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Online Portfolio: Inari Porkka

Inari Porkka is a media artist with a fine art background. The overarching theme or visual language of her work is machinery and mechanisms, for reasons that even she herself doesn't completely understand. Sufficient to say that Inari has found the machines to be the correct method for her of addressing and posing a variety of questions though her work. The work you see here shows her evolution from strictly fine art practice to more experimental fields, through drawing and painting to combining these traditional media with digital media. More recent work involves the lens-based media, as Inari explores the world through the camera eye.

Inari's recent work was exhibited alongside the work of her MA-colleagues in the exhibition Moment 18th-24th September, 2008 in the Lanchester Gallery of Coventry University's Graham Sutherland building. The exhibition was a part of both A Thing About Machines -art festival as well as the Coventry University MA degree show.

Work. (Click on the thumbnails)

InariPorkka15 InariPorkka14 InariPorkka13 InariPorkka12 InariPorkka11 InariPorkka10 InariPorkka9 InariPorkka8 InariPorkka7 InariPorkka6 InariPorkka5 InariPorkka4 InariPorkka3 InariPorkka2 InariPorkka1

Photographs of the Degree Show space (BA Fine Art).
Photographs of the Moment Exhibition (MA Media Art).

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