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Freak The Geek (Windango in Minnesota)

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Name: Nathaniel


Me in the "No Longer the Bondo-Mobile."


A little fun for Halloween. Do you want some popsicles?

(I figured this has been here since the very beginning, so I won’t kill it, but if you’ve read it before, just skip down to the next paragraph.) I’m a huge fan of the sci-fi experience. I'm an avid fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, Star Gate, (now that I think about it, if you could put star into it I may like it, but no guarantees), Middle Earth, DnD, RPG's in general, computers, video gaming, and just about anything that could possibly exist in my own personal mindscape. I'm a Major Geek!

I'm just starting my third year as an undergraduate student at Michigan Technological University, where I’m majoring in Mathematics and going for a Certificate in Secondary Education. Yup, he wants to be a high school math teacher. Mad props to Mr. Perialas, Miss Young, and Mr. Hofer for that one. I’m also now pursuing a minor in Computer Science, and actively creating things to play around with in Java, C, Lua and Mathematica.

The school is fun, and the people are nice, but just about everyone I know is way the hell away from me in the Lower Peninsula. To be fair though, there have been a few people crazy enough to follow me, either to here or a hundred miles south of here, to Marquette. You’ll find three of them in my friends list. I wonder if you can guess who?

Most of my time goes to either school or work, but I have found time to be involved in a few other things. Last semester I played as goalie for Le Bastille’s (my old hall’s) broomball team. We did well as long as we weren’t up against a stacked team. I’m hoping to continue goalkeeping this winter. I’m also a member of the most lucrative group on campus: Filmboard. We show movies every weekend that have already been in and left theaters, and are about to come out on DVD. It’s a sweet gig. Plus, free pop corn.

I no longer have a radio show. I guess they finally got tired of me spouting my, obviously correct views all over the air waves. Or I just got tired of showing up from 3 to 5 am on a Thursday. I suppose The Other White Meat with myself and Vanilla Corn, its precursor, Peaches and Perhaos, staring me alone, and the shared Freshman Event with Nocturnal Nick have finally ended. One day, DJ Mix Masta’ Festus shall return.

And finally, I now work on campus in our Math Learning Center. It’s a place where any of the students can come to figure out what the hell their teacher just told them, why they’re not getting it, and maybe even learn some math. Plus, of course, it’s where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came!

Two summers ago I ended working as a cashier for Wal-Mart, and last summer I headed off to Corrigan Moving Systems and got paid marginally more for working on this end of the import/export business.
Guess that’s all for now, check out the quiz for other random details.

Just a few of the people I know on Elf Town
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Go bother them for me, will ya.

I'm on solemn lines. Just go check out The Geek.

You could also find me in the Church of blasphemy.

These things are pretty sweet. Check them out for yourself at Hello! Stickers.

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Freak The Geek


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So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Gender: male
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