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Mainstreet Image Competition.

-We found our winner: [Allthatjazz]. Congratulation!-

Thanks to all of you for participating.

About this competition

The Main Street recently acquired a new graphic, created by [Maketsu] and [Shreya]. Here is your chance to improvise on it.Change the colours, add in characters, delete what you do not like- feel free to to change it completely.Of course, the original design must show through a little!

Here are the two versions of the image, the pencil drawing and the finished coloured image. The version with the characters in it (the one currently on the Main Street) has been left out so you have more space to play with,but please feel free to add in some figures and make the street look busy ;).


Here is the .psd version with the different layers. It wasn´t originally meant to be a competition platform, so ignore the possible flaws.

The winning entry will replace the current graphic.

The deadline for entries is May 31,2004


-- Graphic designs should be GIF, PNG or JPEG

-Even though a bigger version of the image is displayed here, please remember to also submit a resized version of your entry along with it (340x60 pixels).The resized version will be used but it is nice to see the original size too.

- Colours must fit well with the rest of the page .

-You can edit the images shown here, or any of the images submitted in the contest. While it is not absolutely necessary, it is preferred that you mention the "original" image if you have worked on another member's entry.
Please note that the when you submit an entry to this contest it is taken that you have agreed to the possibility of having your image used as a template by another.


(Ask [Shreya] to give you permission to upload images to wiki-pages if you don't already have it! These images are too wide to be possible to upload to your house, and we want them on Elftown, not on another server.)

by [Calico Tiger]
Btw, this isn't really an entry. It's a hope to get the ball rolling ^_^ I call this one "Attack of the [Giant Germ]"

This is a real entry. Hopefully it will also get other people involved. [pegasus1000]

This is my entry, i decided to add color to a few of the buildings and i added a tree, to make it more of a friendly image :)
changed the sky, and a few of the other colors too.. [Allthatjazz]

A "non-entry" by [Maketsu].

I like the whole 'silhouette' feel of the current image, so i went with that, its similar to my first one, just diff colors and town folk! [Allthatjazz]

Another non-entry by [Maketsu]

This is my entry, I also really liked the silhouettes in the original so I decided to put a few of my own in. [MisLegend]

One more non-entry by [Maketsu]

i know the graphics aren't fab with this (it is only a drawing) but the colours go good with elftown and i think it gives mainstreet elf class [Rolo]

[Rolo] my second attempt at making it look better :D

kinda psychedelic entry, but I like it... [IChester]

Another one, but that's all. [IChester]

Here is my first! Hope you like it! [Sir. Robert] (Fixed Now)

I call this one "The Firefly Dance" [Chel.]

I call this, "Just waking up..." I tried...I hope you like it. [BobbyRay]

Just a nighttime feel. [Starna]

Just some old images with a nice sunrise flare. ;) [dreamflier]

Yay :P yeah well my third one, hope you like :)
I seem to have a thing for silhouettes! [Allthatjazz]

There we go, i 'un-blockified' it :) [Allthatjazz]

lots of colours!! and a fairy! [Elegy - gone]

This is my entry I hope you'l like it. [Jane]

This is my second version of the main street. [Jane]

Very simple image, i changed a few of the window and entrance shapes so that they would fit better, i think it looks neat :D [Allthatjazz]

Strange :P Shreya suggested i populate the streets, so yeah i did :) i think it looks better for it! [Allthatjazz]

Here is another that I made! [Sir. Robert]

Ok...Here is my last entry! [Sir. Robert]

A non-entry; "In the Beginning" Yay for a few photoshop filters. ;) - [True, plain and simple]

Yeah, I spose this is an entry, why not. I'll probably do a better one in a bit.- [Hhoal]

This is my first entry...I was thinking maybe Elftown could use a couple dragons! *smiles* - [wendahloosa]

This is my second entry...I wanted to do a nightime version with silhouettes...I hope people will be able to tell those are dragons and not bats! *grins* - [wendahloosa]

<img:> One of my Elftown friends suggested that I add some color to the dragons for the nightime version...[wendahloosa]

I decided to put up a new picture.. I know it has been a while, so injoy. [pegasus1000]

This is kinda my first go with adobe cs and i think its good,kind a got a persective thing goin with the bluring. Anaywayz enjoy. [Kealey]

[User gone]'s Elftown Main Street - I already liked it but thought it did need a lick of paint :)

Imp-Invasion on the Mainstreet. They are even more barefaced then the Street Children. (by [naru bloodwind])

A coloful one with all kind of wierd creatures.... ( By

AHHHHH! ELFTOWN IS MELTING! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! (This is my second image. It is still for the competitions, just on a lighter note ^_^) by [BobbyRay]

My entry... [Iceflame] It's supposed to be night...

<img:> ok, I couldn't help my self.. [pegasus1000]

<img:> Okay this on e is aptly named enter the matrix ;D... [Mitsune]

Surfs up =D
Yeah i really like this one, :) [Allthatjazz]

I call this one 'blu mountain'

And again a non-entry by [Maketsu]

<img:> A joke compared to the others, but gimme a break I had to use paint accessories cause this computer doesn't have photoshop. Just for fun. [Forestchild]

A floating non-entry by [Maketsu]

[IChester]: Well, I had another idea, much better than the others I submitted... took much longer, also...

Mainstreet Station :)
the train took me ages, in the end i sketched it and scanned it

Just a random entry, largely created due to my boredom at school. [Galain]

Image removed for contaning non-original artwork
Tinkerbell from Peter-Pan was my inspiration for this one. It's had to see,
but the buildings are a part of the trees [IChester]

It's not too great, but I still wanted to do this entry. [Orouriel]

<img:> I think im going to call it Walking Different Paths 
I did this on adobe photoshop, butwhen i uploaded it it left out some of the layers and i dont know why, so i took a screen shot of it and saved it in paint. i hope its ok
[Petite Sirène]

New Morning at [acyaws]


I just had to put those non-enrties before the end of the competition... Just for fun: The "heaven and hell" versions of Elftown [IChester]

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