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In the member's house (presentation) you will see a "report this member to the guards" button right above the member name. Click on the button and write your report about that member in the text box.


Art Theft Reports

If you see an artistic medium (such as a drawing, photograph or writing among others) on a member's house that you don't believe belongs to that member, please use the "report this member" button on their house to inform the Guards. Make sure to check the Uploading Art Rules to be positive of the image rules.

When filing a report, please try to use as much information as possible:

- Providing information about where you believe the copyright to the artistic work is located / who owns it is extremely helpful. If you're not entirely sure on the origins of an artistic work it's still OK to report a possible violation, so long as you do believe it's stolen. Please don't include the possible violation in full context if it is a large writing and for pictures don't include the <img> tag; a link works just as well.
  - A report that says "I've seen this image before on Google so it's copyright and stolen!" is not a very helpful report, for example.

- Remember that free-to-use works are allowed to be displayed in the member house. Just because an image isn't hosted on Elftown, does not mean the image always counts as a copyright violation. You may also simply message the member and ask them; it's possible the image is free-to-use, or the member may remove a violation without a Guard needing to be involved.


Message Harassment Reports

If you feel harassed or bullied by other members on Elftown, feel free to report them to the Guards. Rules on what is deemed to be harassment can be found on What is an Asshole?

When reporting a member for harassment, please note the following:

- Don't report a member for insulting you if you were the one to sling the first insult. If you pick a fight with someone can you can't handle the reaction, we're not going to punish the other person. In fact, depending on the situation you may find yourself in trouble for starting the fight in the first place.

- We have no control at all over anything that happens off Elftown - be it real life, social networking, email or something else. Unless there's harassment taking place on Elftown, we won't be able to act on it.

- Please do not file reports on behalf of someone else. We understand that you want to help and protect the people you care about, but we need the person who is being harassed to come forward and file the report. (You can, of course, encourage anyone who is being harassed to file a report.) When a report is filed on another member we will never give out your identity; so you have no reason to fear reporting someone. At times it can be obvious that you filed a harassment report on another member and if they give you further harassment as a result we will take action to ensure that does not continue.

- Not every type of message is harassment - if a member sends you a "hi" message and you don't like them, that isn't harassment. When you receive a message you don't like or want you should block the member and then decide if it also deserves a report.

- Do not make false harassment reports. We will know if a report is real, and we will know if you are just trying to get someone into trouble or waste the time of the Guards. We understand that you may find something to be harassment that another does not, but continuous abuse of false reports will result in consequences.

- If you received a chain message, please read the Chain Messages page for information.


Wiki Reports

- If a member is harassing you on a page that you own/operate, you should firmly and directly tell that member to leave the page. If you're not the owner of a page and feel a member is harassing you, make your feelings clear to the member and request they stop addressing you. If the member keeps harassing you after being asked to stop, you should file a report on the member telling us the wikipage this has happened on - make sure the comments are not deleted before the report is handled and if you feel they may be deleted, then take a screenshot of the comments and include it (as a link, not an <img>) in the report.

- If a member has intentionally messed up a wikipage they do not own / have permission to edit then please file a report that includes the wikipage name and the page version that was vandalized.

- Do not report a member if you go to their wikipage and intentionally create trouble or drama on the page. If you're trolling others with intention to bait them and then report it, you will be the one the Guards will be addressing.


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