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Theme week 1: Perspective

"The Fortune-Teller"


Tried to work with the spherical perspective, but it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. But I suppose looking into the future will give a person a different kind of perspective as well, so it works anyway, I think.


Theme week 2: Promises

"The Promise Tree"


The promise tree. Around which promises grow like flowers and fall like leaves.


Theme week 3: Classic

"The Pianist"


Classic Disney, classic piano concert.


Theme week 4: Sunrise on a Bridge



So, we have a bridge, and we have a sunrise painted red by air pollution. Purdy :3


Theme week 5: Beauty

"Au Naturel"


I am actually very very happy with this one. Pose taken from a sculpture in the Louvre, made by some-famous-artist-or-another.


Theme week 6: Alea Iacta Est

"Crossing the Rubicon"


Wanted to try my hand at a comic-page-ish look, and I think I succeeded quite well.


Theme week 7: Journeys

"Braving the Imagination"


A journey of the mind :) I travel further through reading than I ever will in reality.


Theme week 8: Delusion



A better idea strolled by :P So yeah, Icarus is no longer bare, he is deluding himself *nodnod*


Theme week 9: Fake

"The Art of Gemology"


Fake or real? (A real pain in the arse, that's for sure >.> Took me forever :P)


Theme week 10: Bare / Miracle / Oasis / Sandman / Valhalla



Trying out something new, loving the result :D


My own theme 1: Muse



So happy with this one I could cry <333 Lots of hours wasted, result heartwarmingly like I imagined it <3


My own theme 2: Landscape

"That Good Night"


Do not go gentle, &c. &c. Alternative title: The Landscape from Hell. Took days, am proud, need chocolate.


All artwork is copyrighted to Trine Lise Olaussen.

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2008-09-01 [Triola]: Thank you :D

2009-03-18 [Easterling]: Triola, your art is wonderful as we all know. When I got your letter today I showed my flatmate your drawings there and I also showed her this wiki, and she said "wow" for every picture! She also said that you would make a lot of money doing this, and she thought you were a professional. :)

2009-03-19 [Triola]: Haha, wow :D Tell her thank you!

2009-03-19 [Easterling]: I will. She said the picture of the classical beauty, for example, was something she'd like on her wall.

2009-03-20 [Triola]: Naww :D You made me a happy-Trin!

2009-03-20 [Easterling]: My friend and I did. :)

2009-03-20 [Linderel]: Why don't I have any of your drawings, other than on my hard drive? xD (And a 5-minute Cry Baby Draco in neon colours)

2009-03-20 [Triola]: That you even have them on your hard drive surprises me :P

2009-03-20 [Linderel]: Are you kidding? The computer at home has a whole folder of them... y'know, when you left and wiped all your wikis, I went and picked everything. :P

2009-03-20 [Triola]: Haha, yeah, now that you mention it, I remember you telling me that xD

2009-03-20 [Linderel]: :P
And you should also remember that I am your #1 fan, after all.

2009-03-20 [Triola]: Haha, alright, duly noted :P

2009-03-20 [Linderel]: <3

2010-02-09 [arthemis_]: Pushes [Linderel] aside, because I'm your number 1 fan! It's just simply brilliant what you do!
Sorry [Linderel] :P

2010-02-09 [Linderel]: *raises eyebrow*

2010-02-09 [Triola]: Ah, yes, those were the days. This portfolio is the result of my most productive time ever. And look at the attention to detail! Sometimes I amaze myself *is embarrased at current lack of art* >.<

2010-02-09 [arthemis_]: hihi :D I wish I was that talented :)

2010-02-09 [Triola]: Practice makes perfect? :P

2010-02-09 [arthemis_]: Lol :D I sure hope so, otherwise all my practice doesn't lead anywhere but to fun :P

2010-02-09 [Triola]: Well, if you look at Triola's Progress, you'll notice there's definitely something to this practice business :P

2010-02-09 [Jitter]: I concur: Jitter progress

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