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23 September 2004


"A Beautiful Tree Nymph" by [Forgotten-Myth] (nominated by [Forgotten Shadows])

First things first: I am ready to accept all the hate mail from this one for all the nightmares it may inspire. [Forgotten-Myth]'s take on a Tree Nymph is definately creepy with that gaping mouth, but it absolutely has to be recognized for its creativity, a stab at all the beautiful, human-like nymphs you see everywhere. But where's the connection with the forest in just having pretty woman flouncing around the trees? In his depiction, there's no doubt in our minds that this is a creature of the forest, thanks to clever photomanipulation.  This is definately not your average Tree Nymph, and that why we like it so much. Even if it does creep us out.

Congratulations, [Forgotten-Myth], and keep up the good work!


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