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2006-11-01 01:34:17
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Make Elftown nicer

Stop the whining! Do something fun!


How to make Elftown nice

Good ideas: Start competitions, create wikis for knowledge on elftown academy, babble in the forum and speak confusing things about your day on the My Day forum, and just look around and see if you can see something interesting!


How to handle bad people

Rule 1: Ignore them! You can't possibly like 18000 people! It's generally easy to ignore the ones that annoy you.

Rule 2: Report them! There is a button on their house. Make the report short and precise. Examples: "This member wrote a message to me that said "fuck you whore!" and "He wrote "fuck you whore!" on my wiki version 47.".

Unrule 2: Avoid messaging guards with complaints! Don't whine about the problem! A report like "This member is harassing me. I'm so sick of this, and I'm going to quit Elftown (Thank you for that whiner!) if you don't stop people like this. Why can't you do something about this? Are you even trying? will most likely get ignored.

Rule 3: Don't be one of them! Messaging insults back isn't a solution to anything. The one sending the insult will not be hurt or anything like that (on the contrary, they want your attention and you just gave them that), so it's just a waste of your energy, and it will turn you into an asshole.

Rule 4: Not everyone fits here on Elftown. A friendly suggestion that would be more fun for them, might be a good idea.


How to handle nice people

This is actually trickier. Some people hate when people message them "Hi!", and others love when they get an easy to answer message. Read their description and try to figure out what kind of message they want. All people here want messages, but maybe not from you or the message you're sending.


How to write your presentation

There might be an idea to write "Don't message me with just Hi!", but don't overdo it with a huge list of "Don'ts!" and how bad some people are. Then you'll look like a whiner and nice people will stay away from you. Put some "Do's!" and what you want in there.

There will still be some people who miss to read your presentation, so there isn't a need for huge letters and angry messages for these. These people aren't as common as you might think and will hardly take more than a minute a week to ignore, even if you're extremely popular.


How to be

If you behave in a way, you will make others behave the same way, to some extent


But Elftown has gone so bad lately!!!

There have never been so little violations of rules on Elftown as there are now. It keeps getting better all the time. The amount of whiners goes up and down, but unlike people behaving bad, most whiners stay and whine instead of leaving Elftown. And they improve their whining all the time, so there is no use fixing Elftown for their sake. It's better for everyone, if you fix a tiny part of Elftown so that you like it! You can create your own wiki-pages, your own forums, and so on. This is your town, not a service that you have bought from AOL.

Also see Elftown!

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2005-09-07 [Kaimee]: Hahaha, what a good reason for guessing I know her! :P I work on the Elftown ezine The Town Herald with her :)

2005-09-07 [farawaygone]: Oh okay... I have checked out the herald a few times. I always like the artwork on the covers. Wow you must be really busy then? I am a first time mum and [Lerune] has been really helpful cause she has 3 children. I'm home alone every night because my lovely other half works nights. I miss him heaps because I work days so any friends on elftown make the nights so much easier.

2005-09-07 [Kaimee]: I'll move this to messages, so we don't clutter up the comments :3

2005-09-07 [farawaygone]: Ok sorry.. so will that just be messages to my house or is it a wiki somewhere else?

2005-09-07 [Kaimee]: to your house :)

2005-09-07 [hanhepi]: ha! starfly admitted what i have been saying all along: "I'm not sure if we are all nice maybe a little *crazy*" irrefutable proof from the mouth (fingers) of an Aussie that Aussies are crazy!! muhahaha. 

2005-09-07 [Kaimee]: Since when have I been denying it missy? :P

2005-09-07 [farawaygone]: Oh no my bad *sneaks away back to her house*

2005-09-08 [hanhepi]: i dont think you have denied it now that i think on it. but i now have a couple of aussies verifying it, and steve irwin as direct proof. and this other guy with a better show who's name i cant think of.

2005-09-08 [Lothuriel]: The Wiggles...

2005-09-08 [hanhepi]: well, i didn't mean them, but yes! a prime example of australian insanity. the guy i ment does a show simmilar to steve irwin, only they usually eat the stuff they catch, and they do more stuff here in the States. he is even crazier than Irwin, as i have never seen the man wear shoes. atleast irwin isnt after critters in barefeet. lol

2005-09-08 [Lothuriel]: Like in the movie Mr. Nice Guy?

2005-09-08 [hanhepi]: Rob Bredl is his name. wow that took some digging. lol. his show is Killer Instinct. you may know him better as the Barefoot Bushman.

2006-02-14 [Lothuriel]: ah, so I see

2006-03-16 [Kaimee]: ...oh god, that man gives us a bad name XD

2006-03-23 [hanhepi]: nah kaimee, he seems cool. i atleast was smart enough to know that not every ausie goes around just eatin what he can catch. :) i'd rather be associated with him than steve irwin. :) atleast Bredl catches stuff for a good reason (to eat) rather than a stupid reason (to see if he can, or to put it in his zoo).

2009-07-24 [pixish]: Steve Irwin was a conservationist and someone who wanted people to genuinely love all creatures as much as he did :p I was never a huge fan, but I appreciate what he was trying to do, and his genuine love and friendliness was kind of cute :p

Meanwhile, I'm rediscovering old wiki pages by searching old forum posts and messages x)
This is a good one! I wish more people would have heeded the advice :)

2009-07-24 [Hedda]: Does anyone know what AOL is anymore? <img:stuff/zabuN-gif.gif>

2009-07-24 [pixish]: I don't think we ever had it here, so I'm not sure I knew exactly what it was to begin with :p

2009-07-25 [Paul Doyle]: AOL is a piece of dog shit that's turning white because it is avoided and ignored.

2009-07-25 [pixish]: Well that's very helpful :p

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