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2011-05-05 16:02:34
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Please see Horse Reference Pictures.

Thank you! :)

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2007-04-23 [Hedda]: It's something that you get if there are boxes on the wiki-page.

2007-05-22 [moira hawthorne]: I added some more photos in horses by hawthorne

I changed the description of my wiki from... 'eating horses' ...which sounds nasty

2007-05-23 [Cam Static]: You could have called it "horses grazing" instead of "eating horses" ;D

2007-05-23 [moira hawthorne]: yes .. but I also wanted to point out that there half are mares and colts... mommy and babies... dont people want to know there are cute babies in my wiki...?

2007-05-23 [Cam Static]: "Cute mommy and baby horses grazing"...!
I don't know, just saying. :D

2008-11-03 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Are miniature horses welcome here? =D

2008-11-03 [Hedda]: Living ones? Yes.

Otherwise it's Statues Reference Pictures you're looking for.

2008-11-03 [Jitter]: or objects maybe if it's something like a playmobile horse :P (I miss those ;_;)

2008-11-03 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: I don't know why you'd have pictures of dead ones. << Well, I do, but that's slightly odd. xD

2008-11-03 [Hedda]: Statues aren't dead just because they aren't living...

2008-11-03 [Tynuka-Rhytishy]: Oh, I know! I just assumed the opposite of 'living ones'. ^^
-Begins reference page editing-

2009-03-27 [Hedda]: The last of the three first horses was submitted by [Jitter], not me. The second isn't my photo either, but I put it there. Therefore I removed the comment.

2009-03-27 [Lothuriel]: Thank you. I hope the new order is alright. I couldn't decide if the tables were too much.

2009-08-21 abi: love the horse pictures. =)

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