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BookNerd (Dream Walker Chapter Three: Jacomina :D)

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The Book Nerd Place

This is a small portion of the first chapter of the novel I'm writing. If you want to read more, I made a wiki page for it, :) so you can search for the wiki page Dream Walker, and read it there. If you do read it, I'm always open to constructive criticism! Thanks! :)

Dream Walker
Chapter One

“You sure about this?” Feminora was slouched up against the wall of the abandoned boat house where she and Braith lived. Braith looked at the tools she had spread out in front of her: a knife, a piece of cloth, several stolen bandages, and lye. Feminora had a salve prepared for afterward.
“Don’t ask me that, Femie,” Braith replied. She wasn’t sure about this, but she had no choice. “You know the Magicians will be able to find me if I don’t do this. Fingerprints leave a trail for them.”
“Yeah, I know. Next time, don’t leave a fingerprint.” Femie shrugged, took a bite from the stolen apple that was her breakfast, and pushed her jagged, short hair out of her face. She kept it shorn to just below her ears, so that it stuck out a little to hide the pointy elf tips of her ears. Elves were feared and hated, and keeping her identity hidden was a matter of life and death for Femie.
“Are you sure you don’t want to change your fingerprints, too?” Braith asked hopefully. Femie snorted.
“Yeah, I’m going to burn my fingers off with acid so the Magicians won’t find me, even though they never will, anyway. Right.”
“Just because you’re an elf doesn’t mean they won’t find you,” Braith grumbled.
She took a deep breath. Femie had showed her which parts of a fingerprint were the crucial ones for the Magicians to be able to track her. Being an elf, Femie knew a few things about magic. Braith made fine cuts through each of the significant details on her forefinger. Then, she picked up the scrap of cloth and put it in her mouth. She could barely bring herself to proceed, but she picked up a tiny pellet of lye, and pressed it into one of the cuts.
In seconds, the lye had begun to dissolve into her bodily fluids, and she bit down hard on the rag in her mouth. Her finger felt as though someone were peeling it apart slowly. She shut her eyes tight and couldn’t look at what was happening to her finger. She choked on a sob that tried to tear itself from her throat. A burning feeling buried itself in her cut, digging deeper, and Braith pounded her fist against the dirty floorboards. Tears squeezed out of her eyes, and in her frustration at not having held them back, she almost didn’t notice when the pain in her finger slowly subsided to a throbbing sting.
Braith opened her eyes and saw a concerned look fading from Femie’s face. Her blue eyes had been filled with concern, but now they returned to their normal, indifferent, playful gleam. Femie raised an eyebrow.
“I need to put more charcoal in my hair,” Femie said absently. “It’s going back to blonde. Let me know when you’re done.” Great, Braith thought, just nine fingers left to go. She nearly cried again.



The pseudonym I made for myself, drawn in calligraphy! :)

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I am constantly reading books. I never go anywhere without one. :) And it's usually fantasy. Fantasy is the best kind of reading. Who wants to read about the real world when we have to live in it every day? Books are for escaping. :) I also like to write fantasy. The people I've shown my work to say I have potential, so I hope they're right, and maybe I'll publish a book someday!
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