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2006-12-30 08:06:21
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Creatures that are animated dead. Like a zombie or skeleton (Those are created or animated by a necromancer or a vampire, which are typically created by another vampire. ghosts and other spirits are also considered undead.

See creature_list.

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2006-12-30 [xido]: See also player-worthy Undead Races of the WFR Char RACE Page

2007-02-02 [Lady of Lore]: Hmm...question, where would Dead creatures such as Hands, Gore Crows, and Shadow hands fit in? These are all creatures created by drawing a spirit from dead and feeding them the life of others to keep them in Life, the Hands and Gore Crows inhabit the vacated bodies of once in a sense they are like zombies only you have to destroy the body so much that the spirit within has no choice but to go back to death....
Any thoughts?

2007-05-21 [Eyonic]: hey, thats from the sabriel books isnt it [Lady of Lore]?

2007-06-02 [xido]: I listened to that book on audio tape. Yes, milady, those would all be undead types. See also, the Undead Clan.

2007-06-08 [Lady of Lore]: Lol, yes thore are from the Garth Nix trilogy.

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