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iippo (<img:img/mood/45154_1125345207.gif> And His train filled the temple. )

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One in the series of fifteen self-portraits, each with a focus on a body part, each representing a different virtue, and there will be a sort of an accompanying essay type thing too. The project is an exploration of art history as well as the fringes of the art world: the things that art schools scoff at ("academic art") as well as popular culture. And my personality, since this is all about me :P

The virtue in question here is of course 'hope'. And the reference in art history is an etching by Goya in his Los Caprichos series:


First four Christmas cards I'm making for my mum this year.
The colour's a little off in the picture, the card I was using is this really impossible-to-match-with-other-colours green, hence they had to be the test drive. But they turned out alright I think.
I think the others will be better, since I'll have more possible colour combinations to play with :)

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Welcome to iippo 2013.

I am sort of a creative professional. I'm a highly trained visual and conceptual artist, but I kind of suck at finishing my projects. I really enjoy viewing and giving constructive criticism on other people's creative work, and more than that I enjoy doing that while the creative process is still underway, being a sounding board and helping people solve problems with their projects. I also love love love to collaborate. So while in my own practice I play the part of visual artist (drawing and photography) and media artist (interactivity, netart, and Flash programming), and I dabble in writing too, I think my overall creative contribution lies in being a producer/project manager, the cheerleader, or just plain old make-things-happen muscle.

In no particular order, I am interested in the following themes in my creative practice: words, names, numbers, light, juxtaposition, languages, art history, altermodernity, Mormon Renaissance, faith, perfection, eternity, missionaries, internet, Google street view, found imagery (esp. native to the internet), machines, parts making a whole, origami, paper, series, scriptures, Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, my identity as a woman, and probably a whole bunch of things too.

I also have an interest in kid-appropriate fun ideas and craft because of my church calling (I'm a Primary President, so I do sort of like Sunday school type stuff to kids all ages under 12).

On a personal level I'm... having a hard time coming up with something to say :P I'm getting married this year so that'll probably be something that is on my mind a lot (mainly the related immigration issues and general wedding arrangement stuff).

I don't know how to end these kinds of things (or any kinds of things, really), so lets just agree that everything (below here) is unfi


Here's some things you can click.

iippo's Lab is my attempt to come out of hiding and share the exciting things that I've got under way. So if you are creative in some way (or even if you aren't) head over there and talk to me about this stuff. I need a lot of feedback, tell me what you are thinking inside of your head! @_@ Do it nao! O____o

InariPorkka is a good place to start if you want to see what I've been up to in terms of my professional practice. My burning desire is to develop a field called 'wiki-art' which uses the unique technique of the wiki (editability, page versions, participation etc) to make works of art.

Tresaurus could be the next stop.

Numberpedia is a project of much awesomeness - but it needs your help! Go have a look.

Psalm 119 is an art-test to see if the use of online cool things is possible in the making of art. Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible. Wordle is an online image generator that creates beautiful image clouds. And this is what happens when the two meet.

Elftown community -related wikipages worth your attention may be:

Pokedex is proof that on the geek-chart I situate at "pokemon fans over the age of 6". (You can find the chart here: )

Everyday Superpower is a list of superpowers that would be incredibly useful in the everyday life. If you think of one, please feel free to add.

Reading Challenge 2012 is a project to track one's reading. I'm doing it, you should too. I learnt that it became more poignant when someone asked "what kind of books do you read?" and all I could muster was "...fantasy?" because I just couldn't put my finger on what it is that I read. And then I realised I haven't read a proper fantasy book in years >_> So right now, I don't know what kind of books I read :D That's why I need to keep track: to find out.

<forum:Junk> is my favourite forum (and the Elftown forum system is actually the best forum system on the internet: troofax. If you haven't tried it yet, give it a stab :3 ) It is fun, but time-consuming. is my favourite webcomic. is my favourite radio show, and I honestly think that absolutely everyone should listen to it. A lot. is my favourite this isn't happiness -post.


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That is the tale. Some of it is true.

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