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2006-09-16 03:46:54
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[Zardra]'s lip tutorial.
This is really basic. If you want to make your lips look all kissable (tehehee =P), just follow the tips but take your time and dont hurry like me =P


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Simple Lips Tutorial by [Ocean Soul]
How to draw a mouth by [Elegy - gone]

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2006-06-19 [moira hawthorne]: excentent!

2006-06-19 [Zardra]: wheee, thankyouu ^___^

2006-06-19 [Jitter]: <3

2006-06-19 [Zardra]: ^___^ ♥

2006-06-19 [eyes of frost]: Lips...buahahaha...

2006-06-19 [Zardra]: O.o! =P

2006-06-20 [Zab]: <img50*0:stuff/tryinglips.jpg> Lips after your tutorial, and <img50*0:> lips before it..>_>(only quite quick drawings, as usual I made them for practising different things..x) I still need practice, but I like them better now..:P Maybe I'll stop avoiding lips now..:O (and don't mind the hair, I was too lazy to do anything properly) :P

2006-06-20 [Zab]: All you wrote is rather basic actually..O_o I mean ''shade where the light don't reach it''..xD How come I needed a tutorial to see it? :O Thanks for opening my eyes ;)

2006-06-20 [Wunjo*]: Woah, this Is really helpful! I'll try this as soon as i get the time, Thank you so much =0

2006-06-20 [Zardra]: ooh YAY! the new lips look great! I used to avoid lips too until I learned this method, its just so easy to do now... now I love lips =P ... it really is very basic, people are just afraid of the evil lips =P I'm very happy the tutorial was useful, hehee ^___^

2006-06-20 [Zab]: hehe, it was! :P

2006-06-20 [Zardra]: wheee =P that is very good ^_^

2006-10-06 [H3_six]: Great tutorial. You really gave me a good overview for this which I feel I can branch off and expand on. Oh and the illustrations are great.

2006-10-06 [Zardra]: thankyou =D I'm glad if this could be of use ^_^

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