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*Artsie_ladie's* Coloring Book



Remember, this is copyrighted to me, therefore all rights are reserved to me, Sharon Donnelly.


This wiki is to exhibit my coloring book story titled:

[Rocky Rooster Finds His Importance]


My cover design for it!


Here's the inside of the cover (which is actually blank) on the left & the title page is on the right!

This is (on left) my [Dedication Page] & on the right is [Page 1]! :)

[Page 2] (left) & [Page 3] (right)!

[Page 4] (left) & [Page 5] (right)!


[Page 6] (left) & [Page 7] (right)!

[Page 8] (left) & [Page 9] (right)!

[Page 10] (left) & [Page 11] (right)!

[Page 12] (left) & [Page 13] (right)!


[Page 14] (left) & [Page 15] (right)!

[Page 16] (left) & [Page 17] (right)!

Wanna' go back to the top? >>> [#]

[Page 18] (left) & [Page 19] (right)!


[Page 20] (left) & [Page 21] (right)!

[Page 22] (left) & [Page 23] (right)!

[Page 24] (left) & [Page 25] (right)!

[Page 26] (left) & [Page 27] (right)!


[Page 28] (left) & [Page 29] (right)!

[Page 30] (left) & [Page 31] (right)!

[Page 32] (left) & [Page 33] (right)!

[Page 34] (last page) & I added this on the right!



I've had this printed in just a few copies, but what I would really like is to get it published! The only way that I can hope to get it published is by the right person seeing this, because I do not have the money to send it to various & probably dead-end publishing companies. If I can get it published, I would be glad to donate a portion to Elftown. So...if anyone knows of this "right person" to show this to, I'd be more than glad to know!


Thanks for stopping by! Come again!


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2005-08-21 [Artsieladie]: Whalah! Finally got this up! Er-er-er Eeeerrr er! :)

2005-08-22 [farawaygone]: awww artsie ladie that is beautiful. I love the illustrations your animals are gorgeous. I can't believe how well you can draw. I really loved the story too. I kind of guessed how it was going to end about half way through but that is becuase it seemed logical. Children wouldn't guess the ending. Very beautiful well done!!

2005-08-24 [Artsieladie]: What a lovely compliment, [farawaygone]! I tried to make the animals carry the expressions required of the story. This is one of my accomplishments that I feel good about. :D

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