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<Limg:stuff/ChimesRock.jpg?y=600>Greetings Elftowners,

I see you have stumbled upon my shoddy - I love that word - vocal page. Please excuse the mess - it's under construction, you see. Despite this, I hope you enjoy your time here, but I can't help but wonder what brought you here. Could it be the possibility of someone with no talent what-so-ever making a fool of themself? The most likely possibility. Or could it just be curiosity? I will probably never know. Unless you tell me, that is.

This will be filled with recordings of, well, me. It may seem very vain but I promise you that that is not it's intention. I love to sing. I love performing. I love writing songs. That is what this wiki is for. Whether you listen is your choice. In time this wiki will be filled with: cover versions of songs that I like, though if you want me to do a certain song I might just do it for you; original songs, though this isn't likely to happen for a while as my piano skills are dire and I need a new keyboard anyway; silly chipmunk-ed versions of songs, I normally chipmunk the songs if I don't like how they sound normally, it can be rather amusing.

The recordings aren't the best of quality though it isn't surprising, I record them on my laptop. Either in my Bedroom or my Kitchen. Neither are brilliant recording places. I'm so very amatuer, aren't I? Oh well, I'm a student. I can get away with it.

I love getting comments, constructive criticism and the like, though if you want to be horrible: kindly go away. If you don't like it, don't listen. It's as simple as that.

If you like anything that you hear here please tell me, or add my Myspace Music, or even visit my music portion of my website:


<img:stuff/ChimesNewFlash.gif>: Anything on this page and its sub-pages that has this next to it signals that it is either new or contains something that is new. Not rocket science really, is it? This will only be used when I haven't updated for a while. I am lazy, you see.

This wiki is a work in progress, things in/on here are likely to change.

- [Chimes]


The Sections

ATOL: Cover Versions
Last updated 21st July '08. Bottom of the appropriate section. Hooray!

ATOL: Original Songs
Last updated 3rd September '08.

ATOL: Chipmunks
Last update 17th June '08.

ATOL: Favourites
Pick your favourite recording, write the name in here as well as why it's your favourite. It'd be interesting to know.


How can you help?

Ah, you want to help, do you? Well, there are a couple of ways you can. These are as follows:
- Listen and comment. Feedback helps, improvement is key. Comments are wonderful as long as they are constructive.
- Suggest. If you have any ideas for what I could record suggest them. If I can, I will record them.
- If you are too shy to comment send me a message. I'll know you've been here and I'll be able to thank you.
- Put a banner in your house. Advertising, though I was iffy about it when I started this wiki, is good. It could bring in potentially helpful pointers from people who see the banner and visit.
- Collaborate. If you want to do a funky, online collaboration then message me. If it's possible I'd love to!

A Touch of Legato
<wikiimg:A Touch of Legato@wiki:stuff/atolad.jpg>
Want to advertise? Stick this in your house. :]

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2009-04-15 [Chimes]: Is the 'Oy' a way of saying hi? :P

2009-04-20 [Swollenfish]: No, Oy is a billy-bumbler. :D

2009-04-20 [Chimes]: o.o I don't know what you mean. XD
I need to find a better way of uploading. :/ These don't always work. *grumble* I can record again now though :D

2009-04-20 [Swollenfish]: You'll know when you read the Dark Tower books.

Think of a cross between a dog and a raccoon.

2009-04-20 [Chimes]: *giggles* That's a really amusing image :P

2009-04-21 [Company Awesome]: I'd rather shoot myself than deal with another Dark Tower reference. Please refrain.

2009-04-21 [Swollenfish]: I am insulted. :(

2009-04-21 [Duke Devlin]: She'll never read them. XD (The Dark Tower books, that is. :P) I can't see her doing so, anyway. ;)
The Dark Tower series is immense. So shhhhhhhhhh Kalyetor. >:(

2009-04-21 [Chimes]: I am going to read them. :P He's lending them to me after I move up theeere.

2009-04-21 [Duke Devlin]: Haha good luck. It'll take a while. XD

2011-02-25 [Akayume]: *stalk*

2011-02-25 [Chimes]: Oh noes. XD This is all REALLY old. :P

2011-02-25 [Akayume]: Soooo? :p

2011-02-25 [Chimes]: Soooo they're recorded with a crappy mic and now make me cringe... I should replace/update this..

2011-02-25 [Akayume]: Update! :D

2011-02-25 [Chimes]: I need to re-record eeeverything :P

2011-02-25 [Akayume]: Nuuuu. :p

2011-02-25 [Chimes]: I do. :P 'cause they all have crappiness... I have a studio mic now. :P

2011-02-26 [Akayume]: Nuuu! Not crappy.

2011-02-27 [Chimes]: Crappy recording quality, you have to give me that one :P

2011-02-27 [Akayume]: ...Oke. Maaaaaaybe.

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