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If you've come here expecting to read all about a nice little book by one Mr. Thomas Paine about why it is common sense for the American colonies to break away from England, then my dearies, you are in the wrong place.

While what we are here for may be considered a revolution, it certainly isn't. What we are about is getting back to the days when someone couldn't sue McDonald's (and win!) for having hot coffee when they spill it on themselves because they had it between their legs while driving. What we are here for is some good, sound reason, a little discretion, a dash of responsibility, and most importantly GOOD, OLD-FASHIONED COMMON SENSE! We're here to say that we've had enough of you morons making the world a stupider place!

I think that most of us would agree that the aforementioned McDonald's lawsuit was not only a severe lack of common sense on the part of the lady who sued them, but also on the part of the judge who found in favor of her.

In short, if you've had enough of people saying stupid things and acting contrary to good solid logic, if you mourn The Death of Common Sense...WELCOME!
and please put your name on the list at the link below.


Defenders of Common Sense

Laying the smack-down on people stuck in the Ignorance Hole *got that name from [Delladreing]* for over 2 days!


Rantings and Ravings

And you wonder why...


Product Warning Labels

Contained herein you will find a list of the most idiotic things we've ever seen written on warning lables.


Wikis of Sense


Here are some wikis that are both informative and backed up by people with a firm grasp on reason, logic, and most of all... good, solid COMMON SENSE!

Fun with Logic

This is a nice little place to post brainteasers, logic puzzles, and all sorts of other fun things you can do with logic. Please add to it!

Questions? Comments? Random inanities? Send 'em over my way!
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[Falx]: Vote in the Common Sense Badge Poll! <poll:58120>

[T_Pop]: Happy New Year!!!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: For many years!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: I'm still interested!

[Falx]: Happy New Year, y'all!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: ^_^ And when is the badge finally gonna get done?

[Falx]: When I get around to it. I got a new job this past August and haven't really had a whole lot of time. Sorry ^_^;

[Kayne]: The e.g. from Mac Donalds was pure luck. The lady askes 1. not to make it too hot. The employees ignored it because they were told they couldn't serve under a certain number of 'hotness' or they will be fired. So they did as told. The women was severly hurt. 'Own fault'? Maybe. But Mac Donalds was mainly prosecuted because they had an attidude 'we do it this way, and refuse to change it'. Get your facts strait. Really.

[M_Sinner]: The point remains, she would FEEL that it was hot. And she still put it on her lap. Then spilled it, as opposed to saying, take this back, give me my $#%@ing money, or putting it in a cup holder, or etc, etc. It's not whose fault it is, but the poor judgement used. Get your sense straight. Really.

[Kayne]: Read the link. Really.

[M_Sinner]: Haha!!! I am such a moron. I had thought that you were reffering to the allusion to said case in the above part of the wiki. My apologies.

[Kayne]: I really wonder what you do on this wiki, if you can't see the link. Unless they is another really famous case in which a lady prosecutes Mac Donald for spilling coffee over herself, this is exacly the case I'm talking about.

[M_Sinner]: I'm trying to pick up some of the excess common sense in hopes of bettering myself.

[Kayne]: Common sense is fine. I even preach it, as much as possible. Try reading Kant, Schopenhauer and Hume without craving for common sense. But the e.g. is just plain misleading.

[Falx]: Thanks for the links, [Kayne]. I'll try to find a better example to put up. If you find something better before I get a chance to, go ahead and edit the page. 

[Kayne]: Try G.E.Moore. A writer/philosopher (spelling?). He wrote 'a defense of common sense'.

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: BTW, she wouldn't feel it's hot. The cups are made from a thermo-isolative material. ((I keep forgetting the English term for that material))

[Falx]: Styrofoam!

[Jino "ChaoS" Silver_flamE]: Thanks! Here in bulgaria it's called... ((tries to transcribe)) Styropor.

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