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EPRM Doll Reference


For this session we will be expecting high quality photographs of dolls of any sort, individual or group(s). Remember, the definition of a doll is a model of a human being. The dolls can be made from anything. Be imaginative and creative!

Please place your entries for the EPRM Doll Reference, in the form of a wiki and list it below. Before submitting your wiki, please make sure you have read and understand the rules set forth in Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

Deadline: January 31st, 2012
Moderator: [Cillamoon]


[Lothuriel]: EPRM Wiki Submission Template, EPRM

[Nioniel] - Doll Reference Photos - 25 photos

-Go to EPRM
Elftown Photo Reference Marathon

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2011-06-08 [Cillamoon]: Awesome, our first entry! Thanks Nioniel! You are the ice breaker :)

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: :) No problem.

2011-06-08 [kians mummy]: where are my dolls

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: You didn't submit them to here, you submitted them to Reference Pictures Submissions. They have already been added to Reference Pictures and are therefore ineligible for this session.

2011-06-08 [kians mummy]: whaaaaattttt, thats rubbish

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: No, it's really not. The EPRM sessions are meant to attract new Reference Pictures submissions. Trying to submit photos already added to Reference Pictures does not help us to expand our collection any. If you'd like to take NEW photos for this or any other session, please feel free. However, photos already added into the Reference Pictures collection may NOT be submitted for EPRM sessions.

2011-06-08 [Cillamoon]: Well stated Nioniel, thank you.

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: You're welcome. :)

2011-06-08 [Cillamoon]: :) I always know when you are online, there's a prompt reply. I don't always look at my sidebar that says you are online. XD

2011-06-08 [Nioniel]: I watch too many pages and have waaayy too much free-time. :P

2011-06-09 [Mortified Penguin]: OOOOOHHHHHHH!


2011-06-09 [Nioniel]: What??

2011-06-09 [Mortified Penguin]: Just shouting at Sammie.

2011-06-16 [Mystin]: I'm confused, do you make the doll?

2011-06-16 [Nioniel]: You don't have to, but I chose to.

2011-06-16 [Mystin]: Oh Ok cause I have some collector dolls but they're in the box.

2011-06-16 [Cillamoon]: Yikes! I'm not sure about if they are in the box or not....Nioniel? Any input?

2011-06-16 [Nioniel]: Probably wouldn't be a very good reference for an actual doll if it's in a box, because you're going to have a glare from the plastic and so the images won't really be the best quality.

2011-06-16 [Mystin]: :-( k

2013-12-18 [Mortified Penguin]: I should upload all of my dolls.

2013-12-18 [Nioniel]: And other people's dolls.

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