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Hirgalad III (all my friends are gone :c)

Member #17458 created: 2003-08-13 15:49:49Simple URL:   


Hirgalad the green


The study of magical notes

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Building worker

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Town DrunkInterpreterAdventurer
Travelling bard


What I have to say about me is this:
Blessed be god! I live in México!
(Image deleted by the guards)
I live in México city but once I lived in the city of Toluca that is 100 km to de west of Mexico's capital.

I'm a lonely soul. I'm seeking in the world someone that can understand me at all. Someone that hold my heart. Someone that kiss my eyes when I cry. I seek someone that has light in the gaze. Oh! Someone is like this? I'll fall in love with her. Be sure sure sure...

I like castles.
I like lasagna.
I like the air.
The nature!
I like the water.
I like the wind.
Specialy the one that is blue and fresh.
I like the warm evening with clouds.
I like the stars.
I like the battles.
Those that are for the light.
I like the heavens.
I like the sea.
I like the holds.
I can draw for you.
I can cook for you.
I can sing for you.
I can play with you.
I can travel with you.
I can fly with you.
I can love with you.
I can breath... I can see.
I can live for you.
I can't lie to you.
I can't hurt you.
I can't send you my darkness.
I can give you all my love and light!
I'll be in sorrow.
I'll be in dark.
Just I'm seeking for someone.

I love the celts, celtic knotwork, celtic literature, celtic songs all that have to do with celts... I love it ^_^

My best friends are:
Here in elftown:
[Seventeenth Blackbird]
[Pnelma Tirian]
[Stray Kitty]
[King of Weirdworld]
[Lady Salacia]

And In my life are so many friends that they wouldn't enter here.

I love lasagna, that mighty powerfull italian dish. So if you want to give me a present. PLEASE GIVE ME LASAGNA!

Well, I'm the king of Aldar and this is my banner or my flag or whatever you want:
And these are my armies, the Aldaram of Aldar! Fierce warriors of light charging against the darkness!

This is me, well, a drawing not very exact of me, of course, Im the king of Aldar

This is the city capital of the Realm of Erielen:

These are some battles that I draw:


This is the map of my lands, Aldar is a kingdom in the west, see:

This is my sword Latabil (in Gardic language) or Calmacil (in elven speech). It's the sword of inmortality, it gives me a long live!

One of my best friends is lady Lindiel, she speaks english, she is [Seventeenth Blackbird] here in elftown, I look for her but... I cant find her, she's ocuppied, I can olnly talk with her by the messages.

Enter too in the The Muric Realm

Age: 24Year of birth: 1989Month of birth: 8Day of birth: 22

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Human
Elftownworldmap 20°23.736'N 101°28.830'W

Place of living: Mexico

Town: Ciudad de Mexico

Known languages
EnglishAncient GreekIrish Gaelic
LatinQuenya (Tolkien language)Spanish

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elftown crew wannabe: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gameschatemail

new age

Other interests

Civil status: single

Sexual preference: none

Body shape: thin

Height: 179

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