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The planet is now name Glaeron... if you don't like it it' back to being bob.

Asper was in the kitchen when she heard first a strange woman's scream happen in the sitting room followed by what she thought was Mathius. "No GODS DAMN it, send me back Darryl!" he bellowed. A few moments later the crystal beside her hummed and she could hear Karina cry from her room. "Mistress, shall I summon Julianna from the estate?" Darryl had modified his original system of crystals to bring help from the estate or anywhere else if it was needed.

"No. It's fine." Asper had a steak knife in hand and was in the front room when the voice asked and she heard Mathius bellow. Was the scream then his woman? "Mathius?" She calls cautiously ready to kill anyone in the drawing room, though Darryl promised no one dangerous could be in their home. Karina could cry for a moment while Asper assessed the situation.

Mathius was in the center of the room on his hands and knees while off in the far corner was a woman she had never met who looked quite frightened. Darryl was sitting on the couch and looked confused, "Mathius why can I not sense the others?" "They are dead, Cybil is the only one left, you have to send me back to save her." he pleaded.

"Mathius... I'm not certain he can. If he can't sense her he has no where to send you." Asper offers from the doorway cautiously. "Besides she was trained right? She should be able to get away?" Asper made it a question because she didn't know Cybil, but she could still hear karina cry she she turned and went upstairs to get her daughter, who usually wasn't soo upset over things but certainly was right now.

Darryl turned to his brother, "I can sense she lives, but I cannot be certain of where she is and without that knowledge I can't send you to her. I'm sorry." he said turning his head to see Helene. "Welcome to my home and to Baerlon. You will be safe here, until we can all decide the next thing for you."

Asper enters the room again with Karina held close. "So... should we tell your parents you have returned? And who's the extra?" Asper asks as she returned, she had no idea who the woman was. But knew usually the Ravenwood heads usually wanted to know everything, heck they might even try to put together a rescue mission.

Helene breathed a little easier when she saw the woman with the baby, "My name is Helene D'Comprose I helped them...escape." She then began to cry thinking of the others who were left back there.

Mathius looked crushed knowing that LItor and Asmodious were dead, likely too was Nist. Cybil would be a prisoner. "Darryl, I hate to ask can you send me to the estate? there isn't a moment to waste."

"Ah.... fuck... okay I'll take care of Helene... You boys do what you need to, Darryl... don't over use your energy!" Asper shakes her head and walks over to the woman offering her a hand. "Let's at least get you on some furniture before I go make tea. Or hell you can come to the kitchen I don't care." Asper says trying to help the woman. Asper wasn't entirely certain how to comfort women, or help people. Darryl had been easy.

Mathius and Darryl disappeared leaving the two women and the child behind. Helene looked puzzled, "What kind of magic does your husband wield that lets him do that? Tea sounds nice but a stiff drink might do my nerves better." she admitted looking around the house nervously.

"He is magic. A psion they are called. Come to the kitchen with me then, that's where i keep the liquor." Asper says with a grin before turning and walking away headed to the kitchen. Darryl didn't mind alcohol in the house and it was Asper's preferred drink, so they had plenty of different kinds now though he monitored her intake because of Karina still. Once in the kitchen she sets two glasses down on the table and grabs a bottle of whiskey from Venir, it was smokey and strong and perhaps Helene needed that.

Helene watched the baby look around with her bright violet eyes, "She seems a very well behaved baby." Once poured she took the glass with a polite smile and toast before drinking it. "Oh that is a very good whiskey." she said looking at the glass then to the bottle to see if there was a name or label.

"Venirian bottom shelf stuff. They are a country of shit but they do whiskey well." Asper laughs keeping her own glass out of the baby's reach. "She is a very good baby." She agrees and takes what she had poured in her own glass all at once. Then put her glass in the sink. Darryl would look at her all concerned or argue if she had more. "My husband spoils me by popping over and getting it for me." She explains taking a seat and with her foot pushing out the other chair for Helene to have a seat as well.

"It sounds like he is a good man, better than mine anyway." she said having a seat and smiling at Karina. "How long have the two of you been married?" she asked looking at Asper's ring. Helene was nursing her drink and savoring the warmth that coursed through her stomach. "So, what did you do before coming here to Andor?" there were a lot of questions and since the only person she knew here was trying to find a way back to Pachuca, she needed to make more new friends.

"Yeah... pushy though." Asper laughs sitting back down at the table with her new friend. "Couple of years. I was a thief for hire. Didn't care what I stole or who I worked for. My younger brother lives here with us as well. I am his half sister, same mother." Asper explains, considering her ashy grey skin wasn't concealed at all. This woman seemded like she needed to talk to think about other things.

"Pushy can be good, I find they make far better lovers." Helene giggled, thinking back to her last male lover before Cybil and Mathius. He was young and wanted to be in control, but under her teaching he was a fantastic lover and made sure his mistress was first in all things. "Is it true that even though men rule a woman can own her business and find their own wealth and power?" she asked suddenly thinking of a way to find her path here in Andor.

"Yes. As long as she has the money or connections women are allowed to own property, run a business. I wouldn't know about lovers. There was none willing to sleep with a half drow like myself." Asper shrugs before getting up again and pulling out some bread and meat from the ice chest, she sets it out on the tabke between them. Karina was more than content to just be held by her mother, grabbing at her mothers clothes and drooling lightly.

Helene made a derisive noise, "There is always a man that would find a woman like you exotic and would give all he owns to sleep with you. I've seen them all and tastes vary like colors of gem stones." Helene assured Asper then of course nodded at Karina. "I know one man desired you above all just by looking at her. And if what I understand is true if you don't live in the big family house then he values you and your happiness or comfort most of all." she mused looking at Asper and wondering if the woman would argue or dismiss her words.

"His family is an exception. As I'm sure you may have also found. And he even more so within them." Asper says tearing of chunk of bread off the loaf she pulled out and popping it into her mouth to chew. She wasn't disregarding how much Darryl cared for them or spoiled her even. But as for other men, Asper had only experience disdain and hatred from Venir, and Lash personally drove into her head how undesirable she was.

Helene nodded her understanding, "So, is there any laws preventing a lady from opening a place where a bet can be made or a companion for the night can be found?" She smiled as she asked, most countries would not have an issue with such places as long as the people who visited them behaved themselves. And perhaps Asper might make an interesting business partner.

"Well they certainly are not encouraged here in the capital city, but I have heard of some that have been set up secretly... that with some coin and the right phrase can gain you entry... I see why setting up something similar might be benificial." Asper says leaning forward clearly interested. Prostitution was banned here in the city but there were some way they could skirt that issue that Asper knew of, as well as the gambling halls that were also not allowed. Companions and private play were the exceptions.

"Well, we could open a temple of Grondona, Goddess Of Pleasure. Her followers enjoy revels, games and of course sexual release. And of course we keep it all respectable in the front, the back well only a select clientele see that." she said with a sly grin. Helene knew if you couldn't be a noble woman then a woman nobles bowed to was next best.

Asper grins, she liked this woman Mathius brought back immensely. "I don't know the goddess but I can certainly learn... she sounds like a real pal." Asper says in agreement to this idea, plus no one would suspect a Ravenwood of actual foul play. If Helene did the brunt of it then Asper backing her and helping with the card tables, this could very well be the beginning of a very fruitful relationship.

Helene smiled almost reading Asper's mind, "Think you can get more of that liquor and maybe a couple other choice delicacies one can't get in Andor?" She was entertained by the idea of making a lot of coin. "We also need to find some young ladies interested in spreading the word of the goddess." she threw out a little innuendo.

"We could bring the girls and liquor from Venir... through the Ravenwood trading company, if we do it right. Each child has a share, and Darryl let's his mother handle his. We can divert some to my home country and no one would think anything too much as long as it originally goes through my husband. Venirians are duplicitous people." Asper laughs pouring Helene another glass since she liked it so much. Daryyl would probably be shocked to hear Asper planning this or disagree greatly but for the girls to get out of the slave trade in Venir even to prostitute themselves here was a far better life for the girls.

"We need to be selective about the girls, and start small with room to expand. But, will your husband agree to help us with our plans?" Helene asked her new friend. "We will need to find somewhere to set up our shop and of course monies to make the place appropriate for clients and management." more innuendo which made Asper wonder who Helene really was before becoming the woman Mathius met in Pachuca.

"Before we really begin this process perhaps we should learn more of each other Helene? After all I've known you for a few hours at best, and you the same of me." Asper says thoughtfully, if she explained to Darryl the girls were coming to gain work he would accept it. She wouldn't have to explain every little thing. The location would be the hard part, everything else not so much.

Helene steeples her fingers and smiled at Asper, "I have a colorful past until it took me to Pachuca where I joined their version of nobility which was women in charge and all the sex I desired. I know both Mathius and Cybil very well and then helped them escape into the contryside and now I'm here with you and your beautiful baby having a drink and discussing a partnership if you will." she said the part about Mathius and Cybil to guage Asper's sense of shock and how she viewed sex.

"Really? You laid with both Mathius and Cybil? You must be very good at the bedroom arts because of all the Ravenwood children, Mathius was ranked up there in innocence and steadfast devotion to his chosen partner." Asper said thinking for a moment how Mathius's panic seemed fairly accurate now that she knew how close they had gotten. "What made you leave such a... paradise?" Asper asked then curious as to why if Helene enjoyed it so much, she would be willing to give it up.

"While on the outside it was paradise, it was also a finely wrought cage keeping people in line without them noticing. Women ruled there, but in truth one woman ruled and she gave no freedoms to her people. I've heard Andor was a place while still ruled by a man, was more progressive in it's views. So, there never really was a choice just a need to wait until the opportunity presented itself." she explained.

"There are rules everywhere... but yes Andor seems pretty fucking decent from what I've seen. We have one guest room here... why don't I show you to it and the bathroom and if you like you can bath and change. Get more comfortable as it is." Asper motioned to the dusty dirty clothes Helene wore and her somewhat greasy dusty hair as well. "Do you know how to cook?" Asper asked as they stood from the table, asper's tone was curious but she didn't look behind her as she lead Helene up the stairs to show her first the bathroom and then the bedroom. Karina just happily looked around in Asper's arms content while her mother spoke.

"I have a passing ability to cook somethings, in truth I had a staff to handle most things." she said as they walked upstairs. "Are you hoping to keep me around as a assistant with the baby and therefore allow us to make some plans?" the comment about a bath made her almost moan. It had been so long since she had a bath that every inch of her felt soiled and unclean. The fact that Asper was offering her a chance to clean up and sleep in a real bed made her smile even more.

"Ah. No I wouldn't dream of offering such a menial job when the one we are thinking of is much more exciting. You can stay as our guest for a little while... and I will try not to poison us with my cooking. Unless my husband returns and then we will get a good meal." Asper laughs opening the door to the bathroom. "We've got all the latest gnomish plumbing." She says showing Helene how things worked. "I'll have to look and see if I've got anything that'll fit you. You are a little bigger than me." Asper says pulling out a towel and wash rag. Karina gurgling happily at Aspers bustling movements.

Helene who was used to Pachuca customs disrobed without a word and took the rag from Asper, "Thank you I look forward to a chance to get cleaned up." Karina gurgled again as the other woman turned on the water and prepared to get in the water.

"Well alright then." Asper says turning and leaving the bathroom closing the door behind herself. "Wow..." she says softly in surprise heading to her room to try and find something for the bigger woman. She lays Karina on the bed in the middle, just in case the little girl decided to start trying to roll over. And goes to the closet and dresser. The only thing she really finds is her maternity dresses or Darryl's shirts and pants. She decided those would be better and got some of his everyday ones, scooping Karina up and heading back to the bathroom. "Helene I've got some clothes for you, I'm coming in." Asper announces as knocking would be a little harder to manage. She turns the knob and walks in closing the door behind her before facing Helene, laying the clothes down on the little counter in the room.

Helene was enjoying the hot water and cleaning the dirt of the road out of her hair, she smiled at Asper. "I never realized that traveling like an adventurer was so dirty, I don't think I am cut out for that kind of life." She rinsed her hair and drained out the water and grabbed a towel to dry off. "So, any experience in running a gambling or establishment of ladies of ill repute?" she asked looking at the clothes that Asper had brought for her.

"I've never run anything no. But I've been to plenty of gambling halls and learned many tricks. As for ladies of ill repute... that was every woman in Venir, slave, maid or wife." Asper shrugs her shoulders. She was certain they could hash out the details fairly quickly, perhaps start small and build on any sucesses. "If you'd like in the morning we can head to the Ravenwood Coster clothing establishment and get you something that fits you better." Asper offers up.

"That sounds divine, do you think your husband and Mathius will be back tonight?" Helene asks as she finished drying her hair and looking at the clothes. The pants might not fit very well, but the shirt was long enough to cover everything. "I may forgo the pants until tomorrow when we leave for the coster, else they might but of circulation. But, my thanks for them." she said with another smile to Asper and Karina.

"I have no idea but as long as we are in this house we are safe. Also... that leavs your legs... fairly bare Helene." Asper smiles at the other woman, since Helene was clean and appeared fairly happy now Asper figures they could start dinner now. "I'll start dinner, you can sleep now if you want, and I can wake you when it is done. Or you can hold Karina for me and help a little if you like." Asper says turning to leave once she gave Helene the options, heading back downstairs to attempt cooking food.

Helene followed barefoot behind her business partner, "That was part of the reason I asked about when your husband would return. I didn't want to flash him my ass or other areas." she said taking Karina when Asper offered her. The little girl smiled and cooed at Helene who let the child grab her fingers. "You little girl will be a heart breaker when you grow up, those eyes and absolute beautiful smoke hued skin. You and your husband made a beautiful baby do you plan to have another?" Helene asked taking a sip of water.

Asper watched Helene with a curious look as she spoke to Karina. "No. Not ever again." She states before grabbing a skillet and starting the fire in the stove. She pulls out potatoes and a package of meat. She wasn't sure what kind but she unwraps it to find beef, she shrugs and gets a knife cutting it into large chunks, and the potatoes. Some chunks were large and some much smaller but she didn't appear to care and she was dumping everything into the skillet together.

"Pity, I think a little boy just like her could charm his way into any bed he would want. Of course there is no reason why she couldn't do the same if she wished." Helene said cuddling Karina and watching Asper for a few moments. "So, I assume we will have to work out our percentages and who takes care of what in our endeavor. I can set up and run the girls and games, I would assume you can handle the bar and other aspects." Helene thought another good service might be fencing lost items or selling hard to find things.

"There's rumors of a place here in the city called the black alley. I was going to look into more when Karina had a little more mobility and time with her father. It's a real shady kind of place I hear. And if I can make a few associates we may be able to branch out our little gamblings hall and lady's entertainment venue into other things. But yes first we work on our friendship, then we work on the gambling, drinks and ladies. Once we have those done we can think of more expansions." Asper says dumping all the wonky cut food into the skillet, she dumps some oil and wine into the skillet as well. It was as fancy as she ever was able to cook, and she had gotten that much from being sith Darryl in their house.

"Perhaps we can find a magical route, you know a doorway that sends someone to our establishment and then we let them have their fun then send them home through another door. Would keep us from dealing with unsavory kinds and of course the local guard." Helene says enjoying holding little Karina whose eyes went from bright to dim as she looked around.

"Now there's an idea! Perhaps I can convince my husband to set it up... or we could get a local wizard to pitch in with something of that sort. Have someone man the door... or even the special key phrase that would take them to our little Den of sin." Asper says thinking it over and liking it all the more, they could have several entrances... or just one in a nice part of town so no one would suspect and they could draw in nobles as well with that sort of anonymity.

Helene smiled, "Your husband would probably be best, as you would only have to convince him, a wizard my require payment of another sort or just in gold." She poured a glass of table wine and took a sip, this plan was coming along nicely and it would make them both a lot of money.

"Having a wizard on hand wouldn't be a terrible idea you know... but for the doors I think my husband would be best as well as a few other safety measures. At the moment... it isn't safe for us to leave the house." Asper says stiring the food in the skillet roughly.

Helene frowned for a second, "I'm sure we could locate a place suitable to our needs without being out of the house for too long." She eyed the concoction on the stove and wondered if the food on the road might have been better than her next meal.

"If we take Darryl along there won't be any problems. You are okay with meat and potatoes right?" Asper asks seeing Helene's doubtful look at the skillet, Asper was no real chef to speak of. But it was properly cooked, kinda seasoned and would be nutritious. The only things that mattered really, Asper frowns though wondering if it was really that bad. Sure the Ravenwoods hired a real chef so when they critiqued it was because they were all pampered.

"I've been on the road for many weeks, so I've learned that unconventional meals can be just as good as those made by a professional chef." Helene said. She did wonder how things were going with Mathius and that Cybil was safe back there. Hearing that Asper believed if her husband was with them everything would be fine then he must be powerful indeed.

"I'm not certain if I was just insulted... or if it was just the food." Asper says with a frown, it wasn't her fault Darryl wasn't coming back already. And it was food. Not even overcooked food, "it's done anyways so eat it or don't I don't care." Asper says plating up two portions and putting it in front of Helene before holding out her arms to take back Karina.

As Helene handed Karina back she clarified, "No insult, the stuff I was getting on the road was barely food and sometimes barely hot. This is easily the best meal I will have had in a month, thank you." She took her fork and dug into the meal, while there was no flair it was good enough for the tired woman.

Back at the Ravenwood estate Mathius and Darryl arrived and wasted no time in seeking out Alehial and Altair. "I need to get back to her Darryl, isn't there some way you can get me back there?" Mathius pleaded as they entered the study. Altair blinked and looked at their adopted son he was dirty and without armor or weapon and looked distraught. Mostly he thought he looked like young Mathius when they found him as a child.

"Matty!?" Alehial jumped up from her seat and ran to her son embracing him tightly before looking him over for wounds or problems. "Thank all the gods!! What happened?! We feared you all dead!" Alehial says looking at both of her boys now, compared to these two Alehial seemed truly small, she was little as all half elves tended to be but Darryl and Matthius were the two largest of her children.

"The others are but I fear Cybil was captured, I have to get back to Pachuca to rescue her." Mathius said hurriedly. "I tried to get them to safety while Nist and Asmodious held the attackers at bay, I was only able to get Helene out before I was pushed off the cliff." he tried to explain.

"We will have to get you equipment and Darryl will have to find a way to get you back through the barrier." Altair said getting up from his seat. The fact that they were attacked trying to get home did not bode well. They would have to get Mathius equipment and help to get Cybil back, he would use the key and opened the entrance to the vaults. There should be enough stored down there to equip the warrior for almost anything.

"Who is Helene? Wait, explain please! If she is captured you have some time because they will want answers. So take a moment please! Altair... take Darryl with you to go get weapon and armor for Mathius. You explain what happened. I will accept a short summary of all the events, but we need more details, especially if we are going to go get Cybil back." Alehial says holding onto Mathius's arms holding him still.

Darryl and Altair disappeared, leaving Mathius and Alehial alone in the study. He then began an explanation of everything that happened leaving out the parts that would protect everyone's modesty. Until he got to the part of throwing Helene of the cliff so Darryl could teleport her and then being pushed before he could do the same for Cybil.

Alehial hugs Mathius tightly then. "I should have gone... I never should have sent any of you out into the field when I wasn't going." Alehial says apologizing and smoothing his hair away from his face. "We will get her back. You tell me better about those two warrior women you said attacked you all." Alehial says she could check with Lai and Arten. They could then figure out the best way to combat these women.

"I didn't see the other woman who was fighting Nist very well, and the one who rammed into me didn't fit in with the other people of Pachuca." Mathius said. He then began to recall everything he could about the woman. It seemed by the end of his story that the only reason these women got the best of him was due to surprise. And by the time Darryl and Altair returned with gear, Mathuis had told her everything.

"Alright, let me check with with the family even Rand perhaps a warrior with such a distinct mark on her face is well enough known that even Rand would have records of them." Alehial says quickly writing missives to have them sent about the house and out to Rand.

Altair looked at Mathius, "Are you sure you want to go back alone? We could get a group together to go with you." Mathius shook his head, "My friends died there and I would not take family there. I will get Cybil back by myself and bring her home."

"Mathius, we don't want you to die either! I will get my armor and pack, from the sound of it you need a woman by your side regardless." Alehial said standing when Altair and Darryl returned, she couldn't send her son alone to fight this corrupt nation and their warriors. A druid who was both Warrior and Healer would be the best companion to go with the fighter. Plus Alehial could protect her son. Of course she was forgetting her court appearance the very next day, and her agreement to Galin as well, in her desire to protect her son in dangerous times.

Altair held up his hand, "No, you have too many irons in the fire. I think perhaps this might be a job for Lyriel and Flint." He wasn't going to watch Alehial run hither and yawn to try doing everything. "Darryl can keep working on bypassing the barrier and if needed the two of us can use our talents to get quickly to them if needed."

Mathius nodded, "There is a lot going on mother, I appreciate you wanting to go along, but if Lyriel and Flint will go I have an army to rescue Cybil."

Alehial huffed but nodded her head in understanding. "Fine... Fine. We'll send them. The courts will let us know their fate tomorrow and Altair and I will find out." Alehial folded her arms and frowned her hands tightly pressed together. She was worried about Mathius going back but he refused to leave Cybil behind and she didn't blame him. He had lost all of his friends and he loved her.

Altair called for Bowers and instructed him to locate Lyriel and Flint and have them come to them quickly. Darryl told them he was going back to Asper and Karina for a short time and would return when they needed him. Altair took a seat suddenly tired and realizing all this happened before and most likely would again. "I am done with all this chaos, after this is put down this family retires from war and strife." he said looking at his wife and son.

Alehial laid a hand on Altair's shoulder squeezing gently. "If only war and strife would stop around us so we could retire." Alehial said softly, her most desperate wish was peace so she and Altair could go back out into the forests and just be themselves again, but Altair was too old for that now, and with Galin back Alehial could never leave her children unguarded. She was in the midst of setting up eleborate business connections to secure money and allies not to mention safety.

Mathius coughed lightly, "While Bowers gets them I'm going to go change clothes and maybe get some food." His mind was on Cybil only, but he knew the lack of food, sleep and clothes against the weather had to be addressed before heading back to get his love.

"Rest while they prepare, you will need it." Alehial said with a soft sigh of her own. She was their mother, she promised them all safety and her help when they needed it most. But now... her life as it was refused to let her help, there was too much she was needed for that she couldn't help her children when they needed it. This was the very reason she had been driven to agree to Galin.

Mathius nodded and headed out to his room and then to the kitchen. Altair waited until they were alone before saying anything else. "Are we going to tell your cousin? I think he may be upset with Mathius for allowing her to go along with him." he asked Alehial.

"I'll tell him we got word and that she is alive... and that we sent in back up." Alehial said after a moment of quiet thought, she didn't want to send in her children, she wanted to go and fetch Cybil herself. Make certain the girl was safe and would make it.

"Alehial, we have to make a plan on what to when this all comes to a head. Somewhere or someone who can protect them while we end this. Our enemies are far too many for either of us to sit out in this coming war." he said taking her hand in his. They would need to bring back their warriors from before the children were born to fight these new monsters.

"They are after us... not the children. I'll set it up so Conner is in charge if something were to happen, we need to brief all of the children, I want all the older children taking care of the younger ones. If we aren't here... they won't come here and endanger the children. It's why I left... you are not in fighting shape, so I want you to stay with the children. If I can take care of the ones in charge then we can dismantle what is going on. You from the outside and me from the inside. Same team... different tactic." Alehial sighed and kissed Altair's forehead, squeezing his hand in return. "I know you can gather friends and allies, I also know you don't like being put in this position. I love you Altair, I promise to do my best to keep our family safe and well." Alehial said softly.

Altair balked when she said he wasn't in fighting shape, "I've seen a rather upswing in my health thanks to Orissa. And how do we know who is involved with this little attack? Your altered uncle? My brother? They don't work alone we have seen that, and if that is the case we can't go back and pull Lai and Lyle back into our mess." However, when she kissed his forehead he pulled her into his lap and kissed her deeply. They had not been doing enough of this lately, their marriage and their lives were about the connection between them.

"Upswing doesn't mean better! And I think they may be working together... maybe. At least not against each other." Alehial said with a soft sigh, she could have phrased her wording differently, but then she was startled as he pulled her into his lap. "Wai-" she didn't finish what she was going to say thanks to his lips closing on her own. She wraps her arms around his neck kissing him back.

When they broke the kiss Altair glanced at her, "My health is back to normal or do I have to make you pregnant to prove a point?" He leaned over and began to kiss along her neck, if she needed to have the point made to her then he'd show her. "We have to work together like we did in the past for us to come out on top." he whispered.

Alehial panted lightly when he broke the kiss. "No! No babies!" Alehial said her voice serious, she firmly beleived the prophesy that the twelfth Child of Ravenwood blood would spell Altair's end. She moaned softly tilting her head to give him more space at her neck. "We will work together, I am learning from your strategies, you from the outside and me from the inside. As a team. I wonder if Darryl could fashion something that would allow us to speak to one another that other's would not detect." Alehial said even as she ran her finger's through Altair's hair as he continued to taste her neck and tease her.

"Perhaps he or Lai could add that to our rings?" he said stopping near her ear. "You realize my love that you can't keep me around forever, eventually I will have to cross over into the afterlife and wait there for you. And it's not like the second you concieve that I will die, Death simply said that when I pass it will be for good." he said holding her close.

Alehial pouted at his admonishment. "I can try to keep you by my side... and we don't know that for sure. What if the moment I conceive Galin comes through a hole in the air again and strikes you down like he did Darryl?" She said holding him just as close, she didn't want to be left behind, though she had always known she would be. She had wanted much more peace in their lives, and less of all this.

Altair was quiet for a second, "Okay the next time we make love then I will keep my sword belt on. That'll fix him." He hoped it would make Alehial see how absurd it all was to live in such fear. "Tomorrow we go to court and deal with what Gaerth has decided to do about Flint, I want us together on this a united front."

"You are impossible!" Alehial scowls at his teasing, her fears weren't so silly. Things had happened in their lives people said could not be done. She went quiet then and nodded her agreement to his last statement. "Together, and I don't see what he can do at this point to them... since they wedded and bedded." Alehial says tucking herself up against his chest, her head just ubder his chin as she pressed one ear to his chest to listen to his heartbeat. Letting out a soft breath of relief at hearing the normal strong sound.

"I think I could live the rest of my life without hearing you say wedded and bedded referring to our daughter and nephew." Altair said with a bit of a scowl. While he loved both children, he realized this was their best answer to what the king wanted done. "So, we only have to be concerned that Gaerth is gonna make us put Conner up to the next marriage or Daniel." he thought about his son who had no combat ability what so ever, it might be a good thing for him to marry a noble and live a normal life.

"More than likely, however I'd like to give all of our children their own time to find love... I have an idea on some negotiations on that front so this business with forced engagement doesn't happen again. Also dear you have got to start letting your daughters have their freedom." Alehial giggled softly, snuggling against his chest curled up on his lap. They hadn't sat like this in a long time, and she relished the contact between them.

"Um, my dear I believe you were the one who was keeping the girls close to home. But, I will take some responsibility as well." he said. Elsa left home and returned with Fael and after that they had concerns about Lily leaving which she did anyways. When the twins were of age to see the world he was truly concerned.

"Oh no, I approved of Elsa, you didn't. I will share the blame on Lily though." Alehial replied back quickly, while both Elsa and Lily had been fortunate in their adventures, Alehial couldn't say they were very good ones. But then most of her boys all had trouble too. She worried for the younger ones, but mostly Alehial worried about Altair, and now Orissa's magic.

"So, at some point we have felt that our children need placed under lock and key where we can protect them?" Altair said after she agreed to share the blame with Lily. He felt that not only them being tender with one another was a huge part of their marriage but their interplay back and forth was another major part of their lives.

"You make it sound like a bad thing! I just don't want them doing something they aren't ready for! It could get them killed." Alehial says with a slight scowl but sighs softly, she knew locking them away wouldn't work. She had raised them all too well for that, with Altair of course. Which was probably where all the bad luck had come from.

"I think we have lived this way too long my love. From now on we have to make sure the children can defend and fight for themselves or that they need defending." he said squeezing her tight. He agreed they needed to make sure the children were ready for anything or wait until they were.

"What do you think I have been doing the entire time I raised them. At least we know most of the older kids can handle themselves... Though Matthius needs help now. It's the younger kids I worry about. Daniel and Jake, Orissa and Samantha, my little Sirrian and Aloura." Alehial says softly hugging Altair closer at each name. None of them were ready yet, and most far too little to be fighting regardless of what the twins survived through in Sildea.

"Daniel will have Jake at least until they find their place in the world and the girls much the same. The littlest ones will have the protection of the older children, I wonder sometimes how Lily and Conner will fare in this world and the one that comes in the future." Altair said quietly. In truth all of his children (whether by blood or by love) would fare in a world that knew the name Ravenwood and what would be expected of them.

"We kept their names out of things. Other than the name Ravenwood... no one will recognize any of them. We don't allow any information from their adventures out to the public. Other than Fael's story no one knows anything about the children. I have asked Darryl to keep an eye on all of his brothers and sisters so that if they are in extreme danger he can help. Lily has met her intended for all I understand. They are... serious. Conner seems to be fixated a little on his bodyguard, at least he hasn't been out chasing any unknown girl so we don't have to worry about illegitimate children from him." Alehial sighed again, speaking of all her worries only made them more real to her and made her tense. She was hugging Altair tightly and curled on his lap now.

Before he could say much more there was a knock at the door and they could hear Bowers. "Lord and Lady Ravenwood, Lyriel and Flint are waiting in the study for you."

"This is to be continued Lady Ravenwood." Altair said giving her a chaste kiss and waiting for her to get up so they could fill them in on the rescue mission.

Alehial stood and with a sigh collected herself. She only ever fell apart in front of Altair or Lai. She tried to be a pillar of strength for her children but occasionally they saw her flaws and cracks too. However she took Altair's hand into her own and opened the door, leading the way to the study.

Together they left their room and went to the study where Lyriel and Flint were waiting. "Good to see you two are back to normal." Altair commented to them as he and Alehial took a seat to talk to them. He would only ask of them to go with Mathius, but it would have to be their decision and that would be the final answer. If they refused then while Alehial went to track down the evil they faced he would go with Mathius. "Mathius is home, Darryl brought him and a woman from Pachuca back. His friends are all dead and Cybil has been captured. He intends to go back to rescue her and we feel that he needs someone to back him up." he didn't beat around the bush they would need to leave soon.

Lyriel stood when they entered the room. And sat when they did. She nodded that she was better now, though that had a bit of an embaressing time coming back to her senses slowly. "I will go. How long do I have to get ready? And is it okay for us to be gone when the courts answer is in the morning?" Lyriel didn't even paused in her answer that she would go and help Mathius bring back Cybil, Lyriel was the older sister and it was her job to help when her parents couldn't. She turned to Flint then, "Will you come with me?" She asked then, not wanting to force him if he didn't want to. He was close to Matty's age after all, and usually followed Lyriel regardless but she still didn't want to just assume.

"Into the Abyss and back." he answered her without hesitation. "Cybil is one of us and Mathius could use all the help he can get."

Altair nodded at their answers, "You leave as soon as you have your gear squared away. Darryl will get you as close to where he pulled out Mathius then you will have to track her from there. Don't worry about the king at this point we will handle explaining about your absence." He waited to see if Alehial had anything to add to the conversation.

"If either of you need anything for your packs tell me now and I will retrieve it. I know you keep most of your stuff ready for a moments notice. And I am very proud of you but Darryl will not be able to help, so do not hesitate to ask for tools or magic." Alehial said to them both. "I want all four of you to come home safe. Nothing else matters as much as your lives." She said much more sternly then.

Lyriel nodded her head in understanding for both parents. She then thought silently for a few moments. "Wand of healing, I'm sure with four my healing spells will run out quickly. A few potions perhaps as well, a spare set of weapons for Cybil and maybe some light armor pieces for her as well, even just grieves and gauntlets or just a hide chest piece would be good. Climbing gear as well. Flint? Can you think of anything?" Lyriel asked turning to her husband, he usually had good idea's as well as she didn't want to exclude him in any way.

"Perhaps one of those spoons that makes gruel?" ha suggested, "We won't have to hunt or forage for food and keep us moving. What is the plan once we rescue her? head back to the border and hollar for Darryl once we get there?" Flint knew that a rescue party might come under attack and have to fight in and out of the area.

Alehial wrote everything down and nodded her head. "Altair? You wanna answer that one?" Alehial asked, she didn't know how they were to escape... other than if she went with them... or to the edge and made a safe exit. But Altair refused her going plus she had to get back to Galin, and listen to the kings decision tomorrow. Alehial rubbed her temple with one hand softly. "I'll gather these things." Alehial said, she would have to get into the house safe for the magic items, everything else was in the regular storage room.

With a slight pop Darryl was standing in the study with them again, "I may have a couple ideas on how to get home. I can't penetrate the magical shield that prevents my powers from entering Pachuca, but if either a psion or a psionic crystal were already there then I might be able to pull them out." he didn't look very positive on this working though.

"Can you make one small enough for me to carry little brother? I will be your waypoint on the inside. If you need I can try and boost it if you need... mom's taught me that blessed land spell. I don't know if that would help." Lyriel nodded and stood, she looked straight into Darryl's eyes, she was willing to do whatever Darryl needed.

Altair looked at Darryl as well, "You can't be speaking of sending Linlesse in their with them? I mean the girl has been helpful to the family but we still know nothing about her what so ever. Sending a crystal with Lyriel sounds the more prudent plan at this point."

"Darryl... I agree with Altair, sending Linlesse may not be wise, after her first 'adventure' I'm not sure she would even be willing to go into hostile territory even if it was to help." Alehial explained with a shake of her head.

Lyriel shook her head no then. "I disagree, Darryl has been working with her and so have I. I think if she were given the option she would join us and we'd be glad for it. Darryl... would both a scion and a crystal be best? Could she boost the signal to you in a way we could not?" Lyriel asked then to prove the point to her parents.

Darryl shrugged, "It's not one hundred percent sure that either would work. Linlesse is the first psion I've worked with, other than feeling Karina's potential power. If she would go it couldn't hurt to use both plans. I can reach out to her and have her come and talk with us." he offered.

Alehial frowned and sighed softly. "Very well call her here and we shall ask her. But I will not having anyone press her into joining. We lay out the options and she makes her own decisions about this." Alehial nodded to Darryl and gave everyone else a hard look that she meant what she had said. Linlesse was eager to please people and Alehial would not see anyone manipulating the girl into anything dangerous.

Mathius returned while they were waiting and took a seat as Linlesse enetered the room in her customary way. "Sorry, sorry it took me a little time I was out running along the coast and had to turn around. So, you requested me to come back and speak with everyone? Does Lyriel remember me now cause I know the other day she didn't, and you know it's kind of hard talking to someone that doesn't remember you." she said and then quieted down when she saw how Altair was looking at her. "Sorry, I ramble a little bit at times." she said looking down at her feet.

"Yes I'm better now Linlesse. We want to talk to you about something." Lyriel said to Linlesse with a smile. She wasn't late, not really and she spoke so quickly it really was very much like Lily.

Alehial smiled softly. "Linlesse we are going to ask a question after we tell you the situation. But I want you to know anything you choose will be honored. We will always take care of you for as long as you will need it." Alehial says to the young girl as well, Mathius was anxious to go but, Alehial wanted to do everything for the children that would help them return home safe.

Linlesse shook her head that she understood and managed a small smile, "You've all been so mice to me since I arrived. Better than I should have been treated, even." she said falling silent to wait for what was to come.

"Mathius here has returned from his mission to Pachuca, except his friends died there and his betrothed Cybil was captured. We with Darryl's help plan on sending a...." Altair began and was quickly cut off.

"RESCUE PARTY!?? My gosh yes I will go along and do what I can!" Linlesse cut him off and got everything she said out in double time speed.

"Linlesse! Please think about this a moment. You'll be going into hostile territory with no immediate backup. Yes this is a chance to rescue Cybil, but that doesn't mean we need you there to rush headlong into situations. Darryl needs a focus point within the barrier so that he can get through. He said a crystal may not be enough, which is why we are asking." Alehial said explaining further for the over excited speedy young girl.

Lyriel put her hand on her cocked hip then. "I think she is ready and I will be there with her. She clearly is interested Mother. Darryl can you explain what you'll need her to do? And then we should gather the supplies and go." Lyriel said taking the tone usually Alehial used on everyone.

Everyone got up to leave, with only Alehial and Linlesse together in the room, it was obvious the young woman had something on her mind.

Alehial was at a bit of a loss, but she said nothing as everyone left to do as Lyriel said. Alehial trusted her eldest daughter entirely, had trained her personally, and in fact still gave her lessons whenever asked. But... something had changed and Lyriel was... now in the position that had always been Alehial's. It was a little lonely to see this dynamic change within the family and not be as needed anymore, but also be so proud of her children for being so capable. When Linlesse stayed behind and was the onle one left Alehial turned with a gentle smile. "Yes dear? What would you like to talk about?" She asked with a smile for the young girl. Alehial wasn't but just concerned for everyone.

"Is this going to be dangerous? Because if it is I need to tell you something very important." Linlesse said taking a seat across from Alehial. She was going to share her secret with grandmother because if she didn't return from the mission, grandmother needed to tell mother and father about her.

"It will be very dangerous. Whoever this Matron is hates Ravenwoods very much. But you are going to help be a focal point for Darryl. You can hang back and support the group rather than fight in the front." Alehial adviced even as she sat more comfortably and let Linlesse settle. This sweet young girl they had taken in had been easier than all the other children they had taken in. She couldn't imagine what the girl needed to tell her hut was willing to let her have her say.

"I have something to confess and I also need to ask in case something happens and I don't come back." Linlesse said looking down at her feet and fretting at the sleeves of her borrowed shirt. Now that she was going to admit everything to grandmother she became painfully shy about it. And if one did not know better it might look like she might be on the other side against the Ravenwoods.

"Okay. Confess. It is best to ask forgiveness." Alehial leaned forward and took the girls hands into her own giving them a gentle squeeze. She gave her a reassuring smile as well.

Linlesse let the illusion drop, "I wasn't honest with any of you about who I am." She looked up at her grandmother and Alehial could see the violet glow from her eyes. "And in case I don't come back, someone needs to tell mother and father about what happened and how I got here." Linlesse then began to cry a little bit as she thought Alehial was going to be cross with her.

Alehial tightened her grip on the young girls hands roughly. But other than that and a slight widening of her eyes Alehial didn't show the utter shock that she felt. At the young girls words and tears though Alehial couldn't help herself and quickly moved to sit directly beside the girl pulling her into a tight hug and petting the back of her head and hair soothingly. "Ssshhhh it's okay now. It's okay. I'm here." She said soothingly, her elven lilt coming out in her words as she hadn't quite recovered from the shock yet. This was Karina. Who was only a few weeks old... but a teenager, and worried about dying. "You won't be going." Alehial said then a little firmly as she held to girl close still.

"No, no, no, no. I've changed so much coming back here. This could all be my fault and I can't have that. I want to go help rescue Aunt Cybil she and the others were so important in helping raise me." she told Alehial. The hug warmed her so much since coming back to this time, like when she encouraged her to go back and save her mother and her father forbid it.

"Changed? They raised you? What about Darryl? And your mother?" Alehial was confused, did the girl not escape a terrible dimension? Did she instead come here to save theirs? Was this dimension the bad one? This was like Altair going into that alternate dimension timeline all over again. Except... this was the messed up one? Alehial's head began to pound and she refused to let the girl out of her hug, still noting the teary eyes and her constricted voice.

And so Karina began to list off what had been and what she had changed, The baby Xeph was recovered, Lily returned home rather than disappeared. Lyriel and Flint were not married and that Flint was not present. Then she began to tell Alehial about Asper and Jake being taken back to Venir and that Alehial was the only family that had been allowed to see Asper and that the two women had become friendly. And then she recounted both her mother and then Jake's deaths before her father brought her home to the estate to become a full fledged Ravenwood.

Alehial was stunned. To think... so many things were so vastly different. Her hands shook as she could all too easily imagine these awful sad things taking place. "And Altair? Conner? How did he take losing his sister?" Alehial had to know, did the family splinter or had they held together? Had she done enough? Even having failed had she at least kept the family together as much as she could?

Karina tried to wipe away her tears, "Uncle Conner and Aunt Verex..oop, I shouldn't have said that. They named their first baby Lily to honor her. And grandfather while moving a little slower trained most of us how to fight. That's how Lyriel figured out who I was, it was stupid to practice his moves while here at the house. Other than that everyone was just like now, together and loving."

"...." Alehial thought over what Karina said for several moments. "So Conner is falling for Vex." She sighs softly, perhaps she could gently push Conner away from Verex Geheld as his love. She let out a relieved sigh though and squeezed Karina's hand, and helped wipe on cheek. "If you are afraid of your death in Pachuca... then I don't want you going. But Matty and Lyrie and Flint, they will all be there, the boys are excellent fighters so you wouldn't have to be in front and Lyriel is an excellent hand. I taught her personally all that I can when she let's me." Alehial says then, after all Karina was still so very young even as old as she was. Alehial stroke's her cheek softly. "I see so much Darryl in you now... and the beauty that might be Asper's smile, if she ever showed it." Alehial says softly, her face and hand soft and gentle with affection.

"I'm concerned by not afraid, Grandfather once said if you had no concern for the danger you face you will lose. Besides, I want to prove that his training me to fight and father teaching me to use my powers along with your training too makes me truly powerful." She said hugging Alehial again. "I don't know if Conner is falling for her here. But in my time and place they helped prevent an assassination plot against the royal family and when the king offered the reward they both decided that they wanted to marry. And provide you and grandfather with four grandchildren before grandfather passed away."

"Altair says that often to the children." Alehial smiled softly at Karina's words. Alehial received the hug fully and returbed it in kind. "Can you tell me more about the plot? And that can't be right... the prophecy clearly stated that upon the twelfth child of Ravenwood blood that Altair would no longer live. To live through... three extra children being born of Ravenwood blood would be impossible with the prophecy." Alehial said frowning as she watched Karina's face.

Karina blushed, "Upon the twelfth child..." Karina was silent for a long second before continuing, "Grandfather would live out his life as it should be. You told me once that it meant he couldn't be raised or brought back from the life beyond. Fate would only allow him to be kept from the afterlife for so long. You kept most of us young ones from reading the chronicles lest we start acting like our parents or grandparents." she said knowing Alehial would understand what she meant.

Alehial frowned and her eyebrows crinkled together as she thought about what Karina said. Certainly... if she thought of it such as that... not death but... no longer able to revive from the brink or be brought back. She hummed her agreement with the last part Karina had said and looked at the girl. "If you go. You must not try to be the hero. You promise me right now to aid, not take fore front if you insist on going." Alehial said pulling the girl into another tight hug.

Karina sighed, "Okay, but I need to make sure we rescue Cybil. Not just for our family but for her mother as well. I will have to carry my load, but I will come home I promise." she said finally breaking the hug with her beloved grandmother. She then raised the illusion again, and smiled at Alehial with a wink.

"And that... is your father." Alehial tried to be upset but she smiled at the young girl regardless and stood. "You should get anything you need from your things and take everything else from ours. I want you to return so we can have a proper talk about all of... you being here." Alehial said gesturing to all of Karina.

Karina smiled and slipped her hand in her pocket and pulled the Ravenwood signet ring out, "They never did find this when I had been captured. I will pick up a few more things with Aunt Lyriel." she then left the room to go find her new companions.

Alehial sighed softly as she watched Karina leave in the guise of Linlesse once more. She lay back ungracefully on the couch and then curled her legs in. She couldn't act like this in front of the kids or servants, only when Altair was around, she was alone or most recently in front of Galin. She was so worried again, so much more to think about now, so much more to contemplate and plan for. She wasn't certain what she needed to do. Why couldn't their lives have become peaceful like they planned. She had Altair getting sick, Galin and her Promise to him, her children needed guidance still as well.

"A copper talon for your thoughts." Lai said from the doorway with a slight chuckle. She was wearing one of her usual robes and had a tea tray in her hands. She set it down on the low table and took a seat across from Alehial and poured two cups. "I've seen that look before Alehial Ravenwood, something is weighing on that mind of yours. And given recent history it could be a great many things, care to share?"

"Lai!" Alehial sits up quickly and tries to smooth out her clothes. She touched her face when Lai mentioned her 'look'. "Yeah..." Alehial sighed deeply, she looked over at Lai's belly then and sighed again. "I'm sorry I didn't come up to your room to say I had returned. I... I have so much to think about I feel like I'm going crazy. Between trying to keep everyone safe... Please the king and be here for my children. Now all these new troubles with the children... Altair being sick and I'm trying to keep an eye on Galin." Alehial sighed again and picked up the first cup to hand it to Lai, her mother in law did not need to bend over when she could give birth any day to the next Ravenwood son or daughter. Alehial then took the second cup for herself.

Lai waved the apology away, "I knew you were home and we were dealing with alot at that moment. Focus on the family and let the rest go, the king will still be the king and Galin will continue to be the thorn he is." Her tone about her other son reminded Alehial that the elf once zapped him with a shocking hands spell when he had kissed Alehial. Other than that Lai remained tight lipped about Galin and of course his father.

"I focused so hard on my family... that I nearly lost some of them." Alehial shakes her head and takes a sip of tea instead. "And might still. I can't sit idly by, and Altair is in no shape to be the one running about anymore." Alehial says after the small drink of hers.

"I think you underestimate your husband, since whatever it was that Orissa did he not only turned the tide of the attack on the house. But, I have not seen him cough or have trouble catching his breath once." Lai said giving Alehial a reassuring smile. She had no doubt that Altair could fight his way through most any disciple or enemy he could come across.

"Precisely my point Lai! He needs to stay here with Orissa in case she needs to do whatever it was she did the first time. Plus he can protect the children from whatever may come here. Everyone knows our children are our weaknesses." Alehial sighs softly. Even Altair argued with her about her taking the lead on running around outside of the house. Alehial was looking out for everyone and no one seemed to want it, regardless of the fact that it was needed.

"I don't trust Galin no matter what he says Alehial, he robbed me of my husband once and has tried to make you forget your husband. All before you killing him at your forced marriage to him, I shall leave the other world version of him away from it all." it was plain to see Lai was also terrified of what he could do.

"I don't trust him either. That is why I must keep an eye on his actions. We simply cannot afford to have him plotting something out of sight. Nor can we afford to leave the children unguarded. I'm doing what I must." Alehial says finishing her cup of tea and setting it down to fold her hands in her lap once more. Alehial frowns and shakes her head, if only... she were stronger, physically and mentally, then she would know better what to do, and strong enough to get it done.

"Enough talk about him, it makes my skin crawl thinking about him and you in the same room." Lai said with some finality. "What about tomorrow and the court? I know you and Altair are sending Lyriel and Flint to help Mathius, does that mean you two will stand in their place to deal with his majesty?"

"Yes. Altair and I will accept what we must in place of the children. The older ones and you will take care of them if it comes to the worst case. But either way I will stand beside my husband." Alehial says with a soft sigh. From one problem to the next it was a seemingly never ending cycle with only a little peace in between.

By the time they were done talking and drinking the tea the intrepid rescue team plus Altair returned to the study. Linlesse was standing closer to Lyriel and looked nervous, but very ready to go help her aunt and uncles rescue Cybil. Altair looked at Darryl, "Are you sure you can send all of them and bring them all back?" Darryl nodded, "Sending them will be easy, I might have to bring a couple back at a time, but with a couple power crystals I should be able to take care of it."

Alehial walked over then and hugged and kissed every single member leaving. "I love you all. Do your best not to die... I want you all home soon... all of you." Alehial said firmly, she still wanted to go with them. They were all her children... she should be the one taking care of them. But she let go and with a nod to Darryl she stepped back and out of the way.

"Don't worry Mother. I'll lead them all home with Linlesse's help to contact Darryl." Lyriel smiled at her mother's worried expression, and her father's concerned tone of voice.

With a small smile to all of them Darryl closed his eyes and they vanished with a small pop. He then opened his eyes and sighed, "They made it right outside the barrier and have already started in the right direction. It's up to them now. I am going home and will keep an ear open for Linlese to call to bring them home." He then disappeared as well.

Lai sniffed quietly for a second, "I have such a hard time not seeing them as the little children from days gone by. Flint who we used to fight over as a baby who would get to feed him or Darryl even when his powers hurt him so he needed cuddles to sleep." She rubbed her own stomach and thought about the little one and how she missed Conner most at these times.

"Me too Lai... me too." Alehial says softly as she crossed the room to Altair's side to hold his hand. "Will you join us for dinner soon?" Alehial asked softly wondering if the elf was needed more family time since she was due anytime.

Altair looked at Alehial then at Lai, "How about we come upstairs for dinner tonight, let the elder children handle the family supper?" It would get them away to enjoy a meal together just adults to talk.

"That sounds... wonderful." Alehial said with a small slowly widenly smile at the thought. It had been many years since they had had a meal just adults and no children.

Lai chuckled, "Then we should get Arten and Lyle as well. Have meal to go over the old days, and see where we all are now." She chuckled again, Lyle rarely came to the estate anymore as he was busy with Finn's and of course his children. Then she smiled broadly, "How about we three go to Finn's and supper with him?"

"That sounds like a fine idea Lai." Alehial smiled brightly already very much looking forward to dinner. Lyle was slowing down already with age, and Alehial hardly ever went to the establishment. Though she knew Lily and her friend Rosi were there daily, Rosi staying there and working and Lily... doing who knew what.

Altair agreed also, "I shall go and pay our respects to Arten and ask her to come along. I'm sure one of the maids can keep an eye on Kuerk for her." He smiled to both of them and headed out to locate Arten. A few minutes later and Lai turned around to Alehial and looked at her, "You are hiding something Alehial, spill it." It was the same look she had when Alehial found out that Lai and Conner had married a short time before Galin killed his father.

Alehial flinched and took a step back but she was mostly confused. "What do you mean? Hiding what from whom?" Alehial asked, honestly she was hiding several things from many people. Who specifically this was pertaining to she had no idea when Lai turned on her so quickly.

"Give me none of that young lady. Something is on that tongue I can see it, so before your husband returns you better spill it." the elven wizard said with both hands on her hips.

"Lai! I'm hardly a young girl to be cowed by this persuasion." Alehial tried at first. Alehials head had been filled with thoughts of that capable young man Lily had attached herself to, the one who like Fael didn't seem to have as much trouble with Galin as she did. Which in turn reminded her of her promise to Galin. Her life was certainly a tangled web now. Alehial was playing her her shirt edge, a clear sign that what Lai was doing was working.

"Alehial, you have been acting strangely since the plan came up for Lyriel, Flint, Linlesse and Mathius to go rescue Cybil. Now spill or shall I get Altair to figure out why you are being so secretive?" Lai said in that motherly tone and raising her eyebrow.

"Alright fine! Fine..." Alehial gave in finally. "But this goes no further than you!" Alehial said before stepping closer to her mother in law. "Linlesse confessed to me that she came from the future of a now different timeline." Alehial spoke softly, knowing Lai's hearing would hear it just fine, but Alehial was wringing her hands again.

"So, who is she to us that should would come here?" Lai asked not sure this was everything Alehial was concerned about. The girl was somewhat strange, but she didn't seem to have a mean bone in her body.

"Karina." Alehial said with a soft sigh. "She hired an assassin to kill those enforcers from Venir, the ones who were giving us such trouble over Asper being here and being married to Darryl?" Alehial said softly with a shake of her head.

Lai stared open mouthed at this revelation, "She doesn't look like Karina, I mean I've held that little girl. Why doesn't she go back to her time or why hasn't she told her parents who she is?" she asked just as quickly. The multitude of questions could boggle the mind and she stopped looking so close at Alehial's demeanor taking it as her daughter-in-law had many of the same questions.

"Her powers have been locked she said. Other than her ability to hide her true skin, hair and eye colors. She also apparently needed help getting back to this time. She didn't have time for anything else... she worried she might not make it back from their quest to rescue Cybil." Alehial said trying to answer what she could and she shrugged for the rest.

Lai shook her head, "Truly a Ravenwood child if it's all true. Now I want her back here so I can see her without the illusion up. Every time Darryl bring Karina over I wonder how she will look when she grows up."

"She has darryl's eyebrows... and Aspers smile. Her cheeks are a mix and her nose is like Asper's as well. Her jaw is the same with dimples like Darryl too." Alehial saighed softly, though she had only gotten a short look she was so proud of how beautiful and brave her granddaughter from the future was.

Lai smiled and managed to give Alehial a hug before Altiar returned to let them know that Arten had agreed to go with the group to Finn's and he sent one of the paiges to let Lyle know they were coming for supper.

Alehial had hugged Lai back, and when Altair returned she pulled his arm into both of hers to hug it close, and kissed his cheek. "Shall we get ready to go out then?" She asked with a smile.

The next morning Bowers kept count of who was arriving for breakfast, and shortly after breakfast Conner and Vex left for the north lands and Lord and Lady Ravenwood summoned the carriage to take the to court and Mistress Lily and Rosi were still asleep. He set about to making sure there was tea and some bread for them when they would wake up. He saw the footman arrive with the carriage and held up a finger, the Ravenwoods would be down in a few minutes so they could get to court in just the right time.

Alehial came down the stairs in one of her elven gowns, her hair braided over one shoulder. "Bowers the carriage should be arriving soon, Lord Altair is still pulling on his boots. Did any missive's arrive this morning? I sent out a few yesterday I was hoping to get some responses before we had to go to Court. If Lai needs us do not hesitate to summon us. The king will understand that Altair's little brother's birth takes precedence to all, but life or death situations." Alehial says doing a last check in one of the mirriors in the main entryway.

"It has just pulled up M'lady." Bowers confirmed to her, "No missives have arrived as of yet and I have a paige with the summons ready if Mistress Lai starts labor." In his hand he also had a basket with hearth warm bread and some sausages as well as some apple juice in place of coffee for their trip. "I will of course make sure that the children leave in time for their classes and bring any missives to the study for your return." Altair came down the stairs and smiled, "What would our house do without Bowers?"

"Thank you Bower's, Truly our household would fall apart without you holding us together." Alehial smiled and turned holding out an arm and hand to Altair. She was very touch starved for his attention and scared of losing him still. She had spent some time every morning after her commune's to watch her children sleep. She missed them terribly and would once she left again.

Bowers helped them out into the carriage and handed the basket to Lady Alehial and wished them well. They then set out for court, Altair reached across and took Alehial's hand and smiled at her. "Are you ready for this? I hope everything will work itself out, but prepare for the worst." he said.

"I'm... not. But you are here with me, and we can handle this together." Alehial said with a soft worried smile for Altair. She held his hand tightly in her own. The basket beside her on the seat. As they swayed on the bench seats, she knew the ride was going to be too short for her liking and that the news might not be good. Not to mention Galin wanted to know the results as well of what the King had to say about his son. Laughable that he wanted to act like a concerned father now.

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