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Completed Works

Within this wiki will be the happy completed works set up for your viewing pleasure, please any suggestions and comments are most welcome and appreciated! Brings forth warm and fuzzy feelings. ^_^


A Rainbow Lorikeet

Got birds on the mind... the truth of this picture is too dissappointing to comment on, so I will let you make up your own story! If you'd like, send it through to me. It would make a MUCH better description than this. XD

Some of the members for the Blackbirdkate Art Appreciation Club 
From Left to right, [Galain], [Dr.Mandarian], [dayah], [Urmando The Elfling], [Stephen], and last but not least, [Cia_mar].

Oh my goodness, a lazy little pirate.








[FINALLY LEFT THIS PLACE] Fan Art!!! Make sure you see the full versions, they look SO much better then smallness gives them credit for.

Greasley 6 Goodbye : A little something I drew for our tute groups year 12's who are leaving us next week. The plan is to print it out on a nice white polo shirt for them. The polar bear is the Greasley logo, and the rust and navy colours are our school colours. Turned out quite nicley for a days notice.

Heaven Or Hell... neither look too appealing do they... (o0)

Dragons Doom

Alien: "Are you hiding from the Hollywood people too?"
^_^ Alien Vs Predetor Fan Art.. ^_^

Photomanipulation of my childhood buddy.

Drawn from my friend [Pestilence Dragon]'s Poem, The Fall of Nallisa Fersyrn.

[Pestilence Dragon]'s Character, yet again... ^_^ (Love drawing this dragon)

[Pestilence Dragon] Portrait... I think I have a fixation... (o0)

Just an experimentation with colours and shading... See the Full View at
Detailed Shot


For Elftowns, Halloween Art Competition


Thanks for viewing! *hugs* Back to BlackBird's Gallery

All works created by Kate Staines

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2005-10-09 [Beard]: You have a great talent Kate

2005-10-22 [Katie Staines]: Oo Thank you SOO MUCH! Such a good artist yourself, it's even more of a wonderful comment! ^.^

2005-10-27 [nokturA]: yes I agree with [Beard] :)

2005-11-05 [??????????????????????]: love ur pics

2005-11-05 [Katie Staines]: Woot! Hay thanks guys!!! Comments coming from such great artists... that's just amazing. ^.^

2005-11-22 [Trennas]: Oow these are so cool ^^ I didnt even see all of them before, so I'm even more surprised now ^^ keep up the great work ;)

2005-12-16 [Dr.Mandarian]: I especially really adore your dragons, Kate! These pictures have got some very enchanting mood to them! Hope you will continue to create great things like that!

2006-02-07 [Charybdis]: Gorgeous colour and lighting! ^____^ I especially love the misty one third from the top, and the dragon's wing in your 'experiment', prettypretty! ^^ *watches page*

2006-03-27 [Urmando The Elfling]: You have a "way" with Art, dear !!! I see a great potentional for your Art future!

2006-04-30 [It Comes Like Fire]: Awesome

2006-06-30 [Mercenes]: Wow does not start! I really admire your work here.

2006-07-01 [Katie Staines]: Thank you [Mercenes]! I've just checked out your elfwood gallery and I must say I love your work to, especially 'Ink Wood' ^_^ I have it saved as my desktop background now. (I hope you don't mind)

2006-10-01 [Eternal Vagabond]: Very talented - Your art is incredible!

2006-10-28 [dayah]: Need to make a fan site for You blackbird...gah...cus I am such a big big fan of yours....*bows in worship*

2006-10-29 [Katie Staines]: Muahahahaa, XD BBK Fansite. Have this weird sort of ring to it. ^_^ I could do a fan or the fan's pic in response. XD Gosh, hunting deeper through your stuff, and I found your portraits. They are AMAZING Especially [Elegy - gone]'s and [~Lady Morgana~]'s Woah, I bet you have your own fan clubs by now. ^_^

2006-10-29 [dayah]: lol...well sorta of but sort of not...but yes that has a very nice ring...hmmmm...*evil twinkle in eye*

2007-01-23 [demonsky]: wow, i definately look to up to you for your talent. I can tell you put emotion in your drawings and each one tells its own story. Wether its funny , sad, serious, fantasy.. I love the dragon ones..I am huge dragon fan and love the fantasy type art and stuff... Keep up the drawing and never let anyone tell you different. YOur awesome and great at what you do.. take care!

2007-02-24 [blackMermaid]: you have really cool work!

2007-02-24 [dayah]: Yes! Love LOVE LOVE the art! *starts stalking like a crazy fan* *drool drool*

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