Donation via Paypal

Here you can make a donation to Elftown. Just press this button, fill out the stuff at Paypal, and then send a message to [Hedda] and you will get a donor's badge.

Donations are only used for buying computer hardware for Elftown, or stored as a reserve in case something should unexpectedly break down and need replacement.

[Hedda] hosts Elftown for free and there are no administration costs (except the ones from Paypal, which are about 10%). Donations help securing that Elftown and all your content will still be available.

Amount to donate: euros
Member number:

Extra features

If you're a donor (a least 10 euro), you can use these extra tags in your description in your house:

<red>      Makes the text between the start and end tag
<green>    this colour. As with other tags, you have to
<blue>     have them in pairs, otherwise all of them stop
<white>    working.

If you have donated 20 euro or more, you will get the limitation on your descriptions removed. It doesn't mean that we'll allow totally hideous presentations, but "double-donors" are allowed to make a little bigger descriptions.

The normal limits are:
maxlines-description:400 (number of newlines)
maxsize-description:20000 (Number of characters in the description)
maximages-description:10 (Number of images, except the tiny images shown on nonimages)