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2008-11-14 23:21:22
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Please add links to some useful proxies here that can be used to access Elftown.

- (link provided by [djxmonster])

- Instead of using, if you type in or it gets around my school's blocking software. You could also use really does work  

- Some URLs which list free public HTTP proxies, some sites even defining what a proxy is: (link provided by [Ω♥broken heart slayer♥Ω]) (Untested) (Tested, works with Elftown)

A list of proxies:

Back to My School is blocking Elftown

Username (or number or email):


2006-12-11 [Eyes like Aster]: You can use as well.

2006-12-18 [*Leric*]: go to google and search kproxy or..just go to

2006-12-18 [*Leric*]: my school blocked it too, so we had to get around that

2006-12-23 [Silver Gypsy]: another way to het through is then scroll all the way to teh bottom adn use there community searching for elftown. it can also get you into myspace! ( this only worked for a while at my school because the teachers blocked gostealthy, but good luck to you!)

2006-12-29 [djxmonster]: (I'm lazy) :)

2007-01-04 [Ω♥broken heart slayer♥Ω]: ...use it's got a rather large list of proxies for all occasions...

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