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This is the external link section. Please post links to websites that contain tutorials that you have NOT made yourself. More categories will be added as the selection of tutorials is (hopefully) expanded.

The suggested format for posting is the following:

#. Tutorial name by Author, URL

Have fun!

Figure drawing

1. Books by Andrew Loomis online, focusing on figure drawing and pencils,
2. Fleshtone tutorial by Michelle Spalding
3. Hand tutorial by Ron Lemen,
4. Head tutorial by Ron Lemen,
5. Hair - A Digital Rendering Method by Patrick McEvoy,
6. Skin Tones Part 1 by Ron Lemen
7. Skin Tones Part 2 by Ron Lemen
8. Teryns Tresses (hair tutorial) by Kristin Perry,
9. Digital Hair by Russell Brown - very indepth!,


1. Cloud tutorial by Steven Stahlberg,
2. Wave tutorial by Donald A. Jusko,
3. Digital landscape painting by Patrick Keith,
4. Painting rocks and grass in Photoshop by Patrick Keith,
5. Perfect clouds in 5 easy steps by Socar Myles,
6. How to make a planet by Greg Martin,
7. How to Make a Realistic Star Field by Greg Martin,
8. Drawing horses by Susan Rogers, (Related at Elftown: Horse photo reference)


1. "Heaven and Hell" walkthrough by Don Seegmiller,
2."Hugin and Muni' Sculpture by Amy L. Rawson
3. Drawing with Pencil - Step by Step of "Oak Dryad" by Stephanie Law,
4. VX220 Rendering Tutorial by Allan McDonald,
5. Concept car painting by Hussein Al-Attar,
6. Airbrushing the landscape "Desirable Thirst" by Nicklas Forsberg,


1. Pencil drawing tips and tricks by Mike Sibley,
2. Rendering and brushwork techniques for oils or Photoshop by Socar Myles,
3. Oil Painting 101 by Leo Winstead,
4. Using Photoshop for Perspective by Patrick McEvoy,
5. Blending Modes in Photoshop by Seth Rogers,
6. Painter Lessons by Even Michelsen,


1. Various tutorials (including fur, hair, feathers, eyes, etc.) and walkthroughs by Katherine Dinger,
2. A practical guide to color by Socar Myles (goodness!),
3. Dynamic composition made simple by Jean Pierre Targete,
4. Integrating Background and Foreground Elements by Socar Myles,
5. A New Approach To Painting Startlingly Realistic Paintings by Rob Howard,
6. The Color Gray by Eugene Arenhaus,
7. Sketching from Reference by Sarah Skinner,
8. Basic Composition by Leo Winstead,
9. Origami by Alex Barber
10. Various art techniques by Niklas Jannson
11. Form and Lighting by Niklas Jansson

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