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2015-02-03 01:17:08
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[Hedda]! Congratulations, you've been arbitrarily selected to be Mort's Member of the Month (MMM) for like March or April or something! I'm sure you're quite honored and even excited to finally get to be interviewed by such a prestigious wiki/newspaper/whatever-the-hell-this-is and get your thoughts and opinions out there for Elftown's members to see! Now, first question: Who the hell are you and why should anyone on Elftown care? I can't say that I've ever heard of you, but you've got an interesting collection of badges, so you must be someone of interest.

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2022-02-10 [Sunrose]: Nice interview.

2022-02-10 [Mortified Penguin]: He'll respond to me one of these days.

2022-02-10 [Sunrose]: Why, did you send him a pic of your moobs?

2022-02-10 [Mortified Penguin]: Nah, nothing so crass. Just a picture of my ass, cheeks spread, with an entire bottle of Mountain Dew jammed up there. A two liter. Figured he'd immediately make me vice mayor, but instead he's just ghosted me for some reason.

2022-02-12 [Sunrose]: Don't get it, that's exactly what I did and it worked great!

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