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HiddenFire Dreams

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HiddenFire Sexual Dreams[Warning Sexual Content]

I suppose I should tell you a little about how my dreams behave. Firstly, I can be anybody, reguardless of age, gender, race, species. Somtimes I am nobody and watch the dream like a movie. Also it should be known that I break all the rules and I break them often. I can read in my dreams, but mostly short phrases, long ones make no sense. They are words but they are not strung together in any sensical manner ie "green donkies play flutes to make pirates fly with pants fishy purple rain gasses my insides with monsters have horns with red teeth and grey birds swim in my blood to sleep with dishes on top of the ground under a rock pie shaped like..." But I can read short pharases that are less than 4 words long.
They say that if you die in your dreams you could die in reality. That is bull, I die often. It hurts like hell for a little bit then the dream picks up somewhere else or I continue the dream form sombody elses perspective.
I have hit the ground from falling, it hurts.
The monster has caught me before, it has also eaten me alive.

Then to understand my dreams you must also realize that I have certain powers and abilities.
My latest addition to my arsenal is chanting to render an enemy unable to attack me. "Seecho Reecho Noctuu Magda" I realize it is from babalon 5, It just started a while ago and it seems to work well enough for me.
I can move things with my mind and I can control minds. I can also shoot energy beams like off of dragon ball z. I can make things appear from nowhere; I can reach into shadows and pull things out, I can move things to expose something, and I can reach out of my frame of sight and pull things out. I cannot make things simply appear, I must bring them from out of sight into existance. I can also heal people by focusing energy. I can jump like gravity doesnt work on me and I can fly without flaping my arms. I float. I do not have to breathe. I can turn invisible. I can go anywhere I can see: I just look through a fence or a hole and see the other side, then I focus on the other side and I am there. I can also produce illusions to make myself appear different from what I really am and I can change the shapes of people and things.

May 21, 2004
I forget why but I had to ride the buss to school with my sister. Some way through the ride we switched drivers. The new driver was drinking (alcohol). We got lost. We were in a city with no paved roads and made up mostly of mobile homes. Then we weren't in the bus anymore, we where walking. We found a wide dirt road and we figured that it was the main street. We walked down in and eventually found a sign, we where there. We had reached our destination. I yelled "We're here!" as I turned around to find that we where no longer in the street but inside a building. A man behind a desk told me be be quiet. Then my dad told showed me some pictures of the reason we where there. They were from back when he was in the army, they were pictures of him and some black guy I didn't know. Dad said that he had taught him how to shoot as well as he does (My dad qualifies sniper quality with any weapon within it's effective range both right and left handed. He can hit 41 out of 42 targets, and that is not just in the dream that is real). In any case, that man died and we where there so that my dad could show us around and eventually go to his funeral. There was a little bit about filing, a girl that i once worked with at an animal care clinic wanted a job there. she would be filing but my mom told them that she was no good at filing. I decided to help, but it wasn't like normal filing, it was some sort of sticky line and was all wadded up. I tried to untangle it but decided it was easier to tangle up the straight parts to make it all evenly tangled. Then I found the game room and started playing a racing game but I didn't understand the course so I ended up going backwards and I couldn't get turned back around the right way no matter what. Then my dad told me to play a certain level with a certain car and to use the bow and arrow as my weapon (I was unnaware we could use weapons). I did so but this time the first layer of the dream was gone as I entered the scene in the game. But it was just room not much unlike where I had been.

There was a fuzzy spot that had somthing to do with super heroes, robots, and winged hamsters. Then I left that room because I had to save my little brother (oddly enough my little brother is taller than me by 2 inches and weighs more than twice my weight). I whent into the office of the witch that was holding him captive. I hid in the closet under a bunch of stuff. She did look in the closet and a little bit of my hair was showing. She thought it was a mop or somthing but when she pulled on it and found my head she was suprised. But I didn't move, I relaxed every muscle in my body so as to appear lifeless. She thought I was some sort of manakin. After she punched me a few times, played with my arms, and rolled me around on the floor I jumped up and freaked her out enough for me to be able to lock her in the closet. I knew my brother had been captured by a dragon. I knew the dragon had a weakness and I eventually remembered it was light. So I armed myself with a flashlight and headed down some long stairs. I came to a room and went in. It was dark inside and it resembled a high school science lab. I shined the light on a fish tank in the middle fo the room, it was full of tiny fish (I keep dreaming about fish, I keep wondering who's going to get pregnant). I then looked in the next room which was empty, when I whent back to the previous room I noticed that things where moving around in the back. I shined my light back there and saw many people covered in green moss working on things (I am not sure what). Then I noticed that one, what looked to be humanoid, was telling them what to do. At the sight on my light it rushed toward me. i said, "You're the dragon aren't you?" and I believe it said it was going to eat me alive. It was covered in the same green moss and looked almost as if it was made of the stuff. It had a huge mouth and sharp, sharklike teeth. I shined the light in its face wich made its pitch black eyes squint. I had the light in my left hand so I put out my right hand and started chanting to keep him back. "Seecho Reecho Noctuu Magda" over and over. His arms would stretch out but they could not reach me. I droped the flashlight because the chanting wasn't working well enough to defeat him. I started and knock-down drag-out brawl with the dragon. I punched and kicked and did my best to kill him but he was strong. I then picked him up and stuck his head in a light socket. That killed him and freed all the people from his mind control. He melted and fell in a heap of green goo on the floor. I turned on the lights and was talking with the people for a while, eventually their moss dried up and fell off. My dad was there and he said "By how you handled that dragon, perhaps you should try to go pro? Get into some good dungeons." I was uncertain about my abilities and figured that it would probably be too hard. But then it was like a wave of mutterings ans wispers I was told that a kid had eaten some of the green moss goo that the dragon was made of and that he would become the dragon. I saw a kid in the middle of the room that nobody was standing near. He turned around and I saw that his eyes where yellow. I decided that I should attack while he was young and weaker. I ran at him and kicked him in the face as hard as I could, knocking him to the floor. I picked him up and tried to break his neck but I couldn't grab it right, it was slippery and his neck just would not snap. I punched and kicked and tried to break his bones but he wouldn't get harmed. I then grabed him by his arms and spun him around, knocking him into everything. I specificaly remember slaming him up against two different refrigerators. I was trying my best to break him, to kill him. There were no light sockets around like the last time and now he was immune to the light. I woke up still trying to kill him. I was unable to kill the dragon.
That dream was very strange, I particularly liked the dragon. Oddly I did not employ all of my powers, I was weaker in this dream than normal. I also found it interesting that the dragon was resistant to my chanting.

May 27, 2004
The powers I posses in my dreams are increasing in strength. It started out easily enough. It was cold, winter I supposed, and a small girl was climbing in the trees. She fell out of one uninjured but missing one mitten. I was almost tall enough to reach it. With a little bit of concentration the branch leaned down and I grabbed it. But then I found that it was the wrong color and the girls real mitten was dangling from a long piece of yarn that was tied to another piece of yarn tied to a tree limb high up. I was able to just barely reach the mitten but I didn't want to unravle the crochet so I only pulled on the string. But it was stuck. I closed my eyes and walked in a circle, I saw the knot unraveling and it eventually sliped out and I had her mitten. Then my brother suggested I try somthing more substancial. He suggested a large bell that was incorperated with a few lamps in a metal case with glass windows. I ran across the street from it for saftey. I stuck out my arm and felt my astral hand on the bell. I concentrated hard on the knocker and it began to swing. I banged it against one side of the bell then made it keep banging on only that one side. I concentrated harder and harder as the bells ringing became faster and faster. eventually the ever increasing ringing rate became a single tone as I could feel the resistance of the bell. Then suddenly I heard the lurching of metal and I sheared the case, bell, and lamp from the carriage they where bolted to and they flew across the street, slamming into the curb. This sent glass everywhere and we, my brother and I, where now bare foot. There where also shouts and people knew that we did it, just not how. we ran through the glass just the same. limping and bleeding as we entered the house. I told my brother to come with me to a back room so we could fix our feet. When we got there I got some cotton swabs and some water and got rid of the blood. Then with a little focus I removed all the glass from my feet as they floated into my palm. I saw that I had a few open cuts. I concentrated on each one starting at an edge and the moving my hand as if a string from my palm was attached to an invisible zipper. I moved my hand across the wound and as I did so the wound seemlessly healed. I repeated the process for the rest of my wounds and my brothers one large gash. then we swabed up the remaining blood and walked out of the room with a police officer was there to meet us. he said that he had reports of what happened outside and that he knew the kids responsible had cut their feet. He asked us to show our feet. I raised mine up to reveal it's smooth and flawless sole. he inspected it with a sceptical eye and then produced a large bottle of spray. it was cold on my foot but did not sting in the least. The officer, obviously expecting it to burn severly was a bit annoyed with me. I, being the smart ass that I am, asked him if it treated althletes foot asking him what brand it was because "it doesn't sting at all!" I said that with a huge smile of satisfaction on my face. He did the same thing to my other foot and my brothers feet with the same results. He decided that we where not the people we was looking for. The rest of the dream is fuzzy. I remember that I broke a very old picure, tearing it and shatering it frame. I fixed it similarly to how I fixed my feet. then I remember that I was the guardian of a child who was very upset because the other children were bullying him by concentrating all their snowballs at him and him allone. I told him that not a single snowball would hit him while I was with him and with that assurance we went back out. There were several children throwing snowballs and I had a hard time keeping track of them all but with a little concentration all I had to do was make the snowballs vere off course slightly so that I might catch them as the child I guarded gleefully balled up and aimlessly threw snowballs at the other children. I however was pelting the children with the snowballs that they threw at the child. I caught them and cucked them back at them, often hitting them square in the face. Once they decided it might be best to not give me time to thow them back so they all tried to pelt the kid at once with a barage of snowballs. With some effort none of them stuck the child, who was still gleefully and aimlessly throwing snowballs, boiling over with high piched giggling. I made all those snowballs gather in one hand. smashing agaisnt all previous snowballs to make one huge ball that, to me, seemed weightless. When it was roughly two feet in diameter I threw it at the head kid who, after it hit him directly in the chest, was burried beneith it. The other kids scattered; we were victorious, the child so happy I thought he might explode.
Firstly i find my powers to be increasing in strength and ease of use to be facinating, I also find it interesting that the setting of me being the guardian over that child is obviously the relationship between Alfred and Bane in the book I am currently reading, the first of the death gate cycles.
I can still feel the nerve connections for my telekinesis, I could swear that I could actually do this stuff if I hadn't been trying since I was a child.

June 02, 2004
I had three strange ones that where pretty vague. The first I was an assassin hired by some aliens, but when I tried to collect on the contracts they claimed they didn't hire me and tried to kill me. I ended up fighting them off with a pointy stick.

the second was where I was the devil and in hell. I looked no different from what I do now but I had a flame thrower. My little brother was Jesus and he had a freeze ray. Hell was like school and we had to learn all sorts of things. One person made me angry in one class so I torched him with the flame thrower and turned him into ashes. Then we went to another class, it was alchemy. We made different molecules by aranging balls on what was similar to a pool table. then we had to do worksheets about it. we had to figure out what was wrong with a certain molecule.

the third was freaky. There were crystal spiders that killed people. I had encountered them before (not really but this dream planted false memories of my doing so). The first time we incountered them we had to travle underground into the heart of an organic computer and steal 6 processors. This time I took 6 people because i know that each processor was in a different place. But we couldn't get in, and most of the organic stuff had been replaced with computerised stuff. The computer had also begun to construct androids and one was actually pretty nice. he explained that it was wrong for them to have killed in the past but that they had changed. they bumbed up security though. and I suspect that if the dream had continued that the six people setting out to steal the processors would have become processors themselves. quite freaky if you ask me!

October 10th, 2007
Sine: Collective Minds

I had a very wild dream this morning. It could very well turn into an interesting book/movie/TV series/game. In the dream a group of people started trying to develop a new and unique operating system for computers. However, they began work with incorporating technology and the human consciousness. The first thing they realized was that if they got people to unify their thoughts that they could communicate telepathically. Eventually they discovered that getting enough minds to work in unison gave the group the ability to use certain psychic/metaphysical abilities. In order to facilitate the unison of minds, they developed a chip that could easily be installed in the back of the neck. This chip allowed the person to “connect” with everyone else who wore the chip. Essentially this produced one collective mind, or rather used everyone in the “network” as a node in a biological super computer… which resembled one mind. This made them all super smart and by directing their thoughts on one purpose, they could use abilities like pyrokinesis, telekinesis, etc… The name of the chip was the Sine (Not sure why… I think it had something to do with the signal it transmitted). There was also a biological agent that they had to infect a person with in order for the chip to work properly. Some where resistant or immune to the virus that made up this agent, these people formed the resistance against the Sine.

The Sine didn’t care about anything but making the connection stronger and increasing their power. They only ate to sustain themselves but skipped “civilized” steps such as slaughtering and cooking their meat. They did have certain nodes who worked solely improving current or creating new technology but for the most part, the rest of the Sine spent their time trying to expand “The wave” by “recruiting” more nodes. If you where resistant to the agent they could still enslave your mind but you couldn’t think for yourself and thusly couldn’t actually act as a decent node. These people where used for hard labor. Individuals who the Sine found to be completely immune to the agent where killed on the spot. Imagine a world where technology has gotten to the point to where people ignore all things civilized and essentially become beasts and machines. There is no love, only power. The entire world was rather post-apocalyptic in appearance except for the few automated Sine cities. They used robots and the enslaved to maintain them.

Alright, on to the dream:
I was part of the resistance. I was completely immune to the bio-agent and could not be enslaved or converted. I operated alone simply because traveling in large groups attracted the attention of the Sine and could prove dangerous. As one person, I could hide better, and maneuver through their society much better. I used a modified Sine chip to transmit a signal that made the other nodes believe that I was another node. However, I was completely autonomous. Essentially, my mission was to hunt down and kill certain key nodes in the network. I did this by hacking the Sine network itself with the modified chip. From there I would hunt these people down and try to kill them. It was difficult though because they had super powers and I did not. They also where able to instantly call for reinforcements and I was only one man. This meant that I often had to kill a node before they knew they where dead. This meant that I had to sever their heads in an instant and by surprise. In order to facilitate this I had several katanas and a razor whip (a whip with several razor sharp barbs that if used right could be wrapped around a human neck and pulled in a manner that decapitated them).

In the dream my wife was resistant to the bio-agent and had been exposed to it before. However, they didn’t capture her for a while. Part of my mission was to track her down and release her from the network. I finally found her doing housework in a run down place in the middle of nowhere. There where five Sine that she tended to and I somehow had to disable her chip and get her out of there before everyone else discovered our escape… which would be difficult because the Sine would notice if a node was dropped.

So, I infiltrated the house. Luckily I had managed to steal an experimental cloaking device but the sine where still able to detect me psychically. I snuck up on my wife and managed to disable her chip by using one of the katanas, it happened to be an electrified katana and worked well enough for knocking people out and disabling chips. I didn’t get to remove the chip, however, and one of the Sine was coming down stairs.

I quickly hid behind a bookcase and enable the cloaking device. The Sine came down and saw her laying on the floor. He picked her up with his mind and turned her unconscious body slowly in the air to examine her. I quickly came out from behind the bookcase and with a flick of my arm I managed to decapitate him with my whip. I grabbed up my wife and made a run for it. However there where still four more Sine in the area and they all detected the dropping of two of their nodes. They all came to investigate. I attached the cloaking device to my wife and hid her so that I could fight without distraction. I prepared that just in time to have four Sine approach me in this run down building. One of which was powerful enough that he was able to fly through the window.

I immediately threw a katana at one of them, who managed to stop it with his mind. I pressed a button on my belt and it exploded quite forcefully, killing him instantly. I knew that I had to end the battle soon and get out of there before a whole horde of Sine descended on me. A cool kung fu battle ensued which was quite interesting considering the three others could use telekinesis and spontaneously make things explode. My modified chip shielded me from direct attack but that still meant that they could chuck flaming furniture at me. After fighting for a few minuets I threw down a few pellets of some kind of poison. It produced a cloud of dust that knocked out two of the three Sine. I was somehow protected by something that I bit down on just after throwing the pellets. The last Sine was strong enough that he actually was able to project a field around him that repelled the toxic smoke. We fought for quite a while, with things flying everywhere. I started using both the electrified katana and the razor whip but it was fairly useless. This guy was way too powerful. Then all of a sudden he started twitching and convulsing and then he just stopped. I didn’t know what did it but I wasn’t going to take the time to investigate. I rushed him and cut off his head with the katana.

It was then that I saw that the cloaking device was disengaged, my wife had her eyes closed very tightly and had a look of extreme concentration on her face. I rushed to her and when she saw my confused look she said in an exhausted voice “I hacked his mind, there’s something wrong with my chip.” She then passed out. I quickly ran around and severed the heads of the unconscious Sine. Gathered up my wife and ran.

Apparently when I electrified the chip, I managed to somehow cause certain circuits to overload and burn out. The disabled circuits allowed my wife to use the Sine system but not be controlled by it. Essentially she could now hack the system, temporarily disable nearby nodes, and even use their special abilities. However, by doing so, she alerted all nearby nodes of her presence; a sort of double edged sword.

I was taking my wife to a resistance researcher. I hoped he could develop a way to modify more chips for the bio-agent resistant individuals to produce more people with the same abilities as my wife. However, it was on this journey that I woke… the first thing that came to my mind was “THAT WAS AWESOME!”

I think that dream could easily become a movie, TV series, or game. The premise is relatively unique although it seems to borrow from several other stories from the same genre. In any case, I thought it was cool enough to share.

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2004-08-31 [A R I]: And yes, the Stuarts are shapeshifters, such as Prince Michael Stewart. Sir Laurence Gardner, their major promoter, openly admits to the existence of the Dragon Bloodline, originating in Ancient Sumeria.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: Oddly my own mother says that if I where to have an animal equivilant that I would be a dragon. If that is true then I should have some interesting genetic rescources at my disposal. If you are correct all I really must do is escape the mind-control and then I should be able to use the genetics to my advantage instead of to those that wish to use me for their purposes.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: I wouldn't really say that you're a Dragon. You have a slightly higher percentage of Draconian genetics than some, but not to any extreme degree. You're mostly Atlantean and Sirian, apparently, probably with some Aldebaranian and Tau Cetian genetics as well. I suspect that your ancestors were some of the Hebrews who mingled with the ancient Celts.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: However, I would say that you have a lot of Draconian-oriented programming. Your artwork shows some activation of Reptilian programming.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: The stuff up at my house is not all I do. I have more drawings and most of them do not contain anything even remotely reptiallian. I am not too good with scales and tend to avoid them. Genetically speaking, I am an EXTREME mutt. I am even 3/32 native american. Probably from two different tribes, I have no idea which ones either. On my mother's side of the family they don't talk about it much, mostly because they're racist, and my father's side of the family is so screwed up that we could hire a private investigator and he still wouldn't be able to sort it out. I do know that we definately have some black irish though.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Having a lot of different genetic strains can have to do with part of the reason why you would be considered a genetic anomaly. However, these 'differences' could be illusions, i.e. Native American genetics are related to Celtic genetics, Aldebaranian genetics comprise all Germanic peoples, etc.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: I though the native americans where more closely related to the asians. They are technically Asiatic as far as their features go. That is if you group all of humanity into only three categories: Negriod, Caucasian, and Mongoliod. Native Americans are technically grouped in with mongoliods. Though they tend to lean closer to Caucasian. If race was thought of as a scale then it would be in that order with the caucasians being the dead center.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Genetically, Native American groups like the Cherokee are the exact same race as the Celts and other Europeans, including the Russians/Slavs. Mostly the Celts, however. The only Asiatic Native Americans are certain Inuit people. Most are Celtic-like in skull shape and genetic heritage. There is also a race in Japan called the Ainu who have similar genetics--very Tau Cetian/Slavic.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Current mainstream anthropology is disinformation. There are actually 4 racial groups, for one. The Australoids are another group, which, like the Mongoloids, were created by the Draco. The "Caucasian" race was mostly seeded by pure human groups, as were most Native Americans. However, later Draco got involved in the Native American people such as the Mayans, Aztecs and Inca. 

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Africans are a race separate from the rest of Earth-humanity becuase their genetics are very different in some respects, as a result of the way in which the Abbennakki created them. They are not the ancestors of the other races. This is incorrect and based upon the findings of a few supposed 'pro-hominids' in Africa. The idea that Earth-humans evolved from apes is incorrect. It couldn't happen that way genetically because of the ape's difference in X and Y chromosomes. Earth-humans were genetically created using the DNA of the Lyraens and Draco with other species added varying depending upon the group.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: would the Australoids happen to be the Aboriginal peoples? The seem to be a race all their own, though they do lean more towards Negroid. If I am not mistaken there are Native American tribes that have been proven to contain Aboriginal ansestors. I wish I could cite my sources, but I am one to remember the information and not the source. @.@

2004-08-31 [A R I]: The Aboriginal People are part of the Australoids. However, even this four race system is an overgeneralisation, as there are many different races throughout the Earth. There reallly is an enormous amount of genetic variation on this planet. It's just a fact that the difference between some people on this planet is so vast (take an Aboriginal Australian vs. a Cherokee) that they should almost be considered subspecies of the same species. The Aboriginal Australians are not Negroid at all. They are more closely related to Mongoloids than Negroids. No Native American tribes have Australian Aboriginie genetics. Some, like the Hopi, are vaguely related to them, however.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: I think that vast genetic variation is the only advantage to such a massive population. It tooke me several years to come to that conclusion. Before that I assumed we where "devolving" as the stupid people reproduce like rabits and the genuinely caring and intelligent people either go without mates or commit suicide. But now I have decided that such a large gene pool is perfect for the species to "explore" a larger number of genetic variations of the same species. The fact that all humans (that are not sterile or otherwise incapable of bearing/fathering children) can reproduce with any other human and produce viable offspring.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Our genetic variation has to do with our hybridisation more than anything else. On most other planets, species are pretty much homogeneous. In the Nordic Pleiadeian worlds, it is rare to see even as much variation as a red haired person out of blonde-haired people, let alone the kind of thing we see on Earth. Earth is a major experiment in putting a bunch of different frequencies on one planet. Earth-humans are indeed 'devolving' in a way, but only the lower castes. The Black race has gone from producing more doctors than any other race during the Renaissance to being the stupidest race on Earth due to the eugenics programmes of slave owners and the Illuminati.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Genetic variation is a goal of creation in God-Mind (as applies to physical reality), but genetic stability is as well, in a way. The Draco do not change much genetically over time. Most reptiles do not. They consider this the superior physical form--unchanging, as it is already 'perfect', according to them.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: We'll see who's perfect when a catastrophy comes allong and our genetic variation helps us survive when one tiny issue causes them all to die out. Indeed, variation is far superior, and perfection is an innattainable ideal. How egotistical to assume perfection. @.@

2004-08-31 [A R I]: I wouldn't necessarily say that, really. They have already used slight genetic variations via cloning and genetic engineering to create resistance to diseases and such. As a society, they are definitely more suited to physical reality than humans. Humans break up into smaller groups very quickly, whereas reptiles are capable of remaning in a collective indefinitely. They were designed, in fact, by the Transparent People as a means for conquering this universe. However, the Abbennakki were also created, apparently by the Lyraens and Sirian As, to counteract the Draco enslavement of physical reality.

2004-08-31 [HiddenFire]: Still when any species is comprised of so much genetic similarity it means that if something does manage to cause one a problem that it would likely cause them all the same problem. Variation is the key to survival as far as genetics are concerned.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: Variation is one means of survival, but to the Draco this denotes weakness, and really they are the ultimate survivors. They have lasted for an extremely long time without much variation, and thus have been able to maintain a cogent Empire which spans many solar systems and galaxies.

2004-08-31 [A R I]: If they ever need genetics of some specific kind, they just take them from other species and strenghten themselves with these genetics. Since they are already extremely resistant to disease, starvation, etc. it doesn't take much.

2007-10-14 [HiddenFire]: hey all... or rather all who watch this page, My webpage, which contains my blog, also contains my dream journal. I may or may not update this with dreams from there. If you want to follow my dreams, it's best to register at chimeric fire and check back regularly.

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