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The people in this group maintain the Elftown Graphics pages and are in charge of screening all new submissions. You can turn to them if you have questions about the rules or your art.

The Elftown Graphics Group

Illustrious [hanhepi]
Illustrious [Stephen]

Elftown Graphics Veterans: Veterans#Elftown Graphics Group


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2006-10-18 [sequeena_rae]: Will do ;)

2006-10-18 [EmeraldGrizzly]: I 'ave Windows XP.

2006-10-18 [sequeena_rae]: Oh well. I have windows 2000 and it has what I needed o.O That's really odd. What did it say you needed?
(perhaps we should move this to messages :P)

2007-12-24 [Duke Devlin]: Okay, I have submitted some welcome mats, but I'm not sure if they are okay, because they use the message scroll that is in the elftown skin. I don't know where I can get permission for it ><
SHould I take them down? ><
Help please :)

2008-05-19 [sequeena_rae]: lmao thanks silvie!

2008-07-26 [Angel In Red]: Hey ET Graphic Boss peoplz. ^_^ Are you still accepting graphics? I may be leaving ET soon, so I wish to donate few images before going. Like a bye bye pressie. Not a great one, but something non the less.

2008-07-26 [Teufelsweib]: yep! you can submit then to the elftown graphics submissions page:)

2008-07-26 [Angel In Red]: Thanks Slavork. ^_^ *Gets to work.*

2008-07-26 [Teufelsweib]: you're welcome :) and thanks for submitting! (in advance:P)

2008-10-31 [Mom]: I would like to know...I have my own graphics pages. Would you like to link them to ET graphics or should I list them on the submissions page.

2009-11-02 [Rook.]: Whooo. I'm an EG artist now *does a little dance*

2009-11-06 [wicked fae mage]: As a suggestion, similar to the European zodiac chibis that were created by an ET member, I thought it would be cool to have a chibi Chinese Zodiac set.

2011-05-01 [Alexi Ice]: That sounds cute, Fae

2011-05-01 [wicked fae mage]: I'd make them but I'm not good with photoshop

2011-05-01 [Alexi Ice]: Me either...sowwie

2011-08-21 [Stephen]: Hey, Silvie. Shouldn't this page be forum-only edit like the rest?

2012-02-02 [kians mummy]: i have submitted two Graphics, and yet I have not received any confirmation??

2013-05-25 [hanhepi]: They are still waiting to be dealt with.

2013-05-29 [kians mummy]: Since 2012 February, is this site really that slow?

2013-05-30 [Teufelsweib]: yep

2013-05-30 [kians mummy]: Good god

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