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2008-02-23 14:57:42
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[iippo]'s portraits

The Council Portrait Gallery spurred an interest in ET-people to draw other ET-people. Even in me. But I'm too narcissistic (not to be a mental disorder, but a little anyway) to draw anyone but me. So here's the portraits of me that I've done in the past whenever.
More art of the not-me subject in AltarOfArt.

The moose. For some reason Silvie kept saying moose to me, or calling me moose. So here's the moose.
My avatar artyness. I am the sexy spacealien. o.O This my favourite picture of me I've ever done.
This is her again. When drawing it, I thought the sketchy lines were cool... now I'm not so sure anymore :S
<img200*0:stuff/558GaiaAlienChristmas.jpg> [iippo]
New Alien chicka to start 2008 with :P
"Were you looking at the woman in the red dress?"
Yeap. That's me in a really large white-blue sweater. :3
I had an army of hairy dwarfs a few years back. :3
Whoa, the pix'ation! X_x
I'm the one lying down on top of the heap.
Chocolate mousse hair. :3
Faulty iippo.
A good one. :3
I used to be an angel.
<img200*0:stuff/558Drone.jpg> [iippo]
And then I became Borg.

[iippo] by other artists.
See CPGD, Page 2#iippo for iippo-the-council-member

By Laura, who is on my course.

By [SilverFire] with the aid of Blizzard. :P

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2006-09-13 [SilverFire]: I still think that's Thuthuca cutting off your wings. :P

2011-03-29 [Nioniel]: An alien who used to be an angel and then became a borg, huh? Nifty. :P

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