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2006-06-04 05:38:14
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2007-10-09 [Duke Devlin]: Bwahaa. I am everywhere =)
I find you wherever you are =O
No I don't. *steals ramen*

2007-10-09 [Mortified Penguin]: ...*eats the bowl of ramen I had in my other hand*...

2007-10-09 [Duke Devlin]: Damnit all XD

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: ...don't even think of taking this bowl... you don't want to see where I keep my other bowls... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: No, you're right.., I don't XD I have had enough now ^^ I ate it while sleeping oO Not. I been doing my Psychology work DX Too late for this business XD

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Psychology, eh? ...we need someone like you over at Bob's Diner... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: Oh really? ;) I'm only in my first year ><

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: What kind of work do you people have to do in your first year...? ...*eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: We start to study the general stuff, we specialise next year >< I think XP I'm studying the individual differences in attachment across the globe at the moment oO

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Sounds fun... me? I'm in high school... planning on becoming a surgeon... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: Wow nifty ^^ I used to want to be one, but I didn't do good enough in science =(
You must be genius ^^ You're in the U.S right?

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Uh huh... I'm ranked number one in my grade too... which isn't really that big an accomplishment if you ever see some of the people in my grade... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: Haha well don't worry; I'm not that likely to am I? Being in the U.K sort of hinders that a little ;)
So yes, you are lots older than me by the sounds of it XD Since we start college earlier here, it sort of makes sense DX

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm actually only a month older...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: oO But it says you are 18 on your page =O Shocking =O

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: ...heh... it sure does... *whistles innocently*... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Would you believe my name's not Emile either...? ...I tend to lie online... *eats ramen*...

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: Terrible, really terrible Mort XD So, whats Bob's Diner all about then? =) I had a look, but from what I have seen, it involves alot XD

2007-10-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Bob's Diner is just a bunch of lame junk put together by a bunch of lame people who leave a bunch of lame comments... and I'm the manager.

2007-10-10 [Duke Devlin]: Awesometastic ;)
Lame junk? XD It's not That lame XP

2008-05-11 [Sagacious Turkey]: ...

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