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Elfwood Elftowners

Elftown started as "the official community for Elfwood artists and writers", so naturally many of us here have Elfwood galleries and libraries. This wiki, originally created by [Paul Doyle], is a place to share our Elfwood links and talk about related stuff.


A rule

1. Try to stay on topic and type decent language. People with totally off-topic subjects should go here: NOW. If that's not enough, go to instead.

Anyway, with that safely out of the way, please add your name and links to the Galleries section if you wish to join and COMMENT!


Elfwood Elftowner Galleries

Elfwood Elftowner Old News


Other wikipages:
Elfwood Artists United
Comment Exchange
Uploading Art Rules

Other online art sites:


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2008-09-28 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: sick. :/

2008-09-28 [HardRockAngel]: Ow, get well soon then <img:44166_1164145184.gif>

2008-09-29 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: thankees ^^

2008-09-29 [Paul Doyle]: Thanks for joining [HardRockAngel] . . . and again, if anyone wants to run this page however you see fit please let me know. I'm way too busy in real life to be of any use here, anymore.

2008-09-30 [Flight of the Butterfly]: *gasp!* You mean, there's another life to be had other then on Elftown?! *gets brain boggled*

2008-09-30 [Paul Doyle]: Yes, I shit you not!

2008-09-30 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: um... that's good. If you were shitting [Flight of the Butterfly]s that would be rather painful! :P

2008-09-30 [Paul Doyle]: Anyway, this wiki needs a new owner to do with it as he or she sees fit.

2008-09-30 [Veltzeh]: Maybe I could... It's not like I have much time either, but at the least I could do passive maintenance. :)

2008-09-30 [Paul Doyle]: Just say the word, and it will be done :)

2008-10-02 [Veltzeh]: Well then, I'll have a go at it!

2008-10-03 [Paul Doyle]: All righty. 'Tis done!

Bow down before the new owner of this wiki, [Veltzeh].

2008-10-03 [HardRockAngel]: *bows down*

2008-10-03 [Veltzeh]: Hmm hmm, now what to do! ;D Maybe not to do it at midnight, though.

2008-10-05 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: love the organization Veltz! d'ya think we could get an updated banner too? For the top I mean... the top one is... loud/cheap? It just doesn't look all that professional... is that a terrible thing to say?

2008-10-05 [Veltzeh]: I don't know. X) I'm bad with banners, since I prefer plain text over them.
Maybe we should have an artist challenge and get the artists to design some!

2008-10-05 [Paul Doyle]: I'm loving the re-organization. I guess my (treated!) ADHD was short of showing through this gigantic mess I made.

2008-10-05 [Veltzeh]: Thanks :)

2008-10-22 [Kaimee]: Whoa, totally forgot ever making that little banner for here, that was a lonnnng time ago. 4 or 5 years I swear! :O

2008-10-22 [Veltzeh]: Heh. Want to make a new one?

2008-10-22 [Kaimee]: Uhmmm. Well, I want to stop procrastinating and do my uni work. So maybe after that :P

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