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Elftown Graphics

Here you can find lots of images such as
dividers and bullet-points you can use to
decorate your presentation or wiki-page with.

Elftown Tutorials and Lessons

A wide collection of artistic tutorials
and some tutorials about other things, too
(Like how to write a tutorial).

Figure Artist Reference

A library of references of the
human figure to inspire and help artists
improve themselves.

Reference Pictures

A collection of reference photos of all kinds
to help artists. Some are also avalaible for
use in photomanipulations.

Digital Art Resources

Here you can find resources such as patterns,
brushes, swatches etc. for digital art
programs such as Photoshop and GIMP.

Role Playing For Dummies

Instructions for the basics of Role-playing
in Elftown's Community. If you are new to RPing
this is a very good guide.

The Creature List

The creature list is a great source of
information on mythological, fictional
and fantasy creatures.


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