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2008-12-06 02:04:59
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Beki's Manips

Ok hi. It's 2am and i have no idea why i'm doing this now when i have work in 5 hours, but i'm doing it anyway. I want to practice my photomanips, because i find them fun and a good way to relax after a stressful day XD I've been rooting around on my PC for the last hour and managed to dig out all my favourite manips that i've done, some recent some old. So here they are in all their *ahem* glory: Some examples of my photomanipulating abilities. And the point of this wiki is so people can see what i can do, as i am now taking manip requests. So yes, if you have a request, let me know <3

Just a simple one, colour change.
*squeels* ...Wow that was professional of me. Found a picture on Google, turned it into my two characters Cody (left) and Rio. Nyaaaaa X3
Just playing with mirrors :p
[imperfectionist] is now a neko XD
For an art project
I like colours and asian fonts O_O
Playing with gradients
So much effort went into this one and i didn't use it for anything in the end XD
My personal favourite at the moment.
Just a simple red hue and texture change
Barbara Kruger inspired, this is one of my most recent.
Same in colour.
I think it's obvious what i've done here XD
Before and after of a retouch
Old, can't remember what i was doing XD
Another recent one, very basic, about 5 minutes. It's pretty much just textures.
Just playing around with stock pictures (all from DA)
More fun
Very very old one, but i still like it.
Another very old one. The cuts killed my brain, and i still hate how they came out.
Not much editing here, just the lighting and contrast. Eyes are real, contacts ftw :P

/ [Beki in Wonderland]

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2008-12-06 [imperfectionist]: ack! i love the mirror one :]

2008-12-06 [Beki in Wonderland]: thanks =] that's the hardest thing i've ever done on bloody photoshop, it took forever XD

2008-12-06 [imperfectionist]: ^^ omg! the rainbow haert one has me in it!!!!!!!!! :] can i put on my house? and some other pages?

i shall what ever the word is when you put the artist name on it:P

2008-12-06 [A.M.C]: The Mirror one is so good =] Great job!

2008-12-06 [Beki in Wonderland]: Thanks Adam ^_^

And yes Danny you can use it wherever you like XD

2008-12-06 [imperfectionist]: yay! :]

*glomps beki*

2008-12-07 [Chimes]: You have some nice works here. :]

2008-12-07 [Beki in Wonderland]: Thank you ^___^

2008-12-07 [Chimes]: You're very welcome. ^^ I love to see fellow photo-manipulators floating around Elftown.

2009-01-03 [Beki in Wonderland]: It is becoming a rare art :p

2009-01-03 [Chimes]: Probably because people don't have the patience for it. :P

2009-01-04 [Beki in Wonderland]: Aye, it does take alot of time and fiddling around XD I always find myself having tantrums because i can't get it to look just how i want it to :p

2009-01-04 [Chimes]: I don't tend to tantrum. :P I just give up... then go back to it another day. :) That or start over.

Do you do any other styles of manips? (Other than the dark art on here. :])

2009-01-05 [Beki in Wonderland]: I tantrum, abandon it, then find it again months later and finish it XD

Not really XD the only photo's i have that are good quality are the ones my friend Amy takes for her art projects, and they're all pretty dark anyway XD I've got a massive collection of pretty shiny ones of horses that i did yonks ago, but that's about it XD

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: Have you ever though of using pictures from Reference Pictures? Or even stock photos from Deviantart or :] They're what I use.

2009-01-05 [Beki in Wonderland]: I do use stock pictures from DA sometimes, but for some reason everything none-horse related that i do turns out dark-ish, even if i don't intend it to XD

2009-01-05 [Chimes]: I get that sometimes... but my latest one (It's on my page) turned out pretty. ^^ It's my first without a model in it. I am pretty proud.

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