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2011-03-25 13:44:14
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i love to be naked rules

1. you have to be 18 or over

2. you have to post pictures up within 5 days

3. you do not come here to perve as you will be removed

4. you do not post a few pictures up then leave it at that

5. you do not give out the password

6. you format your pictures properly

7. every 5 days you have to post at least 1 picture up

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2011-06-28 [Duke Devlin]: I'm sure I'm missing the point of this entirely - and I'm sure you only mean this to be a support of every body shape and size, and all good things - but these rules just make it seem like you want a massive wiki of nudity. Which yes, you do want, but the enforcement of the "every 5 days" rules seems a little... Unnecessary, and somewhat perverted itself. I'm not calling you a pervert in the slightest, as I said, I understand the point of the wiki, but this is the way it comes across to me. I'm not trying to start an argument either. It just seems that being so regimented makes this seem like a prescription service to be proud of yourself - which is a bit strange.

2011-06-28 [kians mummy]: We do not go by the 5 day rule anymore, as it does not work, so we use other tactics to get people to submit more, there is also i like to be naked unisex

2011-06-29 [Duke Devlin]: Ahh cool, then that's alright then. :)

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