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Rusty Shackleford (reading the Relic by Douglas Preston and L.Child)

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Name: Darrell


me and sharon


me and my friend crystal at warped tour

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Street child

So I'm Darrell. I'm 23 and I live in Higgins Lake Michigan with my parents. Because I'm cool like that. I'm a chain smoker, but all in all I guess I'm a "nice" person. Though I'm very outspoken when it comes to my opinions. Weather someone agrees with them or not. But it's a free country right? But anyways, I love to write and draw. But have been slacking seriously. Maybe I'm lazy, or maybe I'm lacking insperation. Wouldn't surprise me in this garbage whole I call a town. I've probably written myself dry about life here. I'm longing for new experiences and maybe even some new friends. So if you half way even seem interested I guess message me. Though there's a 50/50 chance I wouldn't send one back. Especialy if all you have to say is "hey" or "i like your piercings". And dear small children of elftown. I'm 23 , I don't care if you think I'm hot. I'm not saying this to imply that I am. Trust me that's not the case. But I've had my share of messages from 12-year olds telling me I'm hot. If you're under 16 don't even message me unless you're related to a friend of mine. Because I don't feel like wasting my breathe talking to the 15 and under a crowd. And 16 is pushing it. So peace love and chicken grease I'm out fuckers.

for a minuet or two, i forgot where i was, forgot who i am, and my hand began to tremble, and my lip began to quiver, i looked to the sky, to see if there was a sign, nothing more then the moon, and the stars, shining vibrantly down on me, for a year or two, i lost something that was a part of me, and i couldn't remember how to breathe, and i put my hands to my face, rubbed my eyes to see if i could awake, it feels like ages since i've felt more then fake, as if there was something so rotten, and evil in me, distraught and disgusted, and overwhelmed, i was believing the lies i told me about myself, and in my dream like state, i heard a knock, i heard a voice, i saw a face, and the angle spoke to me, and said that i would be ok, there was nothing left to fear, i could return from my nightmare, to everything i held dear, the walls did crumble, and i felt as if i could walk, without falling or even a stumble, and for the life of me, i can't recall, what caused the darkness to fall, as i looked to the light, as it shined so bright, i could finally stop and breathe, i am now awake, i am now alive, i feel strong, and have the will to survive, i've been to hell and back, and the angle took my hand , with saving grace, to feel relief, is to live your life, and believe, and she smiled at me, and lifted me to a safe place, everything is so clear, and i look forward to tomorrow, with no fear

"stand tall"
stand tall, like you once did before the fall, your legs were shattered and your back was broken, but you can rise above it all, you've had so long to heal, i find it hard to believe, your wounds haven't had enough time to mend, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, this time you should break with the slightest bend, give it all, or give it nothing, there is no in between, there is no something, like nails to a casket, they will hammer at you, have you had enough to make it through, without forgetting what makes you, you, let us hope, let us pray, that something wasn't lost in the translation, stand tall, for you are not alone, you're not the first person to tread down the trail of descent, we've all been buried in the shit, but durg ourselves free, even through the scent, nausious and delerious, nothing was clear to us, the first breath of fresh air almost made me feel stoned, and it was euphoric, a king had found his crown, and the flags did raise, and the trumpets did sound, so stand tall, my friend, this is no where near the end

"maybe just a nibble (an ode to you)"
listening to talk, reminds me of nails across a chalkboard, it makes me want to grind my teeth down to dust, if nothing more, ignorance must be bliss, because you're the king of your own castle, the ruler of your shitheap, your arragance makes me sick, and my patience for you is wearing thin, the glue that holds your house of cards is failing to stick, you've exposed yourself as the liar you truely are, and the alchohal that fules your fire, confuses you as your stories expire, jsut one sniff of your breath, makes me drunk, even through intoxication you still come off as a bitch ass punk, there mere sight of you causes the vilew to rise from my gut, and i feel as if i'm about to blow chunks, so an ode to you, you're a waste of space, and h20, i'll pray to never see the day, when you reappear, because after this you've dissappeared, so fuck you, i'm out

"fear of heights"
craving some clarity, i will save my soul, through the lies and the frustration, i will be whole, with newfound sobriety, i will demolish the old, things are changing and my story is yet untold, slaying my demons, one by one, as my life begins to unfold, walking through the shattered glass of broken bottles, cutting deep at the soles of my feet, marching forward out of neccesety, my cuts will heal, the blood may stain, there's a passion burning in my heart, relit, the inferno will start, not to be restrained, breaking through the obsession that has kept me chained, i'm craving some clarity, and i will save my soul, nothing will stop me, as unkempt as i used to be, the filth has been washed off of me, and i am free, i've let go of my fear of heights, and taken the first jump off the cliff into the deep

a bitter lack of passion portrays our lives with each other
i'm a bit less then lustfull, but perhaps i'm a liar
how beautiful you are, when you suffer
you're only pretty when you're crying
i'm a handsome man, who's charming when dying
i'll step on you like a foot stool, no one cares about trying
a bed of nails lies between your thighs, bleeding all over in sensual cries
minds are made up of insignifigant fucking
i'll tell you i love you, and maybe i'll mean it
i'll tell you i hate you, and i will fucking scream it
serande me with violent eruptions
it brings a chill down my spine, to know i'm still alive

"As Skies Turn Grey"
a curse has been lifted from these forsaken hearts, fromt he very beginning from the start, we've been searching for a moments peace, just to stop and breathe, looking for solice, we march ahead, leaving behind neither track, nor tread, the strongest of the weak, bruised and broken, we still stand, sheild in hand, we never let our gaurd down,the defense of callused hearts, from a world trying to bleed us dry, we have forsaken love, as it fucked us from the very start, dying for comfort, waiting for the end of the day, as skies turn grey

"Pretty Burning" by me
don't you feel pretty burning, like a star, pretty burning, but I wish you were a scar, nothing but a memory of a cut long since passed, but I keeping picking at the scab,before it can really heal,you told me you needed time, we made a deal, but none of that matters now, especialy not how I feel, don't you feel pretty burning, like a flame, on a torch, but I wish you'd burn out, snuff your god damn flame, I can't see in the dark, but in your life I'll never be sane, it'll never be the same, leave me out to dry, wait for me to die, one too many tears might put out your pretty flame, so don't shead a tear down that pretty face

"Shattered Glass and Lovers Lips" by me
frail words fall gracefully from my lips, my fingers slide gently down your hips, we dream of so much more, we all sing songs of romance, take my hands love, we need one last dance, before I fall,bend,break, and shatter like glass, a million pieces strewn accross a blank dark room,like an old fairy tale, I sat high on my walll, one swift push, I expereinced a great fall,alas it doesn't take all the kings horses and all the kings men, to put this boy back together again, but one soft kiss from those perfect lips, repair all the damage a thousand hands failed to fix, we dream of so much more, we all sing songs of romance, just take my hands love, and we'll have our dance, just never let go and hold me close, you are my saftey, you are my soul

"We're Not Quite Here" by me
our thoughts are more then serious, maybe alittle less than sincere, we speak slow motion poetry, and play our little games, non stop sherades dancing on strings, like little puppets, though we don't get paid, my consience opens like a shutter, yours is lost somewhere in the gutter, live action tragedy acted out on the small screen, to an audience of deaf,blind, and dumb mutes, a new age of empty skulled recruits, with nothing left to hide, and nothing left to fear, we are weak, you are shallow, drown us in regrets, at least we're not fucking hollow

my favorite et people!
[Atomic] the beautiful miss jessica
[The Right] miss stephi!
[daydream believer] the emily
[Born into Attitude]Evan the boy pincushion

Age: 34Year of birth: 1985Month of birth: 12Day of birth: 18

Gender: male

Fantasy race personality: Halfling

Elftownworldmap missing.

Place of living: USA-Michigan

Town: HIggins Lake

Known languages

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: Yes

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
information seekingmusicuse communities

grungeheavy metaljazz
progressive metalpunkreggae

Other interests
carschasing the preferred sexcooking

Civil status: involved

Sexual preference: opposite sex

Body shape: a little overweight

Height: 180

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