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Copyright Status Verified

CC: 10102011IC3SSAG-DOC

About this on the Death Poetry Competition wiki:

"2011-09-11: Again . . . given the circumstances of the badge-maker's banning, the very picky "PUBLIC NOTICE!" on her house's presentation, and the questionable copyright status of the source material used for her photomanips, it might be logical to get someone else to provide the badge artwork and other related art. For all of the above reasons I refuse to post her badge art on my house's presenation though I have mentioned I won the first installment of this competition."


"...the questionable copyright status of the source material used for her photomanips..."

Sharon's art being referred to is not photo manipulation. There is NO questionable copyright status because it is her work. Slandering someone when they can't even defend themselves is not something that should be allowed, especially since she is being accused of the same, trying to get to the bottom of what she has been subjected to for 4 years, but she is banned for 'this' supposedly. Apparently it is okay for others to do this to her, but she is not allowed to defend herself.

About the "Public Notice":
As long as any work is hers no matter what work it is, she has FULL rights and has the FULL say as to how or if it may be used. No one else has ANY say.


The art being referred to:

<img:> <img:>

Sharon ([Artsieladie]) gives a full explanation about her art referred to above:

Just what is questionable about these "3" art pieces? They are NOT photo-manipulations, either!

The top image was created in Photoshop. The gravestone was made with the "shapes" tool; one shape a 'rectangle' and the other the 'ellipse' tool. The two shapes were then merged together to form the gravestone. Next I decided on the colour using "hue-saturation" and then I applied the "light marble" pattern, using the "fill tool" with the layer's pixels locked. I made adjustments to my liking, using the "burn" and "dodge" tools. To create the depth (3D), I duplicated the gravestone layer and made whatever adjustments to the 'bottom duplicate' to give the appearance of depth. The lettering was done by using the "type" tool.

As for the rest in this piece... The shrubbery: created from "my" digitally created, basic tree shape. The foliage is created with the brush tool, five different layers, each a different colour green and then merged together. The grass: made with the "grass brush" tool, specifically. The flowers at the bases of and in front of the rear gravestones: are made with the brush tool, several layers, each layer a different colour then merged together. The dandelions: were made from scanning in "real dandelions". The bumblebee: was created digitally by yours truly. The two Geraniums: are also my art, originally made using pencil and coloured pencil, drawn by looking at a "real" geranium and I then edited it in Photoshop.

The book image was created by using the "shapes" tool, starting out with the 'rectangle' shape to create one half of the book cover. Using the "transform" tool for adjusting perspective, the half was then made. Once the one half layer was made, it was then duplicated. Using the "transform" tool again, the layer was then mirrored (flipped horizontally over an imaginary vertical line) and then moved alongside of the first half to make the 'whole' book cover.

The first page created was created similarly, but some was erased and some was added using the "brush" and "eraser" tools and the 'perspective' option with the "transform" tool until the shape of the page was how I wanted it. This was then the "half" of the what would become the "facing page(s)". It then was duplicated and flipped to make the second half of facing page(s) like I had done with the book cover layers. The two 'page layers' were then merged together to make the appearance of an open book (two facing pages together).

To make the 'page border'... This 'facing pages' layer was then duplicated 'twice', each layer made into two different colours. The top layer of was then made a little smaller, so the layer beneath would make it appear as though there was a border around the page. These two layers were then merged; what was to represent the 'facing pages' area was then "cut" by using the 'wand' tool to select the facing pages' colour while retaining the colour representing the 'border' colour. This is how the border started. Then I changed the border's colour to a colour that I use to begin my "gold metallic effect". My gold metallic effect is an effect "I" developed and the 'how to' of I do not share.

To make 'multiple (facing) pages'... First I duplicated the gold border layer and the facing pages' layer and then merged the duplicates. Each of these 'merged duplicates' were then duplicated and made just a little smaller using the "transforming" tool. I repeated this several times, making each layer just a little smaller each time to give the appearance of the correct perspective of a book opened to its middle, displaying an equal number of pages on both halves or sides, until I was satisfied with the number of pages.

The 'binding' appearance was made by making additional layers and shaped to my satisfaction.

To make variations of the book image, I hit "select all", "copy merged" and then pasted into a new canvas area and changed the colours of by using the "hue/saturation" tool. To make a book with little colour, I used the "desaturation" option in the "hue/saturation" window.

The badge shape I re-made using a combination of a Photoshop shape and the shape of the Elftown badge, because the badge shape that's used on Elftown is cockeyed. I split it into several layers, making two backgrounds, one (the top) a little smaller for the same purpose as explained above for creating a border and both for the top part and the bottom part (the base) and the base has two parts. As I also explained previously, I then created the 'gold metallic effect" borders for all the parts. The background areas of the top part is the result of using the fill with pattern tool as is the rear part of the badge base. The fore part of the base I opted to make a solid colour so it wouldn't rival with the lettering added to it. The additional gold balls and the centered star are also made with my 'gold metallic effect', as is the lettering and the fancy scrolly thingy on the top part of the badge near the bottom. The items added to the badge I've previously explained how they were made: the gravestone and the book. The feather was a "real feather" scanned into Photoshop. The background from scanned in feather was erased and using Photoshop tools, I made various adjustments to my liking. The diamond(s) is from a Paint Shop Pro Picture Tube, that "came with" the PSP program.

My suggestion to the person making accusations against my art: First, get your facts straight. Second, if you don't know how to work digitally, then don't make statements based on assumptions stemming from your own personal grudge you have against the creator and when you have no idea what you are talking about. As can be CLEARLY seen through my explaining of the process and procedures I used, the work you have suggested to be of "questionable copyright status and source material" and done by "photo-manipulation" are ERRONEOUSLY stated.

About my "PUBLIC NOTICE": As for my "very picky" public notice, I would hope that ALL artists of any genre, using any medium, would be "very picky" in regards to their work, how it's used, if it's used, etc.. Due to the many opportunistic thieves of others' works, all artists need to and should protect their work by every possible means they can. Again, another foolhardy statement based on apparent ignorance, preempted by a personal grudge.

Only a person who actually did the work would be able to provide the details of their work which she has abundantly provided here.

I will prove Sharon's innocence:

Username (or number or email):


2011-10-13 [Stephen]: Sharon, you really need to get a life and get over Elftown. It's old, and to be honest I don't think anyone but you cares. Hell, for that matter, if you'd dropped your silly rants years ago you'd probably still be on the Council instead of banned.

Move on with your life. Even if Hans isn't you, you're most certainty using his account for your purposes. At this point, no one really cares if you're innocent and Hedda's the bad guy, and you've given yourself such a horrible, insane, reputation that no one's going to do anything even if it is true. Spend your time doing something more constructive than ranting at an internet community that banned you to get rid of you.

PS: No, I didn't read this page. I agree that they should take all your non-donated arts and just delete them from the servers, and all your donations can't be recalled, so you don't have say over those anymore.

2011-10-28 [Paul Doyle]: Show me a photo of Hans together with Sharon, and I will back down from my still-held opinion that Hans is either a fake identity (at best), or (at worst) a full-fledged IMAGINARY FRIEND. As it is, I will keep reporting new offensive terms/conditions-breaking crap on If I don't see stuff about me taken down soon, I will take a legal route. Kindly CEASE AND DESIST, Sharon. Keep your art up. Take the meaningless bullshit down that nobody believes, anyway. I have no doubt Sharon has a bad stalker, but I'm totally convinced it is NOT [Hedda]. Applying the principle of Occum's razor, I highly sense the same person who was stalking Sharon years and years ago (for whatever reason) has taken a very evil, spoofing and misleading approach to stalk Sharon anew (anew since 2007, anyway).

CEASE AND DESIST, SHARON. Consider this a stern warning. Please get the help you need so badly, if in fact that decision has not already been made for you. Your life will not be happy until you get back on the road to happiness. This starts and ends with YOU, Sharon.

2012-09-29 Payback's A Bitch!: I do NOT and will NOT take orders from "you", Mr. P. Doyle, even though it's so nice of you to order me dead. *documented* But I will be more than glad to publish ALL the conversations between you and I, both online AND via the phone. This publicly statement of "yours" on

""2011-09-11 [@11046]: Again . . . given the circumstances of the badge-maker's banning, the very picky "PUBLIC NOTICE!" on her house's presentation, and the questionable copyright status of the source material used for her photomanips, it might be logical to get someone else to provide the badge artwork and other related art. For all of the above reasons I refuse to post her badge art on my house's presenation though I have mentioned I won the first installment of this competition." YOUR SLANDEROUS "PUBLICLY MADE" STATEMENT AGAINST ME. So, if you want to get technical as to "who" should be reporting whom and "who" should be taking "legal action"? You better look at yourself FIRST! ...I'm sure Hedda and several others will be delighted to learn how YOU talked about them behind their backs, eh Paul? pffffft

2012-10-08 Jon: Well said @Payback's A Bitch!! Your tenacity is admirable. :)

@Stephen: If the owner of this site would be a man and tell the truth, she wouldn't have ever been banned either time. A coward never accepts responsibility. Only a pathetic individual projects blame with their name on it onto another not deserving of it. The owner knows he is still invading Sharon's privacy but she is expected to move on? All those on this site who have selective vision aren't any better. Perhaps you should read the page before you blindly comment? No, Sharon has never forfeited her copyright over to Hedda.

@Paul: You slander Sharon and because she uses your own slanderous words against you to defend herself, you threaten her with legal action? You are definitely out there! No, the data points directly at Hedda. If you had bothered to read the data instead of making more slanderous statements against her, you would see how wrong you are if you have any intelligence at all. The fact Hedda has hidden the page [Calls_To_Myself@wiki] from the public's view only adds to his obvious involvement. If anyone needs help it would be the obsessed owner of this site.

It is much easier to turn the other cheek isn't it? It doesn't matter Sharon is being victimized does it? As long as it's not being forced on you there's no need to care right? I know she has defended both of you and several others including the owner but all anyone here can do now is abandon her, add to her victimization? She gave so much of herself to this site but when she needed help and support, what did she get in return? She has acknowledged she has made mistakes with her approach about what she was forced to face but she didn't know what to do, who to go to, or even know how to handle the situation because the person in question is the one sitting at the top. She did not know the person who she thought she could go to for help was already planning ways to get rid of her. I would like to know how all the know it alls on this site would have handled her situation any differently if thrown into the same situation. 

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