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Elftown Graphics *Artsie_ladie*


Graphics </i>
made/written/submitted/owned by
Artsie_ladie, aka Sharon Donnelly!

Official Artsie_ladie website:




Until further notice, ALL of 'my' graphics, 'my' art, 'my' writings', 'my'


<i>Date effective: 2010-10-06

Elftown Graphics *Artsie_ladie* is now "PRIVATE"!

- Signed: The creator/owner and copyright holder: Sharon Donnelly
- To contact: <>


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2005-11-20 [Charybdis]: xD I'll have to try that!

2005-11-20 [Artsieladie]: It's not something that I'd recommend, since mouth opens making the foot spring into action!  *giggles* <_<

2005-11-20 [Charybdis]: :O It does? I'd never noticed... *opens her mouth* ... *foot leaps up and bangs into the bottom of the computer desk* ... x__x

2005-11-20 [Artsieladie]: *falls off chair in laughter* Ouch!  O_o

2005-11-20 [Artsieladie]: Oh, I'm sorry! That wasn't nice of me to laugh, was it? You ok?  ,^_^,

2005-11-20 [Charybdis]: Ah, it's nothing compared to being dragged behind your car :PP

2005-11-21 [Artsieladie]: Gee, if I only had known that you were back there! *hands [Charybdis] a bag full of bandaging material* Now for those root beer floats! *takes out the biggest glass to be found* Afterall, you've more than earned a big one!  <,_<,   

2007-01-29 [Artsieladie]: <img:stuff/Xed_test.gif> Trying to work with kitty expressions, but when they're so small, one can't notice the expressions. Hmmm... Have to play with some more, I guess. :P

2007-12-27 Art Scout: Some might give me the title of an art and graphics talent scout. Who is the marvelous artist and writer with the name *Artsie_ladie*? I have seen much art in my day, but this person's art a lucky find. Elftown must be honoured to have her aboard. Her graphics and art are amazing. Would I have to become a member here to meet her?

2007-12-27 [Artsieladie]: To: Art Scout - This is *Artsie_ladie*. :) To become a member of this wonderful site for artists, mostly of fantasy & science fiction, you may go to the login page of . Click on "Register a new user" and fill in the application. This site belongs to [Hedda] (Henrik Wallin). If you are serious about what you stated in regards to my art and graphics, it might be best for you to let me know how I can contact you right here on this page, a (your) site link, an email address, perhaps? I'm leery, but interested. :) 

2009-01-24 [Artsieladie]: I'm getting a wee bit PO'd now! I'm getting tired of having to keep setting this page to be 'exported', only to come back here and see that it has become [Not Exported] AGAIN for the umpteenth time! I WANT THIS PAGE EXPORTED!!!! *GRRRRRRRR*

2009-01-25 [Artsieladie]: Hmm... this page is previewing differently than how it actually appears on the page. Annoying! *grrrrrr*

2009-01-25 [Artsieladie]: Apparently, every time I add a new subpage to this page, it makes another page version with this page and 'unexports' this page in the process. :/

2009-01-27 [Artsieladie]: Ok, so I just EXPORTED this page once more. Now let's see what happens. :/

2009-07-11 *Artsie_ladie*: I'm leaving a comment as logged in, but I'm inside this iframe that's inside an iframe I placed on Elftown at [], but here where I'm leaving the actual comment, is at a logged out status. Confusing? So I just want to see how my comment actually shows up on my graphics' page. Just curious. :P

2009-07-11 [Artsieladie]: So I did come up as a non logged in user even though I am really logged in to Elftown. Interesting. lol

2010-10-05 [windowframe]: Hi!

This is just a note to let you know that from now on, all new images you wish to submit need to be OKed by the Elftown Graphics Group first, so you need to place them on Elftown Graphics Submissions. DO NOT add them to your wiki yourself, please. This is because when we recently went through the special artists' sections we found quite a few images that broke the Elftown Graphics rules, and had to be removed - removing them and readjusting totals is a lot more work for us than checking the images in the first place!

Also, a final note: donations cannot usually be undonated once approved! So think before you submit! :)

2010-10-06 [Artsieladie]: Hello, Silv! I see. Thank you for telling me for you've saved me a whole lot of time and work! :)

2010-10-06 [Artsieladie]: Please remove the badge for these graphics from my slot AND please remove this wiki from Elftown Graphics and any other 'official' pages that it may be listed on and/or affiliated with. THESE GRAPHICS ARE MINE, MINE, MINE!!! NOT YOURS OR ANYONE ELSE'S! I will have the COMPLETE AND TOTAL SAY what happens to MY STUFF! It BELONGS TO ME AND ME ALONE!

2010-10-06 [Artsieladie]: Therefore, as of right now, this is NO LONGER a "public wiki". This IS NOW A PRIVATE WIKI, A PRIVATE SET OF WIKI PAGES, AND SO, please keep your bloody mitts off MY PAGES, silverfire!!!!!! There is NO bloody badge that will ever make me relinquish my full and complete rights or even partial rights to my work.

2010-10-06 [Artsieladie]: In case you are wondering why I've now decided to make this a "private" wiki, silv? So you would no longer have ANY excuse to play with this wiki, MY wiki, MY ART, which I caught you doing not too long ago, "editing MY wiki page". Try denying it. A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

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