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~*~Tethryn~*~ (Living life and not knowing where it will take me)

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Name: Jennifer Smith


I can't sleep without knowing there's hope.Half the night I waste in sighs.In a wakeful doze I sorrow. For the hand ,the lips...the eyes.for the middle of tomorrow.



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Currently getting engaged and planning the wedding. I'm VERY happy and enjoying life.

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Theres are my best friends and I care for them deeply. Each of them know how much i care for them and what they have done in my life. Remember I love you all no matter what. And i Will ALWAYS be here for you.

[Brindawyn] [This is my sister. Shes like my baby sister and she soo acts like it too. (You know I love ya hun). I've known her since 4th grade. Shes one of the bestest. We spend all of our time together. If you ever wanna find one of us.. jsut look for the one you arent looking for. I love you too sis.]

[tanthalas] [This is my bestest guy friend. He is always here for me when I need him. Hes also part of the above group :P:P. Theres sooo much about him that I jsut dont know how to put it. I love you I hope you always now that and if ever I say or act differently jsut hit me and knock it back into me]

[Kingtrunks] My Cyber Husband [This is the love of my life.. and I NEVER EVER want him to EVER forget that or doubt that. I hate the fact that we fight all the time. I hate the fact that I seem to always screw things up. I want things to be better and I want to be able to be with him for the rest of my life.]

[User_deleted] [My other best friend.. Shes gone off to boot camp right now and she will be out in about a month. Shes doing ok. I Cant wait for her to come back home so I can talk to her. I miss her soo much. Hun I cant wait for you to come home. We all miss you.]

[:Alkor:] [This is a great friend of mine from here.. and he has such a big heart. If anyone messes with him they have to go through me first. You are forever in my heart and always my friend.]

[A Wish For Wings That Work.] [This is one of my bestest friends i have met off of here. She does alot for me. Alot of times i dont see it but she really does. I cant wait to meet you Chels. You mean alot to me and i love you. What would i do without you? I need you and you know that.]

[Guardian of Light] [This is one of my friends and also my ex. (dont worry its not always a bad thing). He cares for me as I do him. We've been through alot and I hope to go through more with him. I enjoy talking ot him most the time..even though lots of the things are negative. hey I hope we always try and work things out to be friends. I know we fight and I may hate you at times but you know I'm always here for you.]

[Ophelia_Ogaard] [This is a very good friend I met in a chat room. Shes been here for me all the time and I"m glad I met her. Though we seem to have different point of views on things we care about each other and what we think. Hun I love you I really do]

[Panda-monium] [Shes been really kewl to me. Shes always worried about me no matter what. I'm soo glad to have met her. We talk about our problems all the time and I help show her how much of a better person she is. You are truly great and dont ever forget that]

[Pale-Suzie] [This girl is something else. Shes the kewlest most awesomest strangest person I have met besides me and my CLOSE friends :P:P. I love talking about strange things. Girl you are great.. Remember talking about the guys that were working across the street from me?:P:P Werent those great times even though you couldnt see them?]

Well thats all I got for now. There are many more people who have made a great impact on my life but theres jsut too many to mention. I love you all. -[~*~Tethryn~*~]

:Name: Jennifer Lynn Smith
:Does your name mean anything?: nothing really
:Were you named after anyone?:nope
:Nickname(s):Jenn, Jiffy, Phoebe
:Date of birth:January 18th 1987
:Place of birth: Libertyville, Ill
:Current location: Breckenridge Texas
:Religion: Baptist
:Height: 5'8
:Shoe size: 9
:Hair color: Brown with a little bit of blonde
:Eye color: Hazel
:What do you look like?: A girl
:Righty, lefty, or ambidextrous?:righty
:How old are you mentally?: I was told 20ish..but i really dont know.
:Describe yourself in 5 words: Fun, Loving, wonderfull, compasionate, dairing
:What are your worst qualities: oh i dont know.
:What are your best qualities: who knows lol

Do You Have...
:Any sisters: 2 (My Best Friends)
:Any brothers: 1
:Any pets:A fish and we have a dog
:A disease: no
:A pager: no
:A personal phone number:I had my cell.. but its turned off now.
:A leather jacket with studs on it?:nope
:A heroin needle: hell no
:A pool or hot tub: i wish
:A Car: Yes but my dad is using it right now.

Describe Your...
:Personality: I dont know how to describe it but if you jsut talk to me maybe you'll enjoy it
:Driving: good
:Car or one you want: its a 96 Chevy Cavillier
:Room: Its something lol
:School: I cant wait till it starts
:Relationship with your parent(s):ok
:Believe in yourself?: nope
:Believe in love at first sight?: yes
:Consider yourself a good listener: oh yea
:Consider yourself a good friend: yea
:Save your e-mail or conversations: depending on who it is with.
:Pray: sometimes
:Believe in reincarnation: IDK
:Like to make fun of people: sometimes
:Like to talk on the phone: I dont mind talking on the phone as long as its not with someone i dont like.
:Like to drive: Sometimes
:Get motion sickness: Sometimes
:Eat chicken fingers with a fork:Of course that the way YOU do it?
:Dream in color: Sometimes yes
:Type with your fingers on home row: of course not. lol
:Sleep with a stuffed animal:yes My puppy..

What Was/Is (or Are)...
:Right next to you: my CD player
:On your mouse pad:The Radio station phone number
:Your dream car: sporty
:Your dream date: Going to a beach and jsut spending the night together
:Your dream honeymoon spot: Wherever me and my babe decide.
:Your dream husband/wife:Whoever can put up with me.
:Your bedtime: Whenever I fall asleep
:Under your bed: another bed :P
:The single most important question: How are you feeling?
:Your bad time of the day:right when I go to bed or right when I wake up
:Your worst fear(s): Not being loved by who I love.. and Chainsaws

Me you ask? Hmm...well what can I say? Theres not too much about me, I'm a Junior in highschool and I hang with ym friends and hang at home most the time. I love to sing and dance. My friends are my life. Right now I'm currently single. Well if theres anything else you would like to know about me, Feel free to message me and I'll reply to you. I knwo this isnt much but what can I say about myself? nothing really. Hope to hear form some of ya'll soon.

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The name Jennifer creates a dual nature in that you can be very generous and understanding, but you can also be so candid in your expression that you create misunderstanding. You struggle with the requirement to soften your expression with tact and diplomacy and to consider the feelings of others. Difficulty in accepting advice or admitting that you may have made a mistake causes you to appear to be stubborn and set in your ways. Thus, you have too often created the wrong impression, and friendships have suffered.

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