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First appeared soon after the Awakening of the Elves; apparently still extant
Origins: Made by Melkor
Race: Orcs
Meaning: Probably originally related to kobolds, spirits said to dwell in mines1
Other Names: Glamhoth, Orcs, Yrch

A name for Orcs, and especially the smaller kinds that infested the Misty and the Grey Mountains in the later Third Age, and had their capital at Mount Gundabad.

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2006-08-08 [Deadlock jester]: Orc And Goblin have nothing in Common...Orc are often even what made orc the ravagers that they are now.

2006-08-27 [Angel Dreamer]: In Middle-earth, they're the same. Unless you're going to argue with Tolkien about his own creation?

2006-08-27 [Deadlock jester]: That's dumb. Why describe one creature from one writers' view, when nearly all the others in the creature_list are based upon the rules of D3.0?

2006-08-27 [Angel Dreamer]: Because the point of the creature_list is to collect the various differing versions of mythical creatures in one place. It's not just for "one writer's view", it's for all of them.

2007-07-28 imessyouup: chyea...

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