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Fae / Faeries / Fey

We're talking sprite-folk, people. Faeries.
Almost every shape and kind.
They most often come in two varieties: Seelie and Unseelie.
Seelie: good-natured, humorable and easy-going for the most part.
Unseelie: impish, infatuated with mischief, humorable mostly in chaotic or erratic situations, and pretty crazy.

Faeries, Fae, Dryads, Nymphs, Pixies, and Sprites, among many others - some have wings, some don't; some can fly, some can't (these two things aren't closely related, either, in many cases....); some live here, some commute, and some will only live in a world of eternal twilight. Some have great magical ability, some can only spray you with colorful, luminescent pixie-dust, then leave you coughing, while you dance wildly, whilst they flee; some live in, as, or even with trees(dryads), some wander eternally, on agendas unknown or unwritten. There are some humanoids that try to classify the faefolk that appear mainly in the wilderness, often near or around groups of fungi or plant-life....although it seems rather impossible, with the rapidly growing number. Some like to live in or near water....some adore flying through the coals of flaming campfires....still others exist as mists, or even frog- or insect-like creatures.
Dryads are tree-spirits that live symbiotically in a magical lifelong commune with a tree of the forest, many being oaks, willows, or elms. Some are small, living in connection with a young sprout or small plant, and they can get taller than most humans, as in the case of the Fehrmi Dryads, a rare race connected to the vanishing Fehrmi Tree. Legend has it that a dryad of this kind lives within the body of an eccentric plant that vanishes, often upon the manifestation of the fae. The Genedai Fae of the islands amid the great Blue Ocean surrounding Tearra Réhm have reportedly been able to accomplish this feat as well, and are able to travel the seas accordingly. Both of these races (Fehrmi and Genedai) are highly magical, and can only be played after thoroughly speaking with [xido], no questions asked.
Nymphs are female-looking spirits that convey the needs of other more powerful spirits or elementals of a given natural territory to the mortal world. They only trust those they are taught to trust, and unwelcome humanoids will never find the way into a Nymph's domain. They are nearly always the size of commone humans and elves.
Nixies are insect-like faeries, pixies are cute little winged sparkly things, often playful and magical. Sprites, Faeries, etc.....there are too many.
Half-elemental spirits of nature often find themselves in this category, as well as that of Little People, or Halk-folk.
Sometimes Gnomes, halflings, Leprechauns, and even elves are considered to be Faery Folk, and are listed here for good measure.

Halflings, brownies, hobbits, and gnomes - A Halfling is a shorter being, appearing like that of a tiny waist-tall human, and often with no significant signs of facial hair. They have a similar build to that of thin humans, and very few have ever been found to become obese, perhaps a racial feature yet undefined. They are often quick, agile, and responsive to even the most surprising of scenarios, many becoming renowned rogues, and master theives. These are generally different from that of the rather stout dwarf-like beings of the plains and woodlands (Hobbits), which can be found to get rather overweight, and often have a rather thick growth of general body hair, neither of which would characterize a (D&D) Halfling, as opposed to a (Tolkienn) Hobbit. Neither of the species have been known to live to older age than most humans, and some have even learned to live aside humans in peaceful nations that welcome the little folk, who are found to be great workers, and humble helpers for any task, great or small. Halflings tend to be light and nimble, while Hobbits are stout, and steadfast, some being particularly strong, even by human standards.
Sometimes Halflings are also known or referred to as Brownies, and some beings of the TRUE Brownie race (a small division of half-fae little folk) find it amusing and laughable, but not offensive, to have their humanoid counterparts called by their name. Brownies are rare, whimsical beings who prefer to commune with the little people of the land, and play an occasional joke on the 'biggins' when at their most sociable of times. Brownies will occasionally hold conference with the taller, less magical races, and even elves, although only on the rarest event, and within only the most hilarious of proposals, and they never have less than thirteen ways to escape, in the event that their tricks offend the 'big ol' puddy general'. They're crazy antics are near that of gnomes, but even gnomes won't go as far as the Brownie does to give themselves a good laugh.
Both Brownies and Gnomes are known to be inherently very magical, although Hobbits and Halflings are often without special abilities, unless they have done rather intense research into the Arcane Arts, or have magical ancestry, and have been born as sorcerors (natural mages). Gnomes - Gnomes, although similar to all of these accounted 'little people', are not related, unless by hybrid nature (which is more than possible)....
Sometimes referred to as Dwarves by the less educated, gnomes are short little creatures, some races being more animalistic, with buggy eyes, and even whiskers, and the more common form, being the social gnomes, known among those that can get straight answers from them, to be called the Fyrboen (fehr-been). Bright, skilled, and knowledgeable of things greater than even human capacity, these modest creatures tend to stray far from human land and notice. They keep their homes well-hidden, sometimes even below ground, and those that aren't welcome will never find them. Some have very large noses, bulbous, or sometimes very pointy, or stout, and some can be found to grow to very old age, those that are most educated being the most insane.
Gnomes have been known to communicate openly with beings of all races, but generally only on the most stable of conditions.
Also, there is a race of deep gnomes called svirfneblin who live in the Underdark, but are not cruel like the Drow.

Elves - Now, this is where it gets fun.
On the continent of Eastonia, elves are nearly legendary, most of them leaving the land of their ancestry for more beautiful and hospitable places in the multiverse.
There are apparently about as many different kinds of elves as there are singular ELVES, so the limits must be pretty high on this category.... There are a woodland variety, called wild elves, or Grugach (by some), and a more common, and sophisticated division, known mostly as high elves, or just Elves. Moon elves, though claims differ, are different from night elves, neither of which have been satisfactorily defined/researched, but remain in power throughout the cosmos, and some have reputed to be spiritually and physically linked to the moon itself, although to which of three moons, most are unsure.
Another type of elf is the elusive Ghost Elves.
Most of the elves on Eastonia, left behind after the Elven Transmigration of the Fourth Age of Man, live on a small peninsula of land just beyond the boundaries of Styilya, stretching far out into the Blue Ocean. These elves work closely with the human population of Stilya to keep their existence unknown of, helping the Stilyan nation with magical defense and knowledge. Most elves that once populated this land left after the humans of the world became too selfish and power-hungry, seeking to wrest control from the elven lords. The elves of eastern Eastonia sought to cooperatively govern the lands with the humans, but it did not happen effectively, with the humans pointing fingers, and seeking revenge for conspiratorial events. The chaotic nation of the present Ionnya came about after the High Elves left this world, seeking another more hospitable place among the stars to call home, and left the Drow (subterranean Chaotic Evil elves, check out About Drow) to call the land their own. Strong and vicious human lords sought to gain acceptance and alliance with the Drow, and many soldiers and officers are hybrid half-drows, commanding the great armies of the expansionist Ionian Rule. Rumors have been told of the High Elves' return to capture and enslave humans, some even claiming that the returned souls of the men and women (reincarnated) of the last age are the most prized of the captured. These are rumor, and may have no real occurence in the land.
There is also the rumored Unari. A half-elf, half-unicorn breed that have the horn of the unicorn and all of the beauty of their elven parents. The Unari are so very rarely seen that they're rumored to be extinct.
The Avariel Elven race is the most reclusive and hard to find when they don't want to be. Most apon seeing them think of the avariels as angels. Though most avariels spout 10 to 12 foot wing spans, avariels are elvin, said to be the children of the air goddess. All have warble white skin (which does not burn in the sun), white or black hair and most any eye color. The avariel's tend to be from 5 foot to 6 1/2 feet in height and weig accordingly because of their wings and bone structure, which allows them to fly. In the history there have been a few avariel who have had unusual hair color, like auburn, not many are found and is are very rare. Because of their hair color, their wings are often the same color. The avariel race does practice the dying of their wing tips or whole wings, to different colors. They reside in the land of Dae'Vyhir, on the Lands of Qor.
A shorter, cheerier arctic elf appears to have made an eternal alliance to such entities as Saint Nick and Ms. Claus, and is often unseen to any common eye. Though they do look cute and cuddly, they have been known to deliver a very nasty bite.

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2005-04-03 [xido]: more

2006-03-19 [Sairafaen]: I just briefly scanned this page, but I don't think I saw anything about the ocean striders on here. They are a part of the alliance counsel in Vxa, and I was wondering if I could give them their own page without interfering with what you've got going on already on here...

2006-03-19 [xido]: <img:> From D&D/Wizards.

2008-02-12 [xido]: This page is ready to take material from the ECM Session's final post whenever it is ready.

I look forward to it. Fae will be both a type of creature, as well as a new RPG variant term to D&D's more common 'Fey', which makes them sound lame and wimpy. In some cases, the Faeriefolk have been known to be neither.

Dare not to cross the little ones, I warn you.

2008-02-23 [Artsieladie]: Hmmm...if we're going to have a session on Elves, do we need such an extensive info piece on them here? Just curious. :P

Dare not to double-cross the elves, indeed, either, especially a dwarf should NEVER double-cross an elf!!! <img:stuff/mood5-gif.gif> *evil laugh*

2008-03-03 [xido]: No, we definitely don't. But they are often related, so maybe just a link or reference to them would be okay. A lot of people the RP community alone think that elves are descendants of fae. That's why I posted it here at first. Luckily, Elftowners will have the opportunity to re-write this fact if they deem fit.

2008-03-03 [moira hawthorne]: not until Tolkien were elves different from faerys...

2008-03-07 [xido]: Could you support that with a web link (reference)? I agree that that is mostly true, but it would be nice to verify in some form. We do love links. ;)

2008-03-07 [moira hawthorne]: well I have many links on *faery* ... been workin a while now to back up about 40 years with online web links...

2008-08-27 [Jitter]: I fixed "svirneblin" to the correct "svirfneblin"

2009-01-31 [zankou]: what is all this for?

2009-01-31 [Jitter]: Information?

2009-02-04 [zankou]: well who ever did the drow page, i fixed it.

2009-02-06 [Artsieladie]: [zankou], what Drow page and what did you fix? O..O I'm curious. How do you think an "informative page" should be and what do you think should be on it? :)

2009-02-24 [zankou]: this page About Drow i fixed spelling and continuity. i could do a more extensive page on drow and drow culture. i could also do a dossiare on almost all forgotten realms creatures. if thats permitted.

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