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Phoenixi are commonly referred to as "Bird-Men" they are born now through the same processes as any other humanoid creature but originally were created when a phoenix merged with a group of humans rather than coming back to life.

Generally human shaped, Phoenixi have some very different features. One being fully functional wings. Wingspan tends to average about twice the length of the Phoenixi's body. The wings, back, neck and head are all feathered while a tough, leathery skin is displayed everywhere else. Their bone-structure is not delicate but very light. Their bones are not the same as human bones, although they can take about the same strain. The face resembles a bird rather than a human and plumage can take an extraordinary range of colours and displays. Heads range from hawk-like to parrotlike to sparrowesque.

Physical strengths are exactly human in standard with the ensuing range applied. Mentally though the Phoenixi outstrip humans in one particular area. They can become Psionic. Psionic abilities range from communication telepathically to telekinetics (transferring energy to an object to make it move, or stop depending on the will projected upon the object). They cannot read minds or any silly things like that but their empathic sensitivities are far greater than humans. Can speak almost any language if the knowledge is there as their vocal capabilities allow them to mimic almost any sound.

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