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Nymphs are female-looking spirits that convey the needs of other more powerful spirits or elementals of a given natural territory to the mortal world. They only trust those they are taught to trust, and unwelcome humanoids will never find the way into a Nymph's domain. They are nearly always the size of commone humans and elves.
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2010-06-16 [Serwa]: In Greek mythology, nymphs are spirits of nature. They are minor female deities and the protectors of springs, mountains, and rivers. Nymphs are represented as young, pretty girls. Each subtype presides over a certain aspect of nature. Depending of their habitat, there are: Dryads (forests), Naiads (springs and rivers), Nereid (the Mediterranean), Oceanids (the sea) and Oreads (mountains), Limoniads (meadows), Limniads (lakes, marshes and swamps) and Napaea (valleys). They were worshipped in a nymphaeum, a monumental fountain which was raised in the vicinity of a well. The male counterpart of a nymph is the satyr.

(source contains more info on the different kinds of nymphs)

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