thanks-I did. Hope it was all good,...better go check...and thanks :D

2007-08-13 [Earoluim]: * looks around *

2007-09-07 [The Whistler]: Ok, I joined too, seems like a great wiki! I need to sort out my images though...

2008-02-18 [The Whistler]: Why do I get the feeling I'm the only one still updating my wiki? *looks around confused*

2008-02-18 [deeterhi]: it's easy to forget about the trials esp. when you don't really have a set deadline for things and you can work at your own pace and leisure.

i do try to update my page even though it takes me a while, but i probably should do so even more

2008-02-19 [kay-chan]: I have a very busy schedule... and have basically abandoned my trial for the time being, which could be... years. ;_____;

2008-11-16 [Silver Moon]: are there requirements to join?

2008-12-08 [Flisky]: I've been thinking about joining for quite some time now. And finally decided to do it.

2009-04-24 [travs the bean]: pops his head in and takes a look around-

2009-04-24 [Yuriona]: ACK! *falls over* Omg! You're alive! XD

2009-04-24 [travs the bean]: sort of- :) just thought i would see how things are going

2009-04-24 [Yuriona]: Its been pretty quiet. Real life has bitten quite a few of us on the butt lately.

2009-04-26 [travs the bean]: i see and i understand

2009-04-26 [travs the bean]: those bites can be painful at times

2009-04-26 [Yuriona]: Indeed. *nods*

2009-04-29 [kay-chan]: Yes, we have many a butt scar.

2009-05-03 [Silver Moon]: are there requirements to join?

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