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2007-02-03 20:02:13
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The kelpie is generally known as a white horse that beckons riders to ride it. Depending on the myth, the horse can manifest itself in both daytime and nighttime, or only twilight. Once the kelpie has lured a rider, it takes the victim for a wild ride, until finally leading him/her to a body of water, where the victim is then thrown into. The kelpie then either drowns the victim, or eats it.

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2010-11-11 [Thunder_Silence]: Where can they be read to be white? I've only read about their being black. And I thought they drowned AND ate their victims?

2011-06-07 [Vattukatt]: As far as I know, the kelpie is said to be black but the brook horse is white (or grey)..

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