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Conflicted Rules


Rule Number 1: [Synirria] and [Artsy] are the Owner's! That means whatever they say goes. Got it? Good! If they don't agree with something you've posted, they'll tell you to change it.

Rule Number 2: Absolutely NO power gaming allowed! END OF DISCUSSION.

Rule number 3: Do NOT move characters without their gamers’ permission. And if you have there permission, make sure Aina or Living know about it. Also, don't delete posts because it doesn't fit with what you wanted!

Rule number 4: There is a chance of sex in this role do not complain to us about it...Ok? We dont want to hear it!

Rule number 5: There's no limit to how long your posts can be, just so long as they make sense. If you are going to post about the past history or something along those lines and you're not sure about what happened, ask us!

Rule number 6: Post fairly regularly! We cannot stand a story that just sits there for two weeks. We understand family emergencies, not having time, etc, but if your on and not doing anything but talking and you can post, please do so. And if your not going to be on for an extended period of time, LET US KNOW!

Rule number 7: Have a great time. We want you all to love this wiki…make it your home!

Rule number 8: If the edit button is gone because someone is posting and then it reappears but no one has posted. DON'T CLICK THE FUCKING BUTTON! Ask if they have posted yet. If they dont answer they are either still posting or have logged off. If they have logged off you can than post at that time. Make sure you wait it Patient!!!

BOOK ONE: Decamp

CC: Chapter 1
CC: Chapter 2
CC: Chapter 3
CC: Chapter 4
CC: Chapter 5
CC: Chapter 6
CC: Chapter 7
CC: Chapter 8
CC: Chapter 9
CC: Chapter 10
CC: Chapter 11
CC: Chapter 12
CC: Chapter 13
CC: Chapter 14
CC: Chapter 15
CC: Chapter 16
CC: Chapter 17
CC: Chapter 18
CC: Chapter 19
Conflicted joins Digression in But I Digress: 4

BOOK 2: Haven

But I Digress: 1
But I Digress: 2
But I Digress: 3
But I Digress: 4
But I Digress: 5

Conflict Continuum

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2012-06-08 [Artsy]: ... Kinda want to go back and read it all, to see how far we've come...

2021-02-13 [Artsy]: And then I did. I did read it all. Including the real CC chapter 2 that apparently didn’t get archived.

2021-02-13 [Flisky]: Having finally gotten access to my account, these are a lot of chapters!

2021-02-13 [Artsy]: The real chapter 2 of CC isn’t even archived! I had to go to the main rp and find the version where it got removed! (I think it’s around 250?)
Hi! Hiiiiiiiii!!! Welcome back! Now I just need to find Eyelash...

2021-02-13 [Mortified Penguin]: I'm here too. Someone acknowledge me.

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