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2004-07-21 16:12:48
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note: not LotR halfling. those are hobbits.

A shorter being, appearing like that of a tiny waist-tall human, and with a rather more elliptical head, and often no significant signs of facial hair. They have a similar build to that of thin humans, and very few have ever been found to become obese, perhaps a racial feature yet undefined. They are often quick, agile, and responsive to even the most surprising of scenarios, many becoming renowned rogues, and master theives. Halflings tend to be light and nimble. They have about the same lifespan as humans.


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2011-10-16 [Gem The Love Faery Queen]: Hi, halfling here.

2011-10-16 [Gem The Love Faery Queen]: <img:44166_1164218120.gif>

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