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2007-02-15 17:14:26
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Horse referenses
by [Zab]


Welcome. These are free to use and taken by [Zab].
I'm happy if you give me credit when you use them, but you don't have to.


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Horse photo reference competition


<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab1.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab18.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab2.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horseref3.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab4.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab5.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab7.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab6.jpg>

<img125*0:stuff/horserefzab8.jpg> <img125*0:stuff/horserefzab14.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab9.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab10.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab11.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab12.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab15.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab16.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab17.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab19.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab20.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab21.jpg>


<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab23.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab24.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab25.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab27.jpg>


<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab28.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab29.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab30.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab31.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab32.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab33.jpg>


<img250*0:stuff/horserefzab36.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horserefzab37.jpg>



<img250*0:stuff/horfz2.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horfz1.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horfz.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horfz3.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horfz4.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horfz5.jpg>

<img250*0:stuff/horfz6.jpg> <img250*0:stuff/horfz7.jpg>


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Horse photo reference competition
Horse photo reference


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2006-12-31 [moira hawthorne]: OOOOOOOOOOO MY THAT COLT IS SOOO CUTE!
I miss riding and eventing!

2006-12-31 [Zab]: He was at my school, I think it's Splendid..I can't remember, we had a few foals there..XD

2006-12-31 [moira hawthorne]: I miss working at the stable and staying over night in the heated blanketed box stalls for the birth of the foals!
and when they suck your fingers! <img:stuff/lo-gif.gif>

2006-12-31 [Zab]: hehe
Well..that foal wasn't so cute when he ate my earring..while it sat in my ear..><

2006-12-31 [moira hawthorne]: HAJHAHAHA you arent suppose to wear jewelery to the barn!

2006-12-31 [Zab]: It was just a small one.. and I needed to keep it in since the hole was new..

2006-12-31 [moira hawthorne]: oooooh well ... I have plenty of jewelery accidients in my life! with children and animals!

2006-12-31 [Zab]: x)

2006-12-31 [Hedda]: Really nice action-horses!

2006-12-31 [Rondel]: These are wonderful! I particularly appreciate the clear anatomical detail on some of the photos, like the side shot of that adorable colt! :)

2006-12-31 [Hedda]: I added titles to some of the photos so that they can be found in image searches.

2006-12-31 [Hedda]: I first read "I'm happy to give me credit when you use them, but you don't have to." <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2007-01-01 [Zab]: Thank you both! ^__^ did you add titles? Is it just to write something in ( ) next to the image? x) EDIT: Nevermind, I tried and found out. ^^'


2007-01-10 [Hedda]: The last photo was very cute <img:stuff/exitedN-gif.gif>

2007-01-10 [Zab]: Thank you:) I'll upload more muddy horses later..XD

2007-01-10 [moira hawthorne]: hahahaha FUUUUZZZZY horses butts!!
I wish i had photos of my friend's arabs during the winter...

2007-01-16 [~Nameless Dream~]: Lovely photos, I have only one good enough but no ability to get it up...oh well! ^_^

2007-01-16 [Zab]: aw:) Thanks.

2007-02-14 [Lothuriel]: *stalks Zab's horses*

2007-02-14 [Zab]: XD Feel free to:P

2007-02-15 [Zab]: That's all new now, nothing interesting..

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