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sea nymph (whhhahaahaaa Im Back F*** FB!!!!!!!)

Member #81040 created: 2004-08-28 05:28:05Simple URL:   

Name: Jessica Sweden



Elftown work
Building worker

Elftown titles and orders
Town DrunkStreet childAdventurer

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Wow Et long time no see! Like mood reads so falking tried of FB, you either taking to someone fake, sombody who tweets on the toilet, or worse uploads way to many pic!!!! No more!

      Wow I was depressed a year or two ago WTF....change survey!!!

Survey thingy..........because no one ever gets passed high school.....
Well its informational so.........

1) [Name:] Jessica
2) [Nickname:] Whatever you please.....
3) [Birthday:] 4/4/90
4) [Hair color:] Went back to brownish now...
5) [natural hair color:] brownish red.....
6) [Height:] 5'4?
7) [Righty or lefty:] Righty
8) [Your heritage:] Russian, German (penn. dutch), Irish
9) [The shoes you wore today:] Bare Foot!
10) [Your weakness:] When guys cry...
11) [Your fears:] Open closets, The dark
12) [Your perfect pizza:] Hmm itilan sasuage, antrovies, peppers...also stuffed meat pizza!!!!
13) [Goal you'd like to achieve:] Adventure more!
14) [Your thoughts first waking up:] 5 more mins!
15) [Your most overused phrase:] EEEeeeeeee
16) [Your best physical feature:] Idk?
17) [Your bedtime:] ??? When ever I feel Sleepy
19) [Your most missed memory:] Base Jumping (into water) at the corey with good freinds.......
20) [Soda:] Ginger beer
12) [Fast food joint:] I just like Mayo....
22) [Single or group dates:] not sure?
23) [Adidas or Nike:] I like vibram skeletoes! Sooo comfy!
24) [Chocolate or vanilla:] Vanilla
25) [Cappuccino or coffee:] Coffee!
26) [Smoke:] *puff *puff
27) [Cuss:] :-) depends around who...not around penguins (nuns) or Jakes (cops)
28) [Sing:] When you cant hear...
29) [Take a shower every day:] Yes.....
30) [Have a crush(es):].........
31) [Do you think you've been in love:] yes
32) [Want to go to college:] Mabey, it kinda sucked
33) [Like high school:] Was fun....
34) [Want to get married:] :-)
35) [Believe in yourself:] yes
36) [Get motion sickness:] every once in a while
37) [Think you're attractive:] Sure
38) [Think you're a health freak:] I am intrested in holistic medicine
39) [Get along with your parent?:] I guess
40) [Like thunderstorms:] Yes
41) [Play an instrument:] I want to go back to playing paino
42) [Drank alcohol:] Only to enjoy and only the best stuff
43) [smoked:] yes....not good
44) [Done a drug:] hu ha hu ha!
45) [Had sex:] a lady never tells
46) [Made out:] In the past
47) [Gone on a date] yup........a real one
48) [Gone to the mall] yes
49) [Eaten an entire box of Oreos:] Yup and a half a gallon of milk with it.....
50) [Eaten sushi:] I love it!
51) [Been on stage:] Too scary!
52) [Gone skating:] yup! busted my butt!
53) [Made homemade cookies:] yes! Chocolate and peanut butter!
54) [Gone skinny-dipping:] and streaking
55) [Dyed your hair:] yep
56) [Stolen anything:] against it....
57) [Played a game that required removal of clothing:] Yes but I won..
58) [Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:] yes (posining)
59) [Been caught doing something?] yes
60) [Been called a tease:] yes (by my own sis!)
61) [Gotten beaten up:] no
62) [Shoplifted:] no
63) [Changed who you were to fit in:] no
64) [Age you hope to be married:] Till Im 100yrs old!
65) [Numbers and names of children:] I want a Victor and a Helen
66) [Describe your dream wedding:] In the fall with the trees and a orange and yellow and red wedding.....pond with floating candles........ahhhh
67) [How you want to die:] by the hand of my lover.....wouldn't go any other way......
68) [Where do you want to go to college:]ICU lol
69) [What do you want to be when you grow up:] Indiana Jones
70) [Best eye color:] fake! Either purple or gray!
71) [Best hair color:] Blue! 
72) [Short or long hair:] long
73) [Best height:] Tall
74) [Best weight:] no pref.
75) [Best articles of clothing:] none
76) [Best first date location:] oyama sushi
77) [Best vacation:] NH
78) [Number of drugs taken illegally:] ? WHo kept count
79) [Number of people I could trust with my life:] Too trusting
80) [Number of Cd's that I own:]none...Its 2012~!
81) [Number of piercings:] 5
82) [Number of tattoos:] 0
83) [Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:] 0
84) [Number of scars on my body:]a lot
85) [Number of things in my past that I regret:] Dont go to your grave with regrets

Age: 31Year of birth: 1990Month of birth: 4Day of birth: 4

Gender: female

Fantasy race personality: Dwarf
Elftownworldmap 42°24.600'N 73°13.686'W

Place of living: USA-Connecticut

Town: Where god can't see

Known languages
Sign LanguageEnglishFrench

Elfwood artist: Yes

Elfwood writer: No

Elftown crew wannabe: No

Favorite drawing objects

Computer interests
action gamesartBasic
hateinformation seekingJava
maths and engineeringmusicpr0n
strategy gamesvideoWindows

gothheavy metalhip hop
housenew agepop
progressive metalpunkrap

Other interests
card gamescarscrime stories
watching sportwhiskywine

Civil status: live together with partner

Sexual preference: both sexes

Body shape: big breasted

Height: 157

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