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Dictionary of TxT Language

If you have anything to add, then please feel free, just don't forget to put your name to say you've contributed

2 <====> to, too
4 <====> for
AFC <====> Away from chat
AFK <====> Away from keyboard
ADN <====> any day now
ARSE <====> ass
ATM <====> At the Moment
ASAP <====> as soon as possible
ASL <====> Age, Gender, Location
B <====> Be
B/C <====> Because
B4N <====> bye for now
Bbiab <===> be back in a bit
Bbl <====> be back later
Bbs <====> be back soon
Brb <====> be right back
BTW <====> By the Way
c <====> see
CU <====> see you
CUL <====> see you later
CUL8R <====> see you later
Dol <====> dies of laughter
DTRT <====> do the right thing
D/W <====> Don't worry
F2F <====> face to face
Ffs <====> for f*** sake
Ftl <====> for the loss
Ftw <====> for the win
FYI <====> for your information
G2G <====> got to go
GAL<====> get a life
Gj <====> good job
Gmta <====> great minds think alike
h3xxorz <====> to hex
H8 <====> Hate
Hb <====> hurry back
IMHO <====> In My Honest Opinion / In My Humble Opinion
Imo <===> in my opinion
IRL <====> In real life
J/k <====> just kidding
jw <====> just wondering
KWIM <====> know what I mean
L8er <====> later
Lmao <====> laugh my @$$ off
LMFAO <====> laughing my f***ing ass off
Lol <====> laugh out loud
LTNS <====> long time no see
M8s <====> Mates
Mpe <====> My point exactly
Nm <====> Never Mind
Np <====> no problem
Nps <====> no problems
Nvm <====> NeverMind
OMG <====> oh my God, oh my goodness, oh my creative.
OMFG<====>Oh my f***ing god, o my freakin gosh
OTT <====> Over the Top
Plz <====> Please
Ppl <====> People
Pmsl <====> P***ing myself laughing
R <====> Are
Rae <====> Raise an eyebrow
RL <====> real life
Rofl <====> rolling on floor laughing
RT <====> real time (same idea as real life)
RPG <====> Role Playing Game
SIAUM <====> scowling in a unimpressed manner
Soz <====> sorry
Srry <====> sorry
STFU <====> shut the f*** up
Sup <====> what's up
Sxy <====> Sexy
tb ASAP <====> Text back as soon as possible
Thnx <====> Thanks
Thx <====> Thanks
TMI <====> To much information
Ttfn <====> tah tah for now
Ttyl <====> talk to you later
Ty <====> thank you
u <====> You
W/ <====> with
W/E <====> Whatever
W/o <====> without
Wb <====> welcome back
Wd <====> well done
WFM <====> works for me
WTF <====> What the F***
WTH <====> What the Hell
WYSIWYG <====> what you see is what you get


[ArchangelGabriel] (president)
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[Sagacious Turkey]
[Spik├ęd One] - Alphabetization (<- wow big word)
[Ocean Dreaming]
[~*Furious Love*~]
[abandonedhouse7 7]
[Seamus Schwathe]

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2004-11-16 [Penguinlord]: well, try adding all of these:

2004-11-16 [ArchangelGabriel]: Gosh waht a lot. well you barley ever run into any of those but i guess i'l eve the link on the pge for the more enterprising person who wants to study more on the subject

2004-11-20 [Penguinlord]: i run into loads that arent on your list all the time

2004-11-20 [ArchangelGabriel]: well, put them on then

2005-01-11 [Tyrana]: I like how R=R ^_^

2005-01-12 [ArchangelGabriel]: Whoops silly mistake

2005-01-15 [~*Furious Love*~]: i added omfg

2005-03-20 [?.?.]: D/w is dont worry

2005-03-22 [Erestor]: Adnama has a massive collection of smilies when you make that page, theres a link to a page with them on in her house somehwere --> [Adnama]

2005-04-17 [Celiaste]: i don't think asap and fyi should be on there because thats english you say fyi and asap out loud when your talking

2005-04-17 [ArchangelGabriel]: Well, i've never heard fyi out loud before. I think they should stay. Remember, some non English speakers may need to refer to this list

2005-06-17 [Frivalicious]: what means RPG'R? see take elftown back

2005-06-17 [ArchangelGabriel]: RPG stands for Role Playing Game, eg. Dungeons and Dragons. An RPG'r is Some one who plays on an RPG

2006-02-18 [x.shattered hope.Xx]: i added sum

2007-04-20 [Frivalicious]: ha! thy! new question, what does TYVM means?

2007-04-20 [SilverFire]: Thank you very much.

2007-04-20 [Draugluin]: How about NOYNN? XP

2007-04-20 [SilverFire]: Nob of you nobbing nobber. :P Grow up.

2007-04-21 [Draugluin]: XO You know Draugish! Mind there isn't much difference between it and immature teenage boy

2007-04-24 [Frivalicious]: Thanks^^

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