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Date: 2021-12-26 17:54:03 Poem #: 1742 Mod: Sunrose

Cracked Hands Covered in Stardust

With skin coated in speckled stardust,
You tore the universe apart
With your bare hands -
And I destroyed the idea
That anything above it existed
When I looked at the sky
And saw that you were missing.
I remember nights of
Wishing together on nebulae far away
Speaking on the ancient tongues of
Galaxies and the way the
Constellations formed in our breath.
You're not the same now.
I am not either.
And together we are -
A broken, cooling star expanding
Waiting to sink back into the dark
And pull all the light away.
Maybe we just reached too far,
For galaxies and ringed planets just out of our grasp.
But know this, in your heart:
Even with the madness,
Of a broken solar system,
That I am here,
Light years away,
still wishing on you.

Written by [Rainbow Dragonflies]

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Date: 2020-08-20 06:38:07 Poem #: 1741 Mod: Stephen


it started with a bump,

knees touching under the table, and wine -
orion looking at our reaching hands.
pulses of pleasure rushing up my spine
as we lay upon the cooling, warm sands.

a short retreat to the familiar,
then back by elastic, invisible;
an invincible bond, auxiliar
to our need to try the impossible.

then, a morning of ends and beginnings;
new shorelines and nourishing upwellings -
a deep breath, a silent sigh, a longing.
gratification of struggles changing.

now, our streams are clogged by alluvium,
heavy sediment settling on our will.
bitterness erodes the synovium
that soothed our voices, our feverish chill.

this crepuscular part of our travels
has been dark, but now turns towards light.
as the course of our road unravels
we take off, leaving bumps out of sight.

Written by [hannes]

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Date: 2015-05-09 18:12:14 Poem #: 1740 Mod: Stephen

Halloween Poetry Competition 2014 Winner

"Anticipating Halloween"

Tonight we eat delicious pumpkin soup
From the jack-o-lantern right outside
Big evil grin and clenching eyes
Lit with a candle to guide passers-by
Do stop here and ring our bell
For a trick or a treat and perhaps a scare
We're very curious to see at our door
The monsters, witches, ghosts and what not
You've donned yourselves up as this year
It'll be a happy Halloween indeed!

Written by [Sunrose]

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Date: 2015-01-02 22:12:42 Poem #: 1739 Mod: Nioniel
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