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Free to use Lilo images

Here are some Lilo-photos that you are free to use for anything.


Lilo on her sheep fur.
It's 26 degrees hot...
Lilo on the train being sceptical
about my old mobile.

<img500*0:stuff/aj/1/1375053386.png> (With the birthday-Lilo!) (Lilo on boxes with Kali and Sonic)


<img300*0:> <img300*0:>

<img300*0:> <img300*0:>

<img300*0:> <img300*0:>



Lilo with her ex-roomies 2006-06-06: Lilo on a black sofa.

Some hardcore porn: (Note: These two images are free for use only with permission! I generally give that though.)

Lilo climbing on Hedda: Only Hedda

Photos from Christmas 2006
Lilo on the train.
Lilo at home.
Lilo being horny. Mjmjmjmjaaaaoooooooo!
Lilo is taking a winter sunbath in my corridor.

Lilo with Sonic and Kali 2007-04-09:

Lilo in heat 2007-09-15:


Lilo eating!
Yammy yammy!
Preparty with Lilo.
Cute kitty!
Sweet kitty!
Lilo trying to explain that she's no bloody kitty but a lady!
Lilo at the balcony.

From Julafton2009

<img200*0:stuff/z/1/Julafton2009/DSC07989.JPG> <img200*0:stuff/z/1/Julafton2009/DSC07990.JPG> <img200*0:stuff/z/1/Julafton2009/DSC08009.JPG><img200*0:stuff/z/1/Julafton2009/DSC08011.JPG>

From 2012

A lunch balcony visit at Riikka's and Uli's place.

Lilo is totally enjoying the spring sun.
Even better with the body in the sun and the head in the shadow.
Lilo is still tired, and doesn't want to leave the party.
Lilo hanging out at the BBQ.
She really enjoyed being there despite the grill, people and other crap.

<img100*0:stuff/Tailless_cat.jpg> <img100*0:stuff/Tailless_Cat.jpg>
Tailless cat.

He's quite friendly and comes to cuddle with me, but he was scared as hell of Lilo despite that she just wanted to say hello and is much smaller. He seems to think she's hot though...


Lilo muewing on the train.

Example art by [a clockwork orange] and [Shreya]:
<img300*0:stuff/lilo%26hedda.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/wingedlilo.jpg>

<img:> <img300*0:img/drawing/3222_1190237248.jpg>
Christmas Lilo by [Artsieladie] and pirate Lilo by [pelv13] (

Lilo's throne by [Blakkduv]

Who is Lilo?

Well, everyone knows that! It's [Hedda]'s cat and the cat in the birthday-reminders on all Heddate-sites. She is named by Johan after the Linux Bootloader Lilo: and the name has nothing to do with Lilo and Stitch.

Related: Reference pictures for all kinds of things.

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2006-10-17 [Particle Girl]: Awww, she's adorable!

2006-11-06 [Naome Sayuki]: Awww cutie... I'm a cat lover and cat owner.. awww tell Lilo I said she;'s adorable...

2006-11-06 [Hedda]: "Duh, yes of course I am!", she answered ;)

2007-01-14 [moira hawthorne]: typical cat answer... they have never forgotten they were worshipped as GODS!

2007-01-14 [Hedda]: Lilo has watched documentaries with me where they explained that the Egyptians actually killed the cats by snapping their necks before mummifying them by the thousands.

So warship of a cat-god meant killing cats to sacrifice to him <img:stuff/cr-gif.gif> But the of course made more cat than they killed.

2007-01-14 [moira hawthorne]: and those cats were care for during their lives in the temples... care for better than many humans were at that time... its all relative

2007-04-09 [moira hawthorne]: ha... I just realized our new kitten looks like a mini version of Lilo... Cookiee~Cat

2007-04-09 [Hedda]: Yes! He's a real mini-hunk! <img:>

2007-04-09 [moira hawthorne]: thx u... its been 12 years since Ive had a kitten about the house. he is a real sweetheart. Won me Bill Eirikr and Loki... most everyone who has see him here... now his next goal is to win over the two bithy old lady cats in this house Neko and Neige-neige.

2008-01-08 [Rising Death Dragon]: Cute cat

2008-09-08 [Jewl]: Do you let her breed?

2008-11-02 [arthemis_]: Hedda, I think I'm in love with your cat... She is so beautiful and proud! I have a soft spot for black cats anyway...

2008-12-01 [Silver Moon]: Lilo is pretty she looks like a cat I used to have before she passed away....

2009-10-24 [moira hawthorne]: how old is Lilo now [Hedda]?

2009-10-25 [Hedda]: Soon 11 years.

2009-10-26 [moira hawthorne]: A Sweet Old Dame... wish her many years yet

2009-10-29 [sweet.tx.tea]: I love the statement on Lilo's name. XD Horrah for Linux users. :O

2009-12-25 [Hedda]: <img500*0:stuff/z/1/Julafton2009/DSC07989.JPG>
<img500*0:stuff/z/1/Julafton2009/DSC07990.JPG> are just wonderful!

2010-09-06 [Silver Moon]: Oh my gosh, she does the same thing my brother's cat Tenshii does! She stands on your shoulder too. Lilo is a very pretty cat

2011-09-29 [Mortified Penguin]: needs some Lilo porn.

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