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Bob's Diner


a limerick, by [Mortified Penguin]
.........Welcome to Bob's Diner,
ain't no place finer!
The food is good,
we're always in tha 'hood,
and [Sagacious Turkey] is a whiner!

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Date: 2022-01-23 20:08:14 Feature #: 90 Mod: Sunrose

#MakeElfwoodOnlineAgain Campaign

Elfwood is currently offline, and has been offline since February 2018, according to the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

[gdm413229] established this new campaign.
The downtime has affected sci-fi and fantasy fans, artists and writers in a profound and negative way.
The campaign involves a petition, a set of memes and extraordinary ideas that will work together to convince Usify AB,
Elfwood's current owner to establish a fundraiser to bring Elfwood back online after years of downtime.

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Date: 2021-12-26 17:37:32 Feature #: 89 Mod: Sunrose

EPRM Skydancer Action Pose Reference 2

<img:> <img:> <img:> <img:>

This time, we'll be looking at a wiki full of excellent action poses by Elftown's resident wizard, [Skydancer]!

Featuring a lineup of fifty different pictures, artists can draw inspiration for combat-esque poses, which are modeled by [Skydancer] himself.

Today's feature is part of the Reference Pictures resource on Elftown, containing over 30,000 different pictures in total.

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Date: 2020-08-20 02:38:57 Feature #: 88 Mod: Stephen

X-Men RP


Today, we're (re)featuring X-Men RP!

Operated in joint effort by [Figgy] and [Duredhel], the X-Men RP is one of the longest running and most popular roleplays on Elftown. If you're interested in a well-established roleplay with experienced members then stop reading this and sign up for the X-Men RP. <img:stuff/aj/61513/1267019305.png?y=20>

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Date: 2015-02-07 17:10:10 Feature #: 87 Mod: Stephen
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