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Stray Kitty

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Salt crystillization. I dissolved table salt into the water, then sprinkled more table salt over the wet paint, THEN put some chunks of rock salt on the painting. The rock salt is the big blotchy ones where the pigment is really dark.
My favorite part is how the crystals look like stars, which is awesome because it's a night sky.
Salt is arguably one of my favorite water color effects.


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So you don't end up here: Stray Kitty's Black List.

I Beg To Dream And Differ From The Hollow Lies--Greenday

That is what I have to say about the whole popular thing

72.594% of statistics are made up on the spot

Why does buttered bread ALWAYS land butter-side down?!

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Name: Grief & Despair
Species: dragon tears
Sex: male and female
Age: 1 second
Temperament: unknown
Adopted from: The E.A.A.


I tend to dislike when people are all "grr.. I hate hi-mail, you must say something in the first message... grrr"

But honestly, I'm starting to agree with them. Because it sucks getting hi-mail from people who have nothing to say aside from hi. It's irksome.

So please have something to say after "hi."

I also have stories. They reside at Stray's Stories I would rally appreciate it if you would read my stories and leave comments. Also I would like comments on my art wiki too.

MORE ART FOUND AT ... Kitty's Art

<img:> My Fuzzy w00tnessness, done by [BlackDragon].


So you don't end up here: Stray Kitty's Black List.
Just a fair warning to you all.

. The period wants to be there, gotta problem with it?

I am currently writing a story. It's huge. It's called, The Chronicles of the Purple Toad. Sadly, I'll have to change a lot of names if I want to publish it without certain people suing me.

I listen to whatever. I love Sarah McLachlan. I listen to Jewel. I still like Evanescence (go ahead, call me a teenager, it's not like you'd be wrong or anything), Avril Lavigne (another taste I never grew out of). The Dixie Chicks. Belle & Sebastian. THe Decemberists. I like a few of Joydrop's songs.

I have contacts. Which itch. When I think about it.

I hate mosquitoes. Especially the Alaskan ones. Of which, the Denali ones are the worst. They'll land on you even when you have liberally applied 100% Deet. They'll swarm you in the rain. And the park rangers told us there weren't very many of them this year.

"Is it too low brow to say I did it for the money?"
"Is it too high brow to say—LOOK! AN ASSASSIN!!!"
There might be a picture accompany this. And maybe a story.

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Kitty likes:
horses, wolves, nice people, skiing, shedding, dog sledding (I have a sled, one husky {I hate how it's singular now}, harnesses, booties, and the best outdoor gear that can be bought on sale. Iditorod anyone?), ice-skating (figure not speed), drawing, writing, compliments, and other things.

<img:> A Guy and A Girl... Yes we now have a working banner.

We just followed him home once, twice, a week, all school year.

She/He/They/It never said we couldn't—normally precedes rule breaking

We can't get caught if no one's watching—always precedes rule breaking

He's mine, he just doesn't know it...yet--Sara

Any idiot can say, with fingers pointed in both directions, he went thata way—Rilo Kiley

When everything is looking down, there's always life. And life is what we're living for—V. Lynch. It was the wisest thing he ever said and it should be commemorated.

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time—Anna and Sara's most often used form of justification

We're waiting for Zora—disaster follows

It's Sara's Anthony—Logan

Logan thinks my tonsils are sexy—me

I like sarcasm. A lot.

Kitty is an Aries. Ye've been warned. *evil laugh*

Dude... this is ancient. I haven't been on here in years man.

Age: 19Year of birth: 1991Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 9

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Elf
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Place of living: USA-California

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catschasing the preferred sexcooking
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